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Top 11 Best Websites to Publish eBooks for Free

Are you searching for the best self-publishing platforms for your eBook? Find here a list of the top 10 eBook publishing platforms to sell ebooks for your ready reference.

Actually, you can find so many free and paid self-publishing platforms available on the web. Basically, self-publishing is one of the most hassle-free and easy options for writers nowadays. The self-publishing platforms allow writers to publish eBooks of their own to earn money easily.

List of Top 11 Websites to Sell eBooks for Free

#1. Payhip

Payhip is a London-based e-commerce software/website founded by Abs Farah and Kahin Farah. They provide a free platform to sell and promote any digital products including ebooks.  Payhip is extremely easy to use and costs nothing to set up and upload products.

The website charges only a 5% commission per transaction fee. You can signup for Payhip for free from here.

#2. CreateSpace

The CreateSpace is also owned by Amazon. Basically, it is a print-on-demand option. This platform allows you to access tools, quality printing, bookselling, eBook distribution, and making marketing strategies. Hence, both online and offline bookshops can sell your books from there.

#3. Rakuten Kobo Writing Life (KWL)

Basically, Rakuten KWL has its own reading devices, global bookstores, and an easy conversion process. With Rakuten Kobo, you can publish your books in four easy steps. As of now, Kobo is available in 190 countries. Kobo offers a 70% royalty rate for the $1.99-9.99 range, and 45% for books outside of this range.

#4. Nook Press

Actually, Nook Press is the rebranded self-publishing platform of Barnes and Noble. It is a free eBook publishing platform. It also offers email services so you can get all your online publishing questions answered. From Nook Press, you can receive 65% royalty on e-books priced at $2.99 – 9.99, and 40% royalty for e-books outside of this price range.

One needs to set up an account to get their ebooks published. It takes around 72 hours to get listed at Barnes & Noble’s online bookstore.

#5. Apple iBook Authors

Basically, iBook Authors allows you to sell the eBook through Apple’s iBook store only. However, the platform is great for image-rich books which are difficult to upload using Amazon’s KDP. Generally, children’s books, photography books, and recipe books are easy to create with this platform. iBook Authors pay a fixed 70% royalty to the authors.

#6. Smashwords

The head office of Smashwords is in Los Gatos, California. The company began operation in the year 2008. With Smashwords, you can earn up to 80% list in the Smashwords Store and 60% list at major retailers. The company pays the writers through PayPal. Smashwords is the largest eBook distributor for self-published authors and small independent presses globally.

#7. BookBaby

Basically, BookBaby offers several different services to authors who really need them. The basic list includes editing, designing, print-on-demand, eBook conversion, printed book distribution, free shipping, etc. Bookbaby doesn’t take any royalty from your books. However, the company charges an upfront fee for its help in publishing your book.

#8. Issuu

Basically, Issuu is a completely free digital publishing platform for eBook writers. Once published on Issuu, publications become instantly available to active readers in every corner of the globe who use our site and mobile apps to discover and engage with whatever interests them. On any device. Presented in a beautiful, magazine-like reader. However, only premium publishers get access to powerful Issuu features and customizations

#9. Lulu

Actually, Lulu is a free self-publishing platform for eBook writers. Here, you can create, publish and sell your book for free. However, there are some higher-end packages also. Basically, the packages offer several services such as cover design, etc. Lulu also distributes your book to other bookstores like the iBook store and Amazon.

#10. BookTango

BookTango is a completely free self-publishing platform. Additionally, it offers 100% royalty to the authors. In addition to that, the company distributes your books on other major retail sites like Amazon and Nook. There’s also a cover design function, ISBN assignment, and of course, payment processing.

#11. Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing is one of the most popular options for writers. Actually, Amazon launched this platform in the year 2007. However, KDP only appears in Amazon bookstores.

The KDP offers a select program to the writers. Here, in exchange for an exclusive right, writers can earn higher royalties from the books. Both the KDP and Select programs are free for authors to self-publish with, and require no upfront costs. Generally, Amazon pays Select program authors 70% royalty on eBooks priced in the $2.99 – 9.99 range.

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Creating an eBook is definitely not an easy task. However, if you can’t publish or distribute your eBook properly, the chances of getting noticed become less. Hence, you must select the right self-publishing platform for your eBooks carefully. We hope, this list of the top 10 best self-publishing platforms will help you in publishing and distributing your eBook properly. Happy Writing!