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Best 25 Profitable Tea Business Ideas in 2024

Being one of the oldest beverages in the world, tea has its admirers all over. That is why you can do different kinds of business with tea. From manufacturing to processing, many tea business ideas can make you rich within a short span.

Before you start working on any of the tea business ideas, get sufficient knowledge about tea, its kinds, varieties, and popularity around the world. This knowledge will help you in achieving success in your tea-related business.

Statistics about tea consumption will further encourage you to take up a tea business idea. In the USA, tea is the next most popular drink after water and more than 80% of US households consume tea regularly. According to Statista, the total revenue from the sales of tea in the USA is approximately US$13.40bn in 2022. This figure is expected to grow annually by 6.00%.

With the growing health awareness and manufacturing of innovative varieties of tea, the demand for this beverage has further grown in recent years. Hence, with proper planning and hard work, you can earn a good profit from any of the tea business ideas.

List of 25 Tea Business Ideas

1. Tea Plantation

Tea plantation or tea farming is a lucrative tea business idea. This type of plant normally grows on hill slopes with shady trees around them. If you can buy such land you can start tea farming. Otherwise, you can buy a readymade tea farm and start your business. You must know the details of planting trees, irrigation, pruning, and harvesting tea leaves.

2. Tea Packaging

Tea packaging is a popular and profitable tea business idea. You can start this business and use your creativity in packaging tea. Tea is packed in various types depending on the quantity. Popular packaging materials are cardboard boxes, tin containers, paper or foil packets, etc. You can also use printed or designed handmade papers.

3. Tea Processing

Tea processing or opening a tea factory is a stable business that gives you a high profit around the year. The tea we drink needs to be processed in several steps and you need to have good knowledge of the steps along with the respective procedure. This is a labor-intensive business hence; you will need a lot of manpower. The different steps are withering, sifting, conditioning, rolling, drying, etc.

4. Tea Export

Tea export is also a profitable business. You can sell processed tea in various packets to foreign countries and earn foreign currency. Many countries of the world regularly import tea like Russia, Pakistan, the UK, Hong Kong, etc. You can export tea to these countries at a high process earning a good profit percentage.

5. Tea Tasting

With professional training, you can start a tea-tasting business. This is an important business as far as the tea industry is concerned because the tea tasters’ opinions matter a lot to the manufacturers. You will get good fees from this business. Good marketing and public relations are necessary for this business to grow.

6. Tea shop

A tea shop is one of the most profitable tea business ideas. Just like the café, you can open your tea shop in a good location and earn high profits. Serve different varieties of tea along with snacks and savories. Create a good décor and use cool cups, saucers, mugs, and cutlery.

7. Mobile Tea Stall

A mobile tea stall is an all-time hit business. Start your mobile tea stall in a cart and earn good and regular income from this tea business idea. Serve piping hot tea to your customers round the day at different parts of a city like a food truck. Also, keep some biscuits and dry snacks for customers who want some accompaniments with tea.

8. Organic Tea Manufacturing

With the high demand for organic food items, there is also good demand for organic tea. Hence you can start an organic tea manufacturing unit and earn good profits from this tea business idea. Keep in mind that the tea you are processing should be 100% organic with proper certification.

9. Green Tea Manufacturing

Green tea is a much-demanded type of tea now, especially for the health freaks. Know the details about this type of tea and start a green tea manufacturing business. This tea business idea is contemporary and lucrative as the price of green tea is normally higher than ordinary tea. You can sell teabags or packaged green tea, both of which have good demand.

10. Iced Tea Manufacturing

Iced tea is a favorite beverage for many people, especially in the USA. It is prepared from the powders of different kinds of tea with added flavors of a variety of fruits, sugar, spices, and other aromatic additives. Iced tea contains anti-oxidants which is a healthy option preferred by many. With thorough know-how of the process, you can start iced tea manufacturing as your tea business idea and get a high income.

11. Flavored Tea Making

Flavored tea is also a very popular beverage around the world. Start your flavored tea manufacturing business with popular flavors like chamomile, rose, jasmine, vanilla, sandalwood, and many more. Connoisseurs are very much fond of these teas. They are also sold in different tea shops, tea boutiques, and households at high prices. Flavored tea also acts as a therapeutic drink and has a high price tag, making your tea business a lucrative one.

12. Herbal Tea Manufacturing

Herbal tea is rich in herbal extracts like basil, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, and many other herbs. They are healthy and preferred by a large number of people. Learn the techniques of manufacturing such tea and start your herbal tea processing unit. This tea business idea will fetch you high profits as these teas are much sought after and have high prices.

13. Teabag Making

Teabags are immensely popular everywhere for the convenience of making a quick cup of tea. Moreover, teabags are available in a variety of flavors and kinds apart from the common varieties. Hence, teabag manufacturing can be a lucrative tea business idea for you. Choose a few types like green teabags; herbal teabags etc to start with and then add more varieties.

14. Teacup Manufacturing

Drinking tea is impossible without a teacup. Hence start manufacturing teacups and sell them to different shops, hotels, restaurants, etc. This is a prospective tea business idea. Produce cups and mugs of different sizes, colors, and shapes using a variety of materials like glass, clay, porcelain, melamine, etc. Use your creativity to design these cups.

15. Tea Box Manufacturing

Tea boxes are essential for packaging tea. Hence, manufacturing tea boxes can be a lucrative tea business idea for you. Make beautifully designed boxes of cardboard, handmade paper, softwood, and other materials for beautiful packaging. These artistic tea boxes fetch a good price in the market adding to your profit.

16. Tea Supply

The tea supply business is a steady and sustainable tea business idea. You can buy tea from wholesalers and sell them to retailers at a profit. Tea being an essential item, you will have business all year round along with a good income to support you.

17. Tea Store

Open your tea store in a good locality or a marketplace and earn a high income by selling raw tea and teabags as a retailer. Also sell certain accessories like designer cups, coasters, trays, strainers, etc to multiply sales. This tea business idea is quite a profitable one.

18. Online Tea Store

An online tea store is also a profitable tea business idea. People now prefer to buy almost everything online. Hence, you can get high profits from this online business. Have a good stock of different varieties of teas to give your buyers a wide choice.

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19. Start a Tea Blog

If you are a tea-lover and a good writer, you can start your blog on tea. This tea business idea is a good one getting you a high income with an increasing number of readers. Write about the history and evolution of tea, different varieties of tea, their health benefits, etc. You can also write reviews on different brands of tea or tea shops. This will fetch you more ads.

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20. Create a YouTube Channel on Tea Recipe

Are you good at making tea? If yes, then launch your YouTube channel on different methods of preparation of tea. Use your creativity to make fusion recipes with tea. You can earn a high income as your channel becomes popular and the number of viewers increases.

21. Bubble Tea Shop

Bubble tea, also known as boba, is a drink that includes tea, milk, and tapioca balls. It comes with a great variety of flavors and styles and is immensely popular. Hence, you can open your bubble tea shop as a tea business idea and earn huge profits. Get yourself acquainted with this variety of tea and its preparation before starting your business. The acceptance, especially among the younger generation will multiply your profits.

22. Tea Shop Chain

Create a brand name for your tea shop and build a chain of shops in different parts of the city and gradually in other cities too. This is a profitable tea business idea. You have to maintain uniformity in the décor, utensils and above all, the quality and kinds of tea served in all the stores. This is a large-scale business idea with high profits.

23. Instant Tea Machine Manufacturing

Instant tea machines are installed in offices, schools, stations, and other public places and have high demand. Hence, you can take up manufacturing of such machines as your tea business idea and earn high profits by selling them.

24. Tea Vending Machine

Install tea vending machines in different crowded places and earn a good income at the end of the day. This tea business idea is a popular method of earning quick money.

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25. Produce Tea-Based Cleaning Products

Tea-based cleaning products have become popular due to their natural ingredients and safety from toxic chemicals. You can start manufacturing tea-based cleaning and deodorizing products and sell them getting good prices. They are used by professional cleaners as well as house owners and have a steady demand. This tea business idea will get you good profits.

Tea is not just a beverage that refreshes you and starts your day with energy, but also a good source of business ideas. Tea business ideas can get you a name, fame, and high profits.