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Top 20 Profitable Business Ideas in Idaho with Low Money

Popularly known as the “Potato State’, Idaho is famous for its quality papers and barrel cheese. The state has a highly developed science and technology sector helping companies to produce goods at cheaper costs. The state has a good number of small businesses operating in Idaho divided across categories. If you are finding it difficult to decide which business to start, this article will help you find the best small business ideas in Idaho that can fetch good returns.

The state is mostly into producing chemicals, paper, lumber, potatoes, and much more. Famous for its diverse range of products, Idaho has a huge scope for small businesses. So if you are planning to start a business of your own in Idaho, here are some of the top business ideas you can choose to consider especially for Idaho.

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List of 20 Small Business Ideas in Idaho

1. Potatoes Farming

Famous for its potatoes, Idaho has the most suitable soil and climate for potato farming irrespective of any species Potatoes from Idaho are famous across the country and are always in demand for their top quality and flavor.

2. Restaurant Business

The love for food is quite widespread across the United States. Just like other popular states, Idaho is a popular destination for specialty restaurants. If you have been planning to open a restaurant in the state, it’s a viable business opportunity.

3. Chemical Production

A famous business in the state, the chemical business requires different licenses from the government. Idaho has available markets for chemicals and the produced chemicals in Idaho are in demand in different states.

4. Car Wash Business

Despite its low population, there are a lot of cars in the state. If you can start a business offering car wash services with mechanical add-on inputs. An all-in-one point business will help to offer all car-related services including repairs.

5. Boutique Business

If you are someone who has some special designing skills, a boutique business could be very lucrative. You get to design your dresses and can price them accordingly. The profits are high and if the designs are hit, you can expect repetitive customers.

6. Plumbing Business

Plumbers and plumbing services are in huge demand in Idaho. The state has a dearth of well-trained plumbers. A business around plumbing and services related to it in Idaho can indeed turn out to be a very profitable venture.

7. Tutoring Services

Teaching something to others that you are good at seems can be quite profitable in a state like Idaho. The state has a huge young population, so there are people who want to learn new things. You can offer customized courses based on your offerings.

8. Digital Printing Business

Prints are in an all-time high demand. From businesses to schools to industries, everyone needs high-quality printing. The setup costs are initially high but will work well in the long term if you offer your prints at reasonable rates.

9. Wood Products Business

Idaho is one of the largest exporters of wood. The business requires you to obtain several licenses and permissions from the state forest department. The wood production business in Idaho can be profitable in the long term given its relatively low number of wood product businesses in the state.

10. Food Truck

If you are planning a restaurant but the costs are not permitting you, Food Truck is your way to go. The business is booming throughout the United States, and Idaho has a huge potential. Try to offer your services at the most frequently visited places.

11. Vending Machine Business

A growing business around the world vending machines are expanding throughout America. The business requires no extra manpower or labor and hence requires minimum operational costs. If put in the right place, the vending machine business can bring be very profitable.

12. Charter School

These schools are funded by the government but are run by your management. If you have a unique idea for education in Idaho, the charter school is quite interesting. Nothing is better than providing quality education to children.

13. Paper Production Company

A popular business in the state, paper production in Idaho is one of the cheapest in the United States. The raw materials needed to produce paper are found near helping the production costs to keep low. Papers produced in Idaho are known for their premium quality.

14. Billboard Business

A profitable business in the state, the billboard business is very lucrative given its huge size. Billboards are quite famous in Idaho among advertising firms. Make sure you complete all the legal requirements before finalizing a spot.

15. Online Business Consultancy

Several small businesses are operating in Idaho. These businesses are trying to go online, but most of them fail to work it out. A business around helping these businesses to work on a large scale online can be profitable if you can use your skills properly.

16. Gift Basket Services

Picking up the right gifts is very important in a gift basket business. Choosing the right gifts and decorating them the right way will help you to attract more customers. You can start the business at a low cost and scale up gradually.

17. Digital Marketing Agency

Businesses now need specialized digital services. Companies require digital marketing and advertising to stay on par with the growing competition online. You can also offer SEO, SMM, Backlinking, and other services as a part of your business.

18. Consignment Shop

Consignment shops are very popular in Idaho. The business only requires a good location and some investment. The consignor will put the products on display. You will have to pay a commission once a product is sold.

19. Photography Business

If you are someone who takes good pictures, there’s a huge profit in the photography business. From portfolios to wedding photography to different occasions, people often require professional photographers for multiple needs.

20. Smartphone Repair Business

With everyone using a smartphone, there’s a massive need for repair services in Idaho. You can start low and can hire a few professionals to start your business. Offering quality services at reasonable rates will help you to expand your business quickly.

Steps to Start a Business in Idaho

  • Step 1. Select a Business Idea
  • Step 2. Plan Your Business
  • Step 3. Register Your Business
  • Step 4. Apply for Taxes
  • Step 5. Open a Bank Account
  • Step 6. Set Up Accounting
  • Step 7. Obtain Permits & Licenses
  • Step 8. Get Insurance
  • Step 9. Have a Marketing Plan
  • Step 10. Go Online

Best Places To Start A Business In Idaho

Choosing the right location is going to be very important. Here are some of the best places in Idaho to start your business:

  • Boise
  • Pocatello
  • Eagle
  • Caldwell
  • Lewiston
  • Rexburg
  • Meridian

Idaho is a very business-friendly state in the whole of the United States offering easy business access with scope for huge growth.