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How To Start a Profitable Bonsai Tree Farming Business

    Do you want to start a bonsai tree-farming business? Do you want to earn money by creating beautiful bonsai? If yes, read this post to get detailed information about starting a bonsai tree farming business.

    Creating bonsai is a combination of art and science. Bonsai is actually a miniature piece of the plant grown in a small pot. However, it is different from normal potted plants.

    Growing and selling bonsai is a profitable business. In addition, any individual can start this business with a low capital investment. Even you can start from your home or backyard. However, the business is a perfect choice for passionate gardeners. Generally, bonsai plants attract lucrative revenue for the farm owners.

    Furthermore, a bonsai business demands a very small space to operate. Within a very small space, you can keep 100 bonsai plants. Even if you don’t have the backyard space, you can start this business from your balcony also.

    Different Types of Bonsai Tree Farming

    According to the style, there are different types of bonsai designs. These are

    • Formal upright style
    • Informal upright style
    • Slanting style
    • Semi-cascade style
    • Cascade style
    • Roots over rock style
    • Broom style
    • Umbrella style
    • Forest style
    • Mame bonsai

    In addition, there are different types of bonsai tree farming according to height. These are

    • Extra large: Height 3′ – 5′
    • Large: 2′ – 3′
    • Medium: 1′ – 2′
    • Small: 8″ – 1′
    • Tiny: 2″ – 6″

    Is Bonsai Tree Farming Profitable?

    Nowadays, bonsai is a very popular home decor item globally. Not only for home but bonsai is also used for commercial space decoration. Generally, hotel receptionists, offices, banks, and commercial institutions use bonsai trees for decorating their places.

    In addition, the bonsai trees are very popular gift items. Therefore, the sale of this type of tree increases in the festival seasons like Christmas, Valentine’s day, etc.

    This beautiful plant is more durable than flower bouquets. In addition, a mature bonsai demands little care daily basis. The good quality bonsai trees have good market demand in developed and developing countries both. In addition, urban growth has fueled increased demand for these tiny trees.

    Things To Consider in Starting Bonsai Business

    • First of all, have the skill. If you have previous experience then it is well. Otherwise, attend classes or read books to get the right knowledge.
    • Craft a business plan including financials and marketing strategy.
    • Select the plant for bonsai according to the agroclimatic condition and area of space
    • Select the right container. And you will need to plant rightfully.
    • Allow the plant to get sufficient sunlight and air
    • Keep pruning regularly
    • In addition, you have to arrange light and healthy fertilizer. Even you can use liquid fertilizer.
    • You have to make arrangements for the plant protection system
    • Treat your bonsai plant either in the morning or in the evening.

    8 Steps to Start Bonsai Tree Farming Business

    1. Select Right Bonsai Tree

    The selection of the right tree is very important. You have to select the plant that can survive in a small container. Some of the successful plants are Chinese elm, Japanese maple, hornbeam, birch, and Japanese black pine.

    Procure the plant from a reliable nursery. Even you can procure the plant online. However, check the seller’s reputation before buying the plant. Also, you can start from seeds.

    2. Select The Container

    You have to select the right container that is not very deep. In addition, you must choose the pot according to the size of the plant you want to create. However, you can create the bonsai in round, square or asymmetric containers. However, the pot must have two or three small holes in the bottom to get out the excess water.

    3. Prepare The Soil

    Use good quality garden soil for your bonsai tree farming business. In addition, mix organic fertilizer and cow dung to get a better result. Mix the sand with the soil in the right ratio. However, you can grow bonsai plants in almost every type of soil. To raise charmingly shaped and beautifully pruned trees, you
    must make sure the plant grows healthily.

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    4. Planting

    Growing Bonsai from seed or from cuttings are both very profitable options for starting a bonsai business. However, it is a quite long-term journey. You may need to have three to five years of time to get a trained matured bonsai for sale. Follow the right process for planting. In addition, you will need to re-pot the plants from time to time. The growing roots of a plant will occupy the limited space in a pot and thereby reduce the free space for the plant to develop.

    5. Care & Maintenance

    Proper care and maintenance are the most crucial aspects of growing bonsai. As bonsai grows in a small pot, the soil tends to dry very fast. So you need to do watering regularly. However, over-watering can result in root rot, one of the most common causes of death.

    Fertilization is another important thing to keep in mind. The bonsai need proper nutrients to keep them healthy. Sub-tropical trees generally need much light and relatively high temperatures and can only live outside. So select the bonsai tree according to the place where you want to keep the plant.

    6. Styling & Shaping

    Styling and shaping are important parts of creating beautiful bonsai. The perfect way to train a bonsai is to prune it regularly. Use the right tools and equipment for pruning. In addition, you can do pruning throughout the growing season.

    Wiring is another crucial technique to train and style Bonsai trees. After a few months, when branches are set in their new shape. you must remove the wire. Basically, you can use two kinds of wire. These are anodized aluminum and annealed copper wire.

    7. Plant Protection

    You must be ready with the plant protection arrangement. Though different types of plants get affected by different types of diseases. In addition, you must protect the plants from various pest and insect attacks on a regular basis.

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    8. Bonsai Tree Farming Business Promotion

    According to your marketing strategy, you must promote your business. You can directly sell the plants from your home nursery. However, selling the plants from a retail space is always a better option.

    In addition, you can sell the bonsai tree from online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. Also, you can sell the plants from your own online store. In addition, plant exhibitions are a great place to promote your business to a wide range of consumers.

    Bonsai tree farming demands true passion, dedication, and perseverance to get long-term success in this business.

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