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Top 50 Small Business Ideas for Summer Season in 2024

Are you thinking of starting a business fit for the summer season? If YES, you have landed at the right place. Here in this article, we have researched in detail and listed the most profitable summer business ideas that can be started at a low cost.

Actually, the summer season is the most favorable time for people who want to do something of their own. In addition to that, longer days allow you to do a lot of work in a day. Generally, people take advantage of the high temperatures by spending more time outdoors during the summer.

Segments like summer foods, sports activities, music, sports, tourism, and entertainment account for steady growth in the summer season. Find below a selected list of the best business ideas for the summer season with low investment:

50 Summer Business Ideas

#1. Aquarium Maintenance

Ornamental Fishes are the most beautiful pets globally. And these days, you can use aquariums in different ways for interior decoration. So, initiating a home-based aquarium maintenance service is a very lucrative summer business you can consider starting from home.

#2. Car Detailing

If you want to earn some extra cash in the summer season, you can start a car detailing business. Basically, this type of business doesn’t demand any upfront startup investment if you operate as a home-based. And in that case, you must promote the business online in the local community.

#3. Baby Sitting

If you have space in your home, you can consider starting a babysitting business in the summer season. Actually, in summer people are busy during the day. And this type of service is needed for them. However, starting and operating a babysitting business demands a lot of passion, strategic planning, and dedication to the work.

#4. Bathtub Reglazing

Basically, bathtub refinishing is an evergreen business. People need this type of service very frequently. So, if you can market your service properly in your locality, then you will get orders regularly for sure.

#5. Beauty Salon

Actually, a beauty salon is one of the best retail businesses in the beauty and healthcare segment. Also, you can initiate a beauty salon in two ways. You can open your own store or you can consider initiating a franchisee of a reputed brand.

#6. Bee Keeping

Not only for honey production, but beekeeping is also profitable for pollination services. And also, you can consider this business on a part-time basis. Comparatively, beekeeping is an easier business to initiate and operate. Also, it is a perfect opportunity for women entrepreneurs.

#7. Boat Cleaning

Initiating a boat cleaning business demands very few types of equipment. However, every location is not suitable for this business. Actually, there must be a natural demand for this type of service. Generally, coastal areas, beach areas, and locations having water sports arrangements are the ideal locations for this business.

#8. Boat Renting

Actually, boat renting comes with underwater amusement activities. The business is easy to start. However, it needs startup investment, proper marketing planning, and advertisement. Generally, tourist places are the ideal locations for a boat-renting business.

#9. Book Keeping

Nowadays, small companies prefer hiring bookkeepers instead of keeping permanent employees for that. If you have the specific skill and knowledge, you can consider initiating a home-based bookkeeping business. In that case, you will need to provide the service at the client’s doorstep.

#10. Carpet Cleaning

If you want to start a small business in the cleaning industry, you can consider initiating a small carpet cleaning business. Generally, this type of business demands small startup investment. Actually, after a long winter, people need a carpet cleaning service. So, summer is the best time to start this business.

#11. Car Rental

If you enjoy an outdoor activity in the automobile industry, then surely it is one of the best alternatives for you. However, the business is not so lucrative for small towns or rural areas. Basically, the metro cities where the population density is high are the most favorable places for starting this business.

#12. Cookie Business

Most people prefer cookies. And it is always better if anyone can purchase delicious and good quality cookies from home. If you are a passionate cookie maker and want to start a cookie business with low capital investment, this business is just perfect for you. Additionally, homemakers, housewives, and moms can earn extra money from this part-time business.

#13. Customized Tshirt Printing

If you want to start a small home based business in the garment industry, you can consider this business. Actually, people buy customized t-shirts either as personalized items or to get their thoughts on the t-shirts. With a small eCommerce store, you can operate the business with a small investment.

#14. eBay Selling

Basically, eBay is a vibrant worldwide marketplace. Currently, it has a worldwide community of more than 160 million shoppers. You can sell as such anything on eBay from home to earn handsome money. You will need to have a computer with an internet connection to start earning money.

#15. Ebook Writing

If you want to start an online summer business, then you can consider ebook writing. Depending on your specific knowledge and expertise, you can work either for a company or as a freelance. There are several online platforms that offer freelancing jobs for ebook writers.

#16. Ecotourism

Nowadays, ecotourism or nature tourism is the fastest-growing industry. And summer is the perfect time for starting a business in the travel industry. As an ecotourism tour operator, you must provide your clients with a comfortable and memorable tour.

#17. Errand Service

Errand service is a very lucrative business and is most suitable for metro cities. You can cater to a wide number of specific errand-related services. It may include buying groceries, buying gifts, picking up the children from school, and visiting the doctor with the senior citizens. And you can start this business in the summer with almost zero startup investment.

#18. Face Painting

Summer is the perfect time for starting a face painting or body art business. Literally, there are several ways you can consider starting this business. First of all, you can definitely set up a retail store. Also, you can consider providing the service on a mobile basis.

#19. Fishing Guide

Do you know the nitty-gritty of fishing? Then you can definitely consider providing the fishing guide to your clients. This summer business doesn’t demand any startup investment but only your skill and knowledge. However, you must identify the local demand before getting into this business.

#20. Florist / Flower Shop

Generally, you can initiate a flower shop in two ways. Definitely, a brick-and-mortar store has the potential of earning good revenue. On the other hand, you can attract a wide range of customers and you don’t need to be region-specific. However, the flower is a highly perishable item. Hence, it demands proper storage.

#21. Frozen Yogurt Selling

If you want to start a summer food business, then you can consider selling frozen yogurt. You can consider a small kiosk space inside a mall or shopping center or on the roadside too. However, location plays an important role in this business.

#22. Fruit Juice Making

These days, fruit juice comes under the FMCG segment. If you want to produce a product that has good demand in the summer, then you can consider this business. Out of many, some of the most profitable items are orange juice, mango juice, pineapple juice, apple juice, etc.

#23. Gift Basket Business

If you are a creative person and enjoy assembling things in an attractive way, then this business is perfect for you. However, if you want to turn your hobby into a profitable business, then you must consider some crucial aspects.

#24. Home Appliances Renting

Many people like to have an essential home appliance for rent mainly for two reasons. One is, that they can enjoy the product without investing much money one time like purchasing the appliances. Another reason is there is no shifting hazard.

#25. Home-based Garment Business

If you want to start a business that you can operate in your spare time, you can consider this business. Additionally, this type of business has numerous advantages. For individuals who have family responsibilities and want to earn money, starting a garment business from home is an ideal option.

#26. House Cleaning

This is another lucrative summer business you can start in the cleaning industry. Actually, with a very small startup investment, you can consider starting this business. And there are numerous options that you can explore for promoting this business.

#27. House Painting

Generally, the summer season is the best time for house painting and renovation. However, initiating this type of business demands specific skills, knowledge about colors, and willingness of working hard physically.

#28. Ice Cream Making

If you want to start a small manufacturing business, then nothing is more appropriate than ice cream. With moderate capital investment, you can start the commercial production of ice cream. Generally, the business demands proper planning and the establishment of a wide distribution network. Also, you must consider creating institutional clients.

#29. Ice Cream Store

This is another great summer food business opportunity in the retail industry. From a small ice cream store, you can sell several other products than ice cream. Also, you can consider initiating a store as a franchisee of a reputed brand.

#30. Jam Jelly Production

Actually, jam and jelly are the most important food items in the food processing and FMCG industry. The products come under the preserves category. The manufacturing process is simple. Additionally, you can expand the business in several ways including area expansion or initiating a new product line.

#31. Jet Ski Rental

Basically, the jet ski is a popular water sports activity. Additionally, it comes under the adventure sports segment. Actually, the jet ski is the brand name of a Japanese personal watercraft manufacturing company Kawasaki. A single jet ski can carry 1, 2, or 3 persons, though four-passenger models exist.

#32. Kayak Rental

Kayak and canoe rental is another great business you can initiate as a summer business. If you live in a location where there is an opportunity for water entertainment, you can consider starting this business.

#33. Lawn Care

If you want to initiate a summer business to earn some extra money, then you can consider this opportunity. Generally, people look for this type of specialized service during the summer season. Also, summer is the best time to maintain lawns and gardens.

#34. Lemonade Stand

Actually, lemonade is the most preferred drink in the summer in most countries. And initiating a roadside lemonade stand is comparatively an easier business. With a very startup investment, you can consider starting a lemonade stand. Also, you can sell some other products from that stand.

#35. Mobile Car Wash

If you want to start a business in the auto care segment, you can consider a mobile car wash. With a few types of equipment and tools, you can start this business. Before initiating the business, identify the local car population and the exact demand. Also, try to present yourself in a professional manner to your clients.

#36. Nail Art Shoppe

Basically, the nail art shop is an emerging business these days. It comes under the beauty segment. Generally, starting this type of business demands specific skills and knowledge. Also, you will need to secure a good retail location. Nearby residential areas, market complexes, colleges, and restaurants are the best locations for starting this type of business.

#37. Paper Jewelry Making

Actually, with different types of paper and simple hand tools, you can create beautiful jewelry. There is no need for machinery. Additionally, a home-based operation allows you to work in fractured time hours. Also, you can produce some other products like designer bindis from the same unit.

#38. Photography

Water-related activities increase during summer.  Hence, photography is in high demand during summer. If photography is your hobby, you can consider starting a photography business of your own. Also, you can attract both domestic and commercial clients.

#39. Pool Maintenance

Actually, swimming pools need proper cleaning and maintenance during summer after the long winter. So, summer is the right time for starting a pool maintenance service business in your locality. With small startup investment and marketing planning, you can successfully initiate this business.

#40. Pottery

Pottery making as a hobby in an amateurish way is a completely different thing than starting a commercial business. Statistically, the majority of all small businesses-pottery and otherwise-fail within their first five years of operation. Definitely, the pottery business demands proper business planning and exploring different marketing avenues.

#41. Shoe Laundry

The shoe laundry business includes the services of collecting shoes, getting them cleaned and repaired if required, making delivery of the shoes to the client’s doorsteps, and getting the payments. Additionally, you can offer different services like cleaning, washing, repairs, color correction, maintenance services, footwear restoration, etc.

#42. Smoothy Stand

Smoothy stand is another great summer business you can consider starting with a small investment. If you are an absolute beginner in entrepreneurship, then it is better to start as a franchise partner of a reputed brand. Generally, smoothy items face a high demand in the summer season every year.

#43. Summer Camp

If you love spending time with children, then this is the ideal summer business opportunity for you. Generally, summer camps arrange a number of after-school activities for the kids. There are several ways you can promote the business in your locality.

#44. Summer Tutoring

Basically, any educated individual can initiate a summer tutoring business from home with almost zero investment. Additionally, the business has enough potential for generating good revenue. Definitely, it is an easy business. Even, students, women, moms, and housewives can start this business from home.

#45. Swimming Coach

Swimming is a popular water sports activity these days. Also, swimming is considered the right workout regime for health-conscious people. If you have the skill and expertise, you can consider becoming a swimming coach.

#46. Tour Guide

Summers are the best time for the travel and tourism industries. If you want to start a small business with almost zero investment, you can consider becoming a tour guide. However, tour guides need specific licenses for operation in most countries.

#47. Umbrella Making

Umbrella is an essential item in summer. So, the demand for good quality colorful umbrellas increases during the summer. With hand tools and equipment, you can initiate an umbrella assembling business even at home.

#48. Food Truck

Though a food truck is an all-season business, opening it in summer will fetch you higher returns. In the summer season, more and more people want to spend time outdoors and festival parties happen extensively. So, starting a food truck can be a good business idea during the summer season.

#49. Watermelon Farming

Watermelon is the fruit of summer. And if you have some agricultural land or a backyard place, you can consider growing watermelons for profit. The production technology is easy. And you can produce watermelon by providing less care and management.

#50. Worm Farming

If you enjoy livestock, then definitely you can consider worm farming as a potential summer business. If you have space, you can keep worms in pits. Otherwise, you can also grow worms on pots. The business demands a very small startup capital investment.

We hope this list of summer business ideas will definitely help you in initiating your dream business in the summer season.