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Best 25 Highly Profitable Small Business Ideas in Italy

The beautiful country of Italy is a land of opportunities. It is one of the best places where you can think of starting a business. Being the eighth largest economy in the world, Italy has an immense prospect for you to start and grow your business.

Italy has an industrialized economy with great manufacturing industries like automobiles and others. The agricultural scenario is also quite prosperous. Hence starting your business in Italy is a good decision. Along with other sectors, the tourism industry of Italy is also very rich with many visitors around the year. This means, your business in Italy will also have tourists as your customers apart from the locals.

There are many business opportunities for you in Italy. Some of the most profitable are discussed below.

25 Business Ideas in Italy

1. Online Store

Online shopping is a popular concept now and Italy is no exception. Therefore start your online store business in Italy and expect high returns. Focus on specific items to sell in your online store. Popular things include grocery items, electronic goods, beauty products, and clothing and accessories. However, do not try to go for too many things. Digital marketing, as well as the app, are important for this business.

2. Cigar Lounge

Cigarette smoking has been restricted or banned in most public places. Hence you can start a cigar lounge business where the people will get their favorite brand of cigars and smoke freely in the lounge. It has a great demand among smokers. Keep a variety of brands in your cigar lounge to attract a large number of customers. Good publicity, as well as marketing, are important for this business.

3. Wine Bar

Italy produces a large amount of wine and it is people’s favorite. Hence the wine bar is a good business idea for you. Keep the local favorite brands in your shop and also offer wine cocktails. The location, good décor, and excellent services will make your business more profitable.

4. Open a Restaurant

Italian food is famous throughout the world. That is why a restaurant business in Italy is a good business idea for you. The restaurant with authentic Italian food will attract tourists along with the locals. Decorate your restaurant well and serve good quality food which will help in word of the mouth publicity. Apart from that good advertising network is also important for your restaurant business.

5. Bakery

The bakery is also a lucrative business idea in Italy. You can start your bakery store or sell items online or supply your items to other shops. You have many options in your bakery business. Baking regular items like bread, cakes, cupcakes, etc. is an option. Otherwise, you can start making customized bakery items against an order. Using the famous cheese of Italy in bakery items will add more value to your items.

6. Fast Food Joint

Fast food joints are profitable everywhere and it is a low-capital businesses. Italian fast food like Pizza is world-famous. Therefore start your fast food joint with a special emphasis on pizzas of different varieties. Set your fast food joint in a busy place or near a place of tourist attraction to get more customers.

7. Home Delivery of Food

Home-cooked food delivered at the workplace or home has a good demand in a busy country like Italy. If you are a chef or a cook by passion make it your business. Good food, clean packaging, and timely delivery are the key points to the success of your food delivery business. Along with that, good marketing is also necessary.

8. Courier Service

With the widespread popularity of online businesses, the demand for delivery services has also become important. Avail of this opportunity and start your courier service business in Italy. You need a good contact as well as a network of hard-working people and a transport system to succeed in this business. Speed and punctuality are the essences of the courier service business.

9. Auto Accessories Shop

The automobile industry plays an important role in the economy of Italy. Hence starting auto accessories and spare parts shop is a profitable business idea for you. The industry, as well as the car –owners, need the accessories and spare parts, to make your business profitable. You need a good idea of the items you are selling. Apart from that good networking and strategic marketing are also essential for your auto accessories shop to make more profits.

10. Car Hire Services

Car hire services have a good demand in Italy. Hence it is a lucrative business idea for you. You can start with one or two cars and gradually increase the number of cars. These services are much in demand among tourists as well as business delegates. Grow a good network with hotels and resorts to get clients. Good condition of cars, timely service, and efficient drivers are very important for you to succeed in car hire services.

11. Car Washing Services

Car washing is a much sought-after service in Italy. Hence you can start this business if you are interested in automobiles. Starting your car washing center is an option in this business. On the other hand, you can also offer mobile car washing services where you need a van to reach the customer’s place and provide washing services there. You must have an idea of car washing as well as online and offline advertising of your services.

12. Open a Beauty Salon

Salons have a good demand in Italy. Hence you will have good income opportunities from the salon business. A unisex salon is the best option for more income. You need a good beautician and always use beauty products from reputed brands or herbal products. Strategic location and relaxed décor are important for your salon. Along with that, you need good publicity.

13. Boutique

Italy is a fashion-conscious country, you can start a boutique business for good profits. If you are a fashion designer this business is ideal for you. Otherwise, you can also hire designers to make clothes for your boutique. Try to be innovative in your ideas as well as designs and try fusion dresses which are in vogue today. You need a good network and publicity to get more clients for your boutique business.

14. Night Club

Night clubs are very popular in Italy. Hence you can start a nightclub business here. A good location, efficient DJs, and suitable décor, as well as lighting arrangements, are the key points of a nightclub. You have to get the necessary license and permits for opening a nightclub. Good marketing, advertisements, and special discounts will get you good business.

15. Tourism

Tourism is a big revenue-earning industry in Italy. That is why you can think of several business ideas related to tourism. Firstly you can start as a tourist agency wherein you will be responsible for the total tour plan from tickets to hotels and sightseeing. Secondly, you can be a local tour operator taking tourists to different places. Thirdly, you can be a local tour guide. All these areas have a good profit prospect. You need a good online and offline marketing network.

16. Yoga Studio

Yoga is an internationally favorite form of exercise and relaxation. Therefore starting a Yoga studio can be a profitable business idea for you. Find a good place for the studio and hire qualified and experienced trainers for the studio. If you are a trainer you can do the work.

Along with yoga, you can also include meditation classes which have good demand. Keep the studio clean and hygienic and use good-quality mats and other props. Good networking and public relations are important for your Yoga studio to do good business.

17. Event Management

Event management has a good demand in Italy. You can start this business and serve the corporate as well as social sectors. There are various events taking place regularly. If you have a good management capacity and eye for details as well as an aesthetic sense you can do this business efficiently. However, you need a good marketing team, a website, and public relations to get more clients.

18. Teaching

Teaching is a noble as well as a profitable profession in Italy. You can teach different levels of students from nursery to college level. Teaching can be done from your home or in a rented classroom or online. Not only academics, but you can also teach music, dance, playing musical instruments, or painting. You need your website and good marketing for your teaching business to grow more profitable.

19. Child-Care

In Developed countries like Italy, it is common that both parents to go out for work. Hence child-care is much in demand. Parents need babysitters or child-care centers to look after their kids. Therefore this is a good business idea for you. You can work as a babysitter at any child’s place and get paid for your service.

On a larger scale, you can start a child-care center where you can take care of several kids and get more income. You need to be caring and hire good caregivers for the child-care center. Good personal network and marketing are very important for this business.

20. Pet-Care

Italy is a pet-loving nation. Hence pet care can pet care be a good business idea for you. You can provide services of pet-sitting, dog walking, running, or training in your capacity. On the other hand, you may start a pet-care center for several pets. Adding the services of pet boarding can give you more income. You must be a pet lover to do business successfully. Along with that you also need good publicity.

21. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant is a good business idea in Italy. You can do this business from home and serve several clients. You need good managerial skills, command over language and business strategies, and promptness to do the job of a virtual assistant successfully. Apart from that good online marketing is necessary to get clients.

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22. Perfume Manufacturing

Perfumes have a good demand in Italy. Therefore you can start a perfume manufacturing unit, provided you have an idea of the process and capital for manufacturing. However, it will be wise to start on a small scale and then gradually scale up the business. Sell the perfumes in different stores and salons. You can also sell online. Good business planning and marketing are very important for your perfume manufacturing business to succeed.

23. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the call of the day and advanced countries like Italy need this service very much. If you are aware of the digital world as well as social media, you can start your business as a digital marketing consultant. However, you need a good website as well as a notable presence in social media and strategic online marketing to get clients for your digital marketing consultancy.

24. Waste Recycling

A waste recycling plant is a very profitable business idea. You can start a scrap metal recycling plant where the rejected metals are recycled into usable raw materials for different industries. Another recycling business is of recycling the E-wastes like abandoned CDs into usable plastic. The recycling is done by a specific machine and you need a good idea about the machine. Along with that, you have to obtain the necessary license and permit needed for this business.

25. Aerial Photography

Aerial photography with the help of drones is a profitable business idea for you. Italy is a tourists’ favorite place, these photographs have a good demand amongst them. Apart from that, aerial photography has its demand in films, ads, corporate presentations, and social events. If you can market your service well, you can earn a good profit from aerial photography.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my start-up get any advantage in Italy?

The Government of Italy promotes innovative start-up ideas. There are many incentives and tax benefits.

What are the best cities in Italy to start a business?

There are several business-friendly cities in Italy. Some of the best places for starting a new business in Italy are the following:

  • Milan
  • Roma
  • Bari
  • Turin
  • Bologna
  • Florence 
  • Naples

Can I get grants for my business in Italy?

Yes, there are grant opportunities to set up your business in Italy, especially in rural areas. In addition, there are different types of government grants as well as grants from the EU.

There are many advantages of Italy in starting your new business. Focus on them and march ahead with your business idea.