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Best 26 Profitable Drive-Through Business Ideas in 2024

Do you want to start a drive-thru business but are not sure which one to choose? If yes, you have landed at the right place. Here in this article, we list down a list of the most profitable drive-through business ideas that can be started with little money.

Drive-through business ideas have become quite common in today’s fast world. It has good sales potential and hence a profitable business for you.

What is a Drive-Through Business?

A drive-through business is a kind of quick delivery of goods and services to customers who are inside a car. The special feature of this business is that the customer will not come out of his/her car. Instead, the desired items will be given to him from the drive-through shop or counter.

Drive-through business ideas are prospective and profitable. You have to provide prompt and efficient service to the customers so that they don’t have to wait for long. After all, time is the essence of drive-through business ideas.

If you already have a store, you can start a drive-through wing of that store and cater to the drive-through customers. Furthermore, a drive-through business extension will surely increase your business volume and thereby increase your income.

Drive-through businesses are best suited for the highways. Your drive-through shop or a selling counter along the highway will give you better frontage and a convenient location for your customers to pick up the necessary items without waiting for long.

Many drive-through business ideas are doing good business. You can choose any of them and start earning profits.

26 Drive-Through Business Ideas

1. Coffee Shop

The coffee shop is a common but very profitable drive-through business idea. You can set up a coffee shop on the highways and keep a drive-through counter for specific customers. Or you can also start a drive-through-only coffee shop. Both are profitable. Digital and social media publicity is effective for this business.

2. Liquor Shop

People traveling on the highways often need to buy beer cans or liquor for their destination. Hence, opening a drive-through liquor shop will be a highly lucrative drive-through business idea that you can start. Get the necessary licenses and permits for opening the shop. Posters, hoardings, and leaflets play an important role in the growth of this business.

3. Car Wash

Car wash is an essential service and a very good drive-through business idea that you can consider. People seek this service while on the go. Make it a fast and efficient system for word-of-mouth publicity. Print ads, posters, banners, and hoardings are very useful methods of publicity for this business.

4. Gas Station on the Highway

The gas station is a very profitable drive-through business idea. You can start a gas station on the highways and expect a good return on your investment within a short period. You will need certain licenses and permits to start this business.

5. Drive-Though Cake Shop Business

A cake shop on the highway is a preferred place for buyers on the go and hence a good drive-through business idea. Start your drive-through cake shop with a stock comprising basic varieties along with some special items. Good quality food is your trump card for this business. Online and offline ads are required for the publicity of your cake shop.

6. Drive-Through Laundromat Business

A laundromat is a common drive-through business idea in this fast-paced life. Being an essential service, it will be a profitable business for you. Good machine and prompt service are the keys to your success in a laundromat business. Planned marketing and publicity both targeted as well as word of mouth, play vital roles in the growth of your business.

7. Banking

Drive-through banks are extremely sought-after and profitably drive-through business ideas. You can open a drive-through branch of a bank after fulfilling the legal and administrative formalities. People may deposit or withdraw from the bank. More business done through your branch will fetch you more income as commission.

8. Body Piercing/Tattoo

How about a drive-through piercing or tattoo parlor? It is a popular concept now, especially for the younger generation who would love to do piercings or tattoos en route. Start a piercing or tattoo parlor on the highways and expect a crowd of tattoo lovers within a few days. Hire efficient and creative tattoo artists and keep a close watch on safety measures. Resort to social media and digital publicity for getting more business.

9. Pawn Shop

Lending money against valuables is an age-old business. This concept of a pawn shop is also a profitable drive-through business idea. You can start this business as a drive-through business. Or, if you already have a pawn shop, you can extend its service through a drive-through window. This business has several aspects like lending money, receiving payments, or interest. Employ smart and efficient staff who can monitor these activities quickly, so that the queue is never a long one.

10. Movie Theatre

Many people prefer to watch movies while traveling the highways. That is why a drive-through movie theatre can be a profitable business idea. It needs a giant screen, projector, and a parking enclosure from where the spectators will be able to watch movies from their cars. It is good entertainment, especially for long-distance travelers. Start your drive-through movie theatre and show recent hits as well as classics to attract an audience of all age groups.

11. Drive-Through Pharmacy

Pharmacy is a profitable drive-through business idea. You can start your drive-through pharmacy at a strategic location and expect a good turnout as medicines are often needed while traveling or driving a long way. Get the legal parameters cleared for opening a pharmacy and hire a good salesperson to serve the customers. Posters, hoardings, and signage will play a very important role in the publicity of your drive-through pharmacy.

12. Grocery on the Highway

Grocery on the go is a profitable drive-through business idea. Start your drive-through grocery store and sell different essential items to the customers. If you already have a grocery store, open a drive-through window of it and place efficient salespersons to serve the customers promptly. Make good publicity through printed ads as well as digital promotions so that people get to know about your drive-through grocery.

13. Drive-Through Funeral

A drive-through funeral home is becoming a popular business idea. If you already own a funeral home you can start this service, where the family or close ones of the deceased can witness the funeral and pay their last respect to the departed from their cars. There are certain legal formalities and regulations for this business that you have to clear.

14. Photo Studio

Taking a photograph or developing or printing it while driving is a good drive-through business idea. Start your drive-through photo studios with facilities for developing and printing photos or transferring them to the laptops of your customers. This business requires exhaustive marketing and publicity, both online and offline.

15. Drive-Thru Dairy Shop Business

Selling fresh or frozen dairy items is a profitable drive-through business idea. Start your dairy store on highways or in some good location and sell the essential dairy items getting a comfortable profit margin. Collaboration with a renowned brand is a good option for getting more customers.

16. Book Store/ Library

A Bookstore or library is a popular drive-through business idea. You will have many book lovers as your customers in this business. However, you have to do planned marketing to let your prospective customers know about your store. Keep books of various genres to attract a wide range of customers.

17. Prayer Booth

We often need to express our prayers while driving a long way. Hence opening a prayer booth can be a good drive-through business idea for you. People traveling along the way can stop at the prayer booth and offer prayers. Communication with a pastor can also be an attractive point of your prayer booth.

18. Medical Service/ Emergency Room

Medical emergencies may occur at any time, especially while traveling. Hence medical service or emergency room can be a very good drive-through business idea for you. Start your service wing with a doctor, registered nurse, and trained first aid providers who can give the primary treatment.

19. Art Gallery

An art gallery is a popular drive-through business idea. Start your open drive-through open-air art gallery and enable your clients to go through them from their cars. Many items can be sold through the drive-through art gallery giving you a good income. You will need good contact and online and offline publicity to make your drive-through art gallery popular.

20. Law Firm

A drive-through law firm is an innovative concept. People often prefer to discuss legal matters while driving a long way and that is why drive-through legal consultancy is becoming popular. If you are a lawyer or can hire a good lawyer, you can start with this drive-through business idea which has gained a good response in recent years. Good marketing and publicity along with personal contacts can give you more business and therefore more income.

21. Open a Farmer’s Shop on the Highway

A roadside farmer’s shop selling fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy, or microgreens can be a profitable drive-through business idea. Locate your shop near farms so that you can get fresh supplies regularly. These items have a good demand which will fetch you a comfortable profit margin.

22. Wedding Chapel

Drive-through Wedding is a novel concept that has gained popularity in recent years. Hence, opening a drive-through wedding chapel can be a good business idea. Start your drive-through wedding chapel and market your venture properly to get clients. Making all the arrangements for the wedding will be your prime responsibility as the owner of the chapel. However, you have to abide by the legal formalities of the area to start this business.

23. Flower Shop

The flower shop is a very lucrative drive-through business idea. Set up your flower shop at a good location and keep supplies of fresh flowers all day. Make different kinds and sizes of bouquets and other floral gifts and keep them handy for drive-through customers. Online and social media publicity plays an important role in getting more customers.

24. Open a Fast Food Restaurant

The majority of people prefer to have fast food while driving. Hence fast food restaurant is a very prospective drive-through business idea as fast food is an all-time favorite. The business will be more profitable if you enter into a tie-up with a popular brand. Fresh and tasty food will give you word-of-mouth publicity. Apart from that, you will need online and offline marketing and publicity to grow your business.

25. Bakery Shop

Bakery shops are time-tested concepts and a popular and drive-through business idea. Find a good location and start your bakery business. Sell popular items like cakes, pastries, cookies, pancakes, bread, buns, and pies along with some of your innovative items. Keeping some diet-friendly or sugar-free bakery items will get you more customers and enhanced profit.

26. Polling Station

People often do not have time or interest in lining up at the polling station to cast their votes. That is why a drive-through polling station is a popular drive-through business idea. People will be able to cast their votes while traveling. You will be paid by government agencies for this business. Not only that, but you have to fulfill certain formalities also.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start a drive-through business?

You can start a drive-through business at any time. However, before venturing do good research on what kind of drive-through business is profitable in your area and decide on a particular business. In the next step, make a business plan, arrange the funds, and most importantly find a suitable location for your drive-through business.

How much does it cost to build a drive-through?

The average cost of building a drive-through business is between $ 550 and 1200. The cost is less for a manual drive-through between $ 550 and 700. While for an automatic drive-through, the cost is higher, between $ 750 and 1200.

What kind of business is a drive-through?

Drive-through is a kind of business where products or services are given out to customers who are driving and stop the car to take them but do not come out of the car.

Drive-through business ideas have a wide range. Hence you can choose any of them and earn a good income from these businesses.