How to Start Shoe Laundry Business with Low Investment

The shoe laundry business concept is new. A person living in a metro city where the population densities of ultra-busy peoples are high, a shoe laundry business will be a perfect business idea for him. The awareness of hygiene and footwear care is increasing day-by-day among people. Everyone wants to have clean shoes, mainly sports shoes after every use. But actually, most of us don’t know how to clean it properly.

One can start this business by buying a franchise or can initiate as home-based with low start-up capital. Shoe laundry business includes the services of collecting shoes, getting them cleaned and repaired if required, making delivery of the shoes at the client’s doorsteps and getting the payments.

Understand the Local Market

Before starting a shoe laundry business, it is extremely important to know the local market. Generally, this business flourishes in big cities having high-end customers. Conduct a market research and gather information regarding the market size, trends, and local competition. Based on the information, plan the business and explore the opportunities.

Name Your Business

Choosing the right name is another very important factor for a successful business. You can check our guide on how to name a business.

Shoe Laundry Business Plan

It is important to have a detail business plan before you start this business. Before go into the shoe laundry business, write down the entire process (SOP) about how you are going to give services to your clients. Determine who will be your target audience and how you will going to promote your business. Also, calculate a start-up budget and expected revenue return.

Shoe Laundry Setup

To start a shoe laundry business, you will need to have space for laundry operation. Consider having some workspace for office operations like getting an order, delivery schedule, billing, etc. You will need to have some equipment like a shoe-washing-machine, drying machine, etc.

Procure machinery as per your requirement from reliable suppliers. Customized machines are available in the market. Also, you will need to have cleaning solutions. Different type of solution is required for different kind of shoes.

Hire professional manpower for shoe cleaning. As this is a service industry, getting success is all about making customers satisfied with a good quality job while sticking to the timeline. Hire experienced manpower that has adequate knowledge about shoe cleaning.

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Promote Your Shoe Laundry Business

Start advertising locally to let your customers know about your service. Create a website with detailing the services you are offering. Also, initiate an online order system where people can get an instant quotation of their specific requirement and can ask to collect. The hotel industry can be a very good client base of your shoe laundry business. Contact them with your entire service range and price module.