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25 Profitable Small Business Ideas in Adelaide for 2024

Starting your business in Adelaide is a very good decision. This South Australian city has several business opportunities and is a great center for innovative business ideas.

The global services company KPMG has mentioned Adelaide as the most competitive city in the Asia–Pacific region for doing business. This is an advantage for you to start your business in Adelaide.

The city of Adelaide is rich in a skilled and educated workforce. Therefore you will not find any difficulty in getting good workers for your business in this city.

Both the Federal as well as state Governments extend a lot of support for new entrepreneurs in Adelaide. Thus you will get a lot of cooperation and assistance in starting your business in Adelaide.

Here is a list of the best business ideas you can start within the city of Adelaide.

25 Business Ideas in Adelaide

1. Medicine Shop

A Medicine shop is an essential service and therefore a good business idea. Find a good location for your medicine shop and do a great deal of publicity. Home delivery of medicine is a good value addition for your medicine shop business.

2. Open a Grocery Store/Supermarket in Adelaide

A grocery store is a good business idea in Adelaide as it has a good demand. A suitable and busy place is the first requirement for a grocery store. Apart from that, the décor and arrangement of items in the store are very important for a good grocery store. If you can invest more, you can start a supermarket, on a larger scale and earn more profits.

3. Open a Laundromat

Laundry and dry cleaning services have a good demand in the city of Adelaide. If you have a retail space in a good location, opening a laundromat will surely fetch you high returns.

4. Start a Café in Adelaide City

A café is a very profitable business idea in Adelaide as there are business and sports activities as well as several universities in the city. Start your café with good décor and preferably a nice theme. Focus on serving good quality coffee and some popular snacks and savories along with coffee. Keep a close eye on cleanliness and quality of service. Advertisement and online and offline marketing are important for the growth of your café business.

5. Open a Restaurant

Adelaide is famous for its restaurants and food joints. Hence opening a restaurant can be a profitable business in Adelaide. Asian restaurants are quite popular; hence you can start an Asian food restaurant. Otherwise, you can go to a multi-cuisine restaurant. Whatever cuisine you choose for your restaurant, be very confident about the quality of the food you serve. Apart from that, good décor, prompt service, and publicity are very important for your restaurant business.

6. Start a Salon

The salon is a profitable business idea in Adelaide. Hence you can start your salon business and earn good money. For greater profit, you can opt for a unisex salon. Good hairdressers and beauticians along with a comfortable décor are key factors for the success of your salon. Find a good location for your salon and invest in both online and offline marketing.

7. Boutique

The boutique is a profitable business idea in Adelaide. Hence you can start your boutique business here. If you are a fashion designer then you can design dresses. Otherwise, you need a tie-up with a designer. Good contacts and online as well as offline marketing are necessary for this business. An online boutique is also a good business idea where you need a website and good social media publicity.

8. Gym/Fitness Center

Adelaide is a sports-loving city and there is a constant demand for gyms or fitness centers. Therefore starting a gym or fitness center can be a good business idea for you in Adelaide. Find a good location for your gym. Hire skilled trainers and invest in fitness equipment of reputed brands. Personal networking and advertising along with social media publicity are very important for your gym business.

9. Old-age Care

There has been a growing demand for old-age care in Adelaide. Hence it is a profitable business idea for you. You can work as an individual caregiver for the aged person. However, if you can start a care center or assisted living facility for the aged, it will be more profitable. Remember, you need true compassion, a sense of responsibility, and skilled and dedicated staff for your old-age care business.

10. Childcare

Childcare is also a profitable business idea in Adelaide since the parents go out to work. Therefore you can start your childcare center in Adelaide and earn good profits. Find a good and spacious place for the center preferably with a garden or backyard for the children to play. Hire skilled caregivers and keep the children in good care and entertainment. You will need good networking and advertising for your childcare center business.

11. App Development

Apps are becoming an integral part of all sectors of business. Hence app development is a very prospective business for you in Adelaide. You can develop apps for different business enterprises and also different public-utility apps like fitness apps, healthcare apps, childcare apps, beauty care apps, and many more. As a part of app development, you can also start making different digital games, especially for children which have a great demand in Adelaide.

12. Website Designing & Digital Media

Website designing is a very profitable business idea in Adelaide. If you are skilled you can start this business of website designing in Adelaide wherein you can help the client in designing the website, content creation, and SEO guidance along with social media and digital publicity.

Digital media is also a good business idea in Adelaide since the city is famous for its news and media. You can contribute to digital media or start your digital newspaper or magazine and earn good revenue from viewership and advertisements.

13. Online Teaching

Online teaching is very popular in Adelaide. Hence you can start your online teaching business here. There are plenty of options in the online teaching business. You can teach school or college-level students. Otherwise, you can also give professional training or grooming lessons and even teach graphic designing, web designing, etc. You need a website and online marketing along with social media publicity for the online teaching business.

14. Business & IT Consultancy

Business consultancy is a good business idea for you in Adelaide. It has a lot of prospects. You can provide different services like preparing project reports, analyzing profitability, finding funding sources, financial reporting, and consultancy. Accounting services are also included in business consultancy. Since a lot of business enterprises are growing in Adelaide, business consultants are in good demand. You need a good marketing network to grow your business.

IT consultancy is also a very prospective business in Adelaide. If you have the required training and experience you can start your IT Consultancy business in Adelaide. Under IT consultancy you have to provide services like software management, system up-gradation, data management, cloud computation services, customized software development, cybersecurity, and protection against viruses. Website and digital marketing are very important to grow your IT consultancy business.

15. Mobile Car Servicing

Mobile car servicing has a good demand in Adelaide. If you are a trained auto mechanic, you can start this business where you will reach the customers’ place to repair or service the car. You need a van to reach the customers’ place. Adding the car washing service can fetch you more profit. Digital marketing, social media publicity, and personal networks are very important to get more clients for your car servicing business.

16. Car Rental

The car rental business is very profitable in Adelaide. You can start the business with your car and later scale up the business by adding more cars. Since Adelaide has good tourist traffic around the year rented cars have good demand. Create a good network with hotels and resorts and also be there at the airport to get more clients. Not only tourists but there are also professionals and other people who need rented cars. You need a good personal network for your car rental business.

17. Luxury Boat Rental

Luxury boats and yachts have a great demand in Adelaide for holidays, vacations, and holidays and also among tourists. If you can invest in luxury boats or yachts, you can start the business of renting luxury boats. You can rent on a per-head basis or hourly basis. Both are quite profitable. You need good maintenance and efficient staff for the boat rental business. Website, online and offline marketing are essential for this business.

18. Tour Operator

Adelaide is a tourist paradise with several attractions like beaches, art galleries, Adelaide Oval, and many more. Hence you can start your business as a tour operator in Adelaide. You will need some licenses and permits for this business. You can arrange the tour itinerary of the tourists along with their accommodation and other requirements. Day trips and customized trips are also very popular. Good marketing and publicity are needed for your tour operator’s business.

19. Agricultural Equipment Manufacturer

Agricultural equipment manufacturing is a profitable business in Adelaide because automated agriculture is in demand now. If you have the know-how of farming equipment you can start an agricultural equipment manufacturing business. Add the repair, maintenance of machinery, and consultancy services to get more business. Good marketing and publicity are required to succeed in this business.

20. Solar Panel Manufacturing & Servicing

Solar power is a priority sector in Australia. Hence you can start a solar panel manufacturing business in Adelaide. Along with manufacturing, add the services of solar panel installation, maintenance, and repair to provide a single-window solution regarding solar power. The solar panel manufacturing business has a good prospect in Adelaide.

21. Night Club and Bar

Nightlife in Adelaide is very active and colorful. Hence a bar and nightclub is a good business idea for you in Adelaide. Get the license and permits needed for this business. Focus on the décor of your bar and nightclub which should be colorful, festive, and cool. Hire good staff, especially an experienced DJ for the nightclub. Good advertising and publicity are needed for this business.

22. Digital Printing

Digital printing is much in demand in Adelaide. Hence you can start a digital printing business in Adelaide. Invest in sophisticated machinery for the best output. Locate your printing set-up in a suitable location near business centers or universities to get more clients. Good marketing and word-of-mouth publicity are necessary for the growth of this business.

23. Art Gallery

Adelaide is famous for its art galleries. Hence you can start an art gallery in the city and earn good profits. Choose a good location for your art gallery. You need a good network with artists for the success of your art gallery. Apart from that good publicity and advertisements are also necessary for the popularity of your art gallery.

24. E-commerce

E-commerce is the future of shopping. Hence it is an enormously prospective business idea for you in Adelaide. A good app is the first requirement for your e-commerce business. You can sell several things through your e-commerce portal like groceries, electronic gadgets, apparel, lifestyle products, etc. A good display of products in the app is a must. Along with that, you need a good delivery network and well-planned marketing strategies for the success of the e-commerce business.

Cooking Gas

Cooking gas retailing is a highly profitable business in Adelaide. It requires comparatively high investment but has very high profit potential. Get the required license and permits needed for the business. The cooking gas retailers earn a very good profit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Adelaide a good place to start a business?

Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia, presents a unique blend of opportunities for entrepreneurs. Some of the key factors why Adelaide is a good place to start a business are as follows:

  • Stable economic environment
  • Excellent support for entrepreneurs
  • Well-developed infrastructure and strategic location
  • Offers skilled workforce
  • High quality of life
  • Government Support and Incentives
  • Diversity of industries
  • Lower cost of living compared to some other Australian cities

Can I get funding assistance for my business in Adelaide?

There are different types of funding and other assistance programs by the government. These include Regional Growth Fund, Research, Commercialisation, and Start-up Fund, Economic and Business Growth Fund, and South Australian Venture Capital Fund.

What infrastructural facilities can I get by starting my business in Adelaide?

Adelaide is centrally located which will help you to transport goods into and outside the city as well as the country easily. The city is well connected by road, rail and air transport to the different parts. Moreover, the program ‘Ten Gigabit Adelaide’, offers 10Gbps synchronized data speed throughout the city.

There are advantages all over. Now it is up to you to use these advantages in your favor and start and grow your business in Adelaide.