How to Start Soft Toys Making Business & Make Money

Soft Toys making business is a very simple business to start. In addition to this, starting this business requires a very low investment. Soft toy manufacturing is primarily dominated by women. Although men are also making inroads into this business activity nowadays.

Here in this article, we will show you how to start soft toys making business along with market potential, business plan, machinery required.

Why you Should Consider Starting Soft Toys Making Business?

Soft toys are one of the few items which will never lose their relevance. The kids are the biggest market for this product.

You won’t find in this world a single kid who does not have soft toys in their kitty. The style, taste, trends may change with time but soft ways will remain in kid’s hearts in any part of the world.

The product variants are unlimited ranging from wildlife, extinct animals, bears, pets, rural animals, sea creatures, chimps, exotic creatures, puppet horses to bird creatures.

The soft toys making business is an attractive business proposition for many reasons.

Firstly, it is a simple business to start. The manufacturing process is rather easy provided you enjoy the job.

Secondly, you can start this business from home. As your profit increases, you might think of shifting your workspace to commercial zones.

Thirdly, the investment to start this business is extremely low unless you want to start in a big way.

Fourthly, the soft toy market is not controlled by brands. Anyone can compete in this business.

What you Require to Start Soft Toys Making Business

If you are starting this business from home with a small investment, the following materials are enough:

  • Raw materials like clothes, acrylic furs, ornamentation items you like.
  • Sewing Machines
  • Basic equipment like scissors, tapes, needles, threads, etc.
  • Packing Materials

A space of 250 Sq ft or more is enough to start soft toy manufacturing from home.

If you want to start with a bigger investment looking for bigger returns, you must look for semi-automatic or automatic machines that are readily available in the market. China happens to be the major machinery supplier in this sector.

The cost of buying a good quality soft toy-making machine will be around $5000.

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Soft Toys Basic Manufacturing Process

The process of manufacturing soft toys is easy. Basic steps include pattern, paper cutting,

The general basic steps include pattern, paper cutting, mold making, fabric cutting, sewing, inversion, eyes and nose punching, stuffing, back closing, and finishing.

Firstly, the cloth is cut according to the requirement and stitched accordingly.

Secondly, you need to fill the inside of the toys with materials like a sponge.

Thirdly,  tune the toy according to your imagination.

Finally, go for quality checking and packing.