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How to Start A Computer Repairing Business in 10 Steps

    Do you want to start a computer repairing business? Computer pundits suggest sales of computer services are poised to enormous growth in the future. In the US alone, the computer repair industry generates more than 18 billion in revenue and as this report suggests. Anyone can start a computer repairing business irrespective of you are a skilled professional or a complete technical newbie. In

    As a matter of fact, many people are already in this business and making a decent income. Before we guide you on how to go about starting this business, let us first understand whether starting a computer repairing business is profitable or not?

    Is Computer Repairing Business Profitable?

    Firstly, the computer repair industry is a fast-growing business and the demand for skilled repairers was never so high. And this demand is expected to continue to increase every year.

    Secondly, the sale of computers we all know is going to increase. Hence, the demand for repairing those devices in the future is bound to come.

    Thirdly, in the current economic climate, the demand for laptop and computer repair has increased in manifolds. People are less likely to go and buy a new computer laptop just because their current one is having problems.

    Fourthly, you don’t need much investment to start a computer repairing business. If you start with a tight budget, this business can be started at home too.

    If you are serious about starting this business, find below 10 steps towards starting a computer repairing business.

    10 Step Computer Repairing Business Plan

    1. Learn the Skills

    If you are new to this trade, learning the skills comes first. You need to find out someone who can train you. You can get trained by a trainer who is into this trade and has good experience or from a local institute. It must be noted here, the computer industry is extremely dynamic in nature. Even you are experienced, you need to be always in a training mode to learn the new skills which drive the market.

    2. Create a Business Plan

    As with any other business, creating a business plan for your computer repairing business is very important. If you are starting small with less capital, try to make your own business plan. It is time-consuming and you need to put in some effort but it will prove to be extremely helpful in running your business venture in near future.

    3. Choose a Business Name

    Choosing a relevant business name with your computer repairing business will help you in promoting and creating a brand. In addition to this, when you decide to create a website for your business, the availability of a similar domain name might be an issue. So, before you finalize your business name, check the availability of a relevant domain name.

    4. Fix your Rate

    The primary investment in this business is your time. Hence, fixing your rate is the most important decision you have to take in this business. You can choose service rates for the specific jobs you provide or can fix an hourly rate.

    5. Make the Business Legally Compliant

    Decide on the business structure under which you are going to operate. After receiving the necessary documents, check whether you need to apply for a business license. Don’t forget to open a business bank account.

    6. Know your Strength

    Knowing your strengths is an important aspect of turning your computer repairing business into a successful venture. If you are technically competent, decide on the services you are going to provide your customers. It is very important in this business to keep updated with the recent trends and market demands.

    If you find a demand which is in demand, try to hone the relevant skills or hire a person who has got the required expertise. Remember, to be successful in this business, you need to have a good balance of technical competency, communication skills, and understanding the needs of customers.

    7. Identify your Target Audience

    Identifying your customer segment is a critical decision you need to make in the starting phase of the business. There are broadly three customer audiences you can cater to. The segments are big corporates, the small office and home office( SOHO ), and the general individual customers. Decide which one to cater to based on your experience and capacity.

    If you are operating from home, with less budget, you can for services like cleaning malware viruses, formatting, replacement of hardware items if damaged, etc.

    8. Equip your Workplace

    The workplace in the computer repairing business is similar to a production space in a manufacturing unit. Choose the necessary tools you need to check the computers and laptops and create a comfortable desk space to work. If you are operating from a retail location, ensure you have a reception desk, where customers are going to make the first time contact with you and your team members. If you are operating from home, you can do away with a reception counter.

    9. Be Patient

    Remember, it takes little time to establish yourself as a trustable service provider in this business. You need to build trust and goodwill with your customers. Give your best and honest advice to them. Don’t be in a hurry and try to make immediate big profits. If your customer finds you genuine, customers will automatically come. Your understanding of customers and communication skills here will help you in creating goodwill for your business.

    10. Promote your Computer Repairing Business

    Initially, getting customers will not be easy. Inform all your near and dear ones about your services. Remember, they are the ones who may trust you without being critical of your competency. Treat them as best as you can.

    Create business cards, flyers, and a brochure in your locality. Make your presence felt on social media platforms. If you can afford it, make a website for your computer repairing business. This will enormously help in building trust among customers.

    And finally, to be successful in the computer repairing business, your ability to network with people will decide the degree of success you achieve.

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