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Top 10 Websites Offering Freelance Writing Jobs

    Are you searching for the best sites for freelance content writers to make money? If so, you have landed in the right place. There are plenty of websites offering freelance writing jobs on the internet. However, finding legitimate sites paying good money can be a difficult task.

    If you are a beginner and looking forward to starting a career in freelance writing, the biggest hurdle is to find a few clients. The first thing you must do is cold pitching. Contact bloggers, and small business websites, and tell them you can write articles that can help in growing their businesses. Subsequently, visit the following freelance writing job sites and apply them with your testimonials.

    10 Websites Offering Freelance Writing Jobs

    Find below the top 10 websites where you will find high-paying freelance writing jobs:

    1.  Fiverr

    Fiverr is presently the largest marketplace for freelance jobs. One can get jobs done for as low as $5 per gig. If you are a beginner in the online freelance marketplace, Fiverr can be the best starting point.

    Joining Fiverr is easy and completely free. You just need to sign up for free and create your gig. Getting positive reviews and feedback is vital to getting more freelance writing jobs.

    Fiverr does take commissions for the services provided. They take 20% of the total billing. The rest 80% is yours.

    2. ProBlogger’s Job Board

    Problogger has been an authority on blogging for a long time. Problogger runs a job board that advertises jobs from companies worldwide. The advertisers pay well for writers.

    3. LinkedIn

    A lot many people do not know LinkedIn has a job board. An existing or a new Linkedin profile can be helpful in this case. If you are one such account holder on this site, you can easily search for new prospective recruiters. In certain cases, if you want to work remotely and the job suits your profile, go for it.

    You just need to put the word writer to find the list of job offerings pop up.

    4. Flexi Jobs

    This portal is maintained by blogger Sophie Lizard. She encourages bloggers to write about anything they like to. Various categories are filtered for bloggers to write on food, travel, recipes, etc.

    5. Freelance Writers Den

    To get writing jobs from Freelance Writers Den, you need to be a paid member of the community. They have a job board with tons of writing opportunities. Though the job board is currently closed, you can sign up as a waiting member.

    6. Craigslist

    This site cannot be ignored for the fact that it posts available positions for good freelance writers. It is the writer’s gut feeling that leads to the right legitimate and that requires content writers.

    7. Job Board

    You may be a new perspective job hunter or one with experience. In certain instances, prospective job openings from sites like Craigslist, Indeed, etc can be consolidated to meet your requirements. Some filters may be used to remove vague job profiles that do not narrate the job well.

    8. Upwork

    Upwork formerly Elance is one of the world’s largest freelance services marketplace for freelance job opportunities worldwide. You will find plenty of freelance writing job opportunities depending on your experience and expertise.

    As a freelancer, you will need to pay a service fee of 5% to 20%  based on the billing amount.

    9. Constant-Content

    Constant-Content is an online writing marketplace for serious content writers. Anyone who is interested in joining constant content as a writer will have to go through an admission process. The payment is also bigger as the site serves mature clients.

    10. Media Bistro

    If you are looking for writing jobs in the field of journalism and copywriting, media bistro provides a lot of opportunities. This job board works well for writers looking for full-time writing or editing job assignments.

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