40 Profitable Small Business Ideas for Tropical Islands

Do you want to make money when living on an island? Are you looking for business ideas for beach towns? If YES, find here 40 most profitable small business ideas for tropical islands for your ready reference.

Generally, tropical islands have hot and humid weather. From an economic viewpoint, most of the island countries within the humid tropics are developing rather than developed. Some of the major revenue earning segments are tourism, seafood items, hotels, hospitality, transportation, retail etc.

Hence, initiating a small business is not that tough in the tropical islands. And practically, you can find plenty of opportunities there. However, proper market analysis, and finding out the demand is highly important before starting your venture. Read this article to get 40 profitable business ideas that are financially lucrative in the tropical islands and easier to start.

List of 40 Small Business Ideas in the Tropical Islands

#1. Amusement Park

If you have sufficient money to invest, then initiating an amusement park is a perfect business for the tropical islands. Generally, people visit this type of places in the vacations. So, it ensures sufficient footfalls. However, the business is capital intensive. Read More…

#2. Antique Shop

The profit margin is highly lucrative in the antique shop business. Location wise antique shop business is perfect for as such any tourist place. The success of this type of the store depends on the collection that you offer your clients.

#3. Babysitting

If you want to start a low-cost business, then babysitting is a perfect opportunity for you. Remember that not every state will need a license for babysitting but it’s your obligation to check. You can start the business small. And it has the huge potential of expansion. Read More…

#4. Barber Shop

Generally, opening a barbershop is a lucrative and self-rewarding business for any individual. However, the business demands specific skill, knowledge, and experience. If you are an experienced barber, then only you can think about initiating your own store. Read More…

#5. Basket Weaving

The market potential of gift industry is increasing day-by-day and people are more intending to have personalized charming gifts and home décor items. Basket-weaving business is a profitable venture one can start from any location, by taking the minimum risk. Read More…

#6. Bed & Breakfast

If you have an extra room, then you can think about offering bed and breakfast service for the travelers. And you can earn some extra money without any sort of extra investment. However, check whether you need any specific business license or not.

#7. Billboard Advertising

Basically, billboard advertising comes under the outdoor advertising segment. It is a highly competitive industry. Hence, initiating a billboard advertising company needs market research and strategic planning. Read More…

#8. Boat Cleaning

Generally, in the coastal areas, you can a lot of boa renting company. And the boats need regular cleaning. If you love working outdoors, you can initiate a boat cleaning company with very small investment. Only, you will need to procure some hand tools and equipment.

#9. Boutique Hotel

Nowadays, boutique hotels are getting huge popularity in the luxury living segment. Actually, boutique hotels provide numerous other facilities other than fooding and lodging. However, initiating a boutique hotel demands a lot of capital and strategy making.

#10. Bungee Jumping

Nowadays, this type of entertainment is becoming hugely popular. And demand is also increasing. However, the business is cash intensive. The business demands an upfront startup capital investment for equipment buying, licensing etc. Read More…

#11. Cake Shop

Basically, starting a cake shop is a lucrative food retail business. The business is easy to start and manage. Additionally, the cake retailing business is perfect for women entrepreneurs. Any individual can start this business by taking a minimum risk (finance). Read More…

#12. Car Rental

This is another a great opportunity you can initiate in the tropical islands. Actually, it is easy to start and also easy to expand. If you want to invest small amount of capital start with one or two cars. Check the licensing, insurance and road permit issues. Read More…

#13. Casino

Initiating a casino requires moderate capital investment, crafting the right business plan and advertising budget. Generally, a casino allows the patrons to play different games and also offers foods, drinks etc. Also, the location plays an important role in this business.

#14. Coffee Shop

You can start the business independently or you may consider buying a franchise. In independent starting, you will enjoy the margin in full. On the other hand, as a franchise of a reputed brand, you will get guidance in starting the business and in day-to-day activity, but you will need to consider the commission and franchise fees. Read More…

#15. Corporate Event Planning

corporate hospitality is a vast area. And practically, there are numerous areas where you can offer the service for your clients. However, you must have good communication skill and networking skill. The business demands very small startup investment. Read More…

#16. Craft Making & Selling

Craft making and selling are the ideal business in the tropical islands. Also, the business is perfect for women entrepreneurs, housewives, and moms. Generally, travelers buy handcrafted products when visiting the new places. Read More…

#17. Cue Sports

Broadly, there are three different types of cue sports. These are Carom billiards, Pool and Snooker or English billiard. Players need some of the major equipment for playing these games. The list may include billiard balls, tables, cloth, racks, cues, chalk, and mechanical bridge. Read More…

#18. Delivery Service

In this era of internet, people prefer to buy products from the convenience of home. That is why the eCommerce industry is growing rapidly. Hence, this is the perfect time to start a small delivery business with the small investment. Read More…

#19. Designer Garment Store

Initiating a designer garment store is a highly lucrative business in the tropical islands areas. Generally, it is a niche garment store that keeps high quality innovative garments. If you have an educational background in fashion designing, then this is the perfect venture to start.

#20. Destination Wedding Consulting

Nowadays, destination wedding is getting huge popularity among the young would be married couples. Also, they are looking for innovative arrangements on their big day. If you enjoy helping others, then you can consider initiating a destination wedding consulting business.

#21. Ecotourism

This is a new emerging concept of travel and tourism industry. Ecotourism includes some alternative forms of transportation that have lower carbon emissions, travel to an agriculture destination etc. Any individual passionate about travel and having knowledge about ecotourism destinations can initiate this business. Read More…

#22. Face Painting

As a skilled face painter, you can truly earn a lot of money. Broadly, face painting comes under the body art segment. And it is an ancient practice of human civilization. Nowadays, face painting has gained huge popularity in the children party, birthday party, summer camp etc. Read More…

#23. Fishing Supply Store

Most of the tropical islands have huge coastal areas. Hence, fishing is a natural practice and means of entertainment too. You can open a fishing supply store to help the fishing enthusiasts. Consider having a good location and keep quality products.

#24. Fitness Center

An entrepreneur having knowledge and experience in fitness related activities can initiate this business. Generally, fitness centers offer a wide range of different services. In this business, location, interior decoration, ambiance play the important role. Read More…

#25. Food Truck

Mobile food truck business opportunity is different from a normal food restaurant in two major ways. One is you are moving and you don’t have a retail location. Second is you yourself are going to the customers. A person having minimum experience in food service industry can initiate this venture in the city area. Read More…

#26. Gaming Business

Basically, the video game is an electronic game. And any individual can play this game on a computing device. Nowadays, some of the most popular devices are PCs, smartphones, gaming consoles etc. Currently, video games are a billion-dollar business. Read More…

#27. Gift Shop

This is another a highly profitable business you can consider starting in tropical islands. Gift shops ensure higher percentage of profits than other retail stores. However, the location and range of collections play important role in the overall success of the store.

#28. Jet Ski Rental

Actually, jet ski comes under the water sports category. It’s also an adventure sport. Therefore, the jet ski is highly popular in the tropical islands. Initiating a jet ski rental business requires proper business planning and moderate startup investment.

#29. Juice Bar

Any individual having a passion for serving others can start this business. The most important thing is, you can start this business by two ways. One is by opening your own brand. Second is opening a franchise outlet. Read More…

#30. Medical Shop

One can start medical store business with extra value added services like a doctor’s chamber, some testing facilities like blood pressure, oxygen supply etc. As a startup, you can buy a franchise of established brand or you can start your own. In medical store business, the retail margin is very inspiring. Read More…

#31. Museum

Generally, tropical islands are the best places for opening a museum. There are numerous different niche areas where you can concentrate. These are the wax museum, children’s museum, science museum etc. However, initiating a museum is a capital-intensive business. Also, it requires regular care and maintenance.

#32. Organizing Fishing Tour

This is a niche segment under the tour organizer segment. People enjoy fishing of vacations and leisure times. And you can earn a lot of extra money in time of helping others. You can offer both the individual trip and group tour.

#33. Photo Studio

Photography is actually catching beautiful moments or events for your clients. And people love to get beautiful photos of the memorable incidents of their life. Therefore, photography is a multi-million dollar industry worldwide. Read more…

#34. Restaurant

Actually, the restaurant is one of the most profitable business in the food retail segment. Also, it is an easy business to start. Some of the most crucial aspects are startup investment, business planning, menu, and tariff selection and finally marketing.

#35. Seafood Restaurant

A restaurant that serves only seafood items comes under this segment. Actually, seafoods are very popular in the coastal areas. Also, people prefer to taste different items in time of visiting those places. You can sell other normal food items also from that restaurant.

#36. Travel Agency

The average people want to see the other parts of the world and they need the help of travel agents to book their hotels and travel packages. The need of travel is not only comes to have pleasure holidays but also for business reasons. Read More…

#37. Tour Guide

This business is all about sharing the information about the places to a group of the people in an entertaining way. An aspiring individual, living in a tourist place, having good communication skill can initiate this self-rewarding venture. Read More…

#38. Vending Machine

If you want to start a retail business with small capital investment, then you can initiate a vending machine business. Selecting the right location and right product are the most crucial aspects of this business. Also, you can consider starting as a franchise partner of a reputed company. Read More…

#39. Water Park

Basically, a water park is an amusement park that offers water-themed games. Some of the most popular activities are swimming pools, water slides, splash pads, water playgrounds, and lazy rivers. Initiating a water park requires a wide area with a lot of investment.

#40. Welcome Center

Generally, people visit welcome centers to get the maximum information about a particular place. Such as good hotels, restaurants, bus timing, markets etc. So, initiating a welcome center just a great business you can consider starting in the tropical islands.