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Best 20 Profitable Delivery Business Ideas in 2023

    Do you want to start a pickup and delivery-related business? Looking for profitable delivery business ideas you can start with little money? Find in this article a list of selected small-budget delivery businesses that can fetch you high returns.

    Delivery service businesses are gaining popularity worldwide. In the United States alone, there are more than 2,00,000 global courier and delivery service companies making a turnover of more than $90 billion annually. More and more are preferring to get goods at their doorsteps rather than drive to buy items from the local supermarket. According to a study, groceries delivered to your office or home can cut carbon emissions by half compared to you driving to a grocery store.

    To start a small delivery business, you will not need much investment. A mobile phone, an online presence, a few delivery boys, and a vehicle are enough to start.

    20 Delivery Business Ideas

    #1. Food Delivery Service 

    Food delivery service is a popular business in the food industry. For every small and big gathering and get-together, people always look for catering services. You can start a food delivery business and provide food to household parties and office parties.

    #2. Courier Delivery Service 

    You can start this courier delivery business locally with moderate capital investment. If you have a small space and a team of delivery boys, this business is easy to start and makes good money.

    #3. Diet Meal Delivery

    Diet food helps to remove extra weight in the fastest way. To attain the service you don’t have to go to the gym and work out for long hours. And moreover, the final cost for this service will cost around 10-40 dollars on a daily basis.

    #4. Dry Cleaning Delivery

    Almost every people need to avail of this service for premium clothes and furnishings. In addition, this business is easy to start with not much investment. You can read our guide on starting a dry cleaning business at home.

    #5. Egg Delivery

    Eggs are the most convenient animal protein items used in household kitchens. in addition, they are tasty and nutritious. However, carrying eggs is a very difficult and risky task. Because they are fragile. You can start this business locally to serve domestic as well as commercial consumers like restaurants or snack bars.

    #6. Fresh Fruits & Vegetable Delivery

    Fresh fruits and vegetables are daily used as consumable goods. One thing you must keep in mind before starting this is that there are perishable items. No one can store them for a long period of time. Hence, establishing a robust sourcing and delivery network is a must to succeed in this business.

    #7. Errand Service

    The demand for errand services is increasing nowadays. Busy people are now looking for errand services for several different causes. Though the business demands very less capital investment, you must have active delivery boys who can deliver prompt service.

    #8. Gift Basket Delivery

    The market potential of the gift industry is increasing day by day and people are more intending to have personalized charming gifts and home décor items. Gift basket delivery is among the most viable and profitable delivery business ideas in the coming days.

    #9. Grocery Delivery

    Grocery delivery is becoming very popular in cities and towns across the world. However, to start this business you must have a warehouse to stock inventories in a location close to the target customers.

    #10. Meal Delivery

    Meal delivery services are gaining popularity among food lovers with little time to cook. Because the meal kits are ordered online, allow easy access to basic gourmet and specialty foods, and are cheaper than going out to an expensive restaurant, the sector is likely to grow substantially, according to research firm Technomic.

    #11. Medicine Delivery

    Medicines are essential items. Seniors, physically challenged and even busy people find it difficult to buy medicine from the drugstore. You can help them to have their medicine at their doorsteps.

    #12. Milk Delivery

    This business is not new. However, you can start this business with other dairy products like skimmed milk, paneer, butter, creams, and cheese. If you have a transport van, this delivery business can be more profitable

    #13. Newspaper Delivery

    This is a very low-cost business. Even with only having a bicycle, you can start this. Newspapers are still very popular in today’s digital world.

    #14. Packers & Movers

    Many people need to relocate for their job transfer purpose. And shifting all the furniture with household gadgets including vehicles is the major challenge they face. Here packers & movers company takes the entire responsibility for the shifting.

    #15. Pizza Delivery

    If you are one who enjoys making food recipes, the pizza delivery business can be the ideal business for you. Hire some delivery boys and sell your unique pizzas to local households and offices.

    #16. Sandwich Delivery

    This is another profitable food business. However, you must have a serving attitude and a passion for cooking. The gross profit is very lucrative.

    #17. School Bus Service

    A school bus or pool car is an essential service for every parent. In addition, safety picks up and dropping are the major issues for kids. The business demands investment in vehicles. However, if short on budget, you can consider starting this business by leasing a vehicle to start with.

    #18. Online Ordering

    You can create an online ordering website and app wherein customers can order products online. Broadly, you need to hire people for accepting online orders and a team of delivery personnel to run this business.

    #19. Bottled Water Delivery Service

    If you are living in an area where there is a scarcity of drinking water, there will be a demand for bottled water. Starting a bottled or mineral water delivery business can be hugely profitable.

    #20. Medical Test Report Delivery

    Every diagnostic center, nursing homes, or hospitals needs agencies for delivering laboratory test reports to the doorsteps of patients. If you live in the vicinity of hospitals, consider starting a medical test delivery business.

    Nowadays, most people lead extremely busy lives. maintaining a job, caring for kids, and performing social responsibilities are getting more difficult day by day. Delivery service of essential items can give some sort of relief. Most of the delivery business opportunities demand small capital investment. However, it demands proper planning, management expertise, and overall a serving attitude to the people who look for the same.

    In conclusion, we can conclude a busy schedule, increasing spending capacity, and changing lifestyles are the major reason for gaining popularity in this service industry globally. We hope this list of delivery service business ideas will definitely help you to make an informed decision in starting a business in this industry.

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