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How to Start a Profitable Window Cleaning Business

Do you want to start a window cleaning business? Find in this post a detailed step by step plan guide to starting a career in cleaning windows.

The window cleaning or window washing business is actually providing professional window cleaning service to homes or business houses with little hard work and a small investment. One can get started in the window cleaning business and expect handsome revenue in a mid-sized city.

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Here are the 10 Steps to Start a Window Cleaning Business

Starting a window cleaning business does not require much training, costs, or skills. However, to make it a profitable business venture, you must follow certain steps. Here are the following:

1. Why Start Window Cleaning Business?

The main reasons for recommending window cleaning business manifolds. Firstly the profit margins are high and secondly, it is a cash business. You get paid by the customers right after the job is finished. In addition, the overhead costs are very low compared to other service-oriented businesses. The business also provides you recurring revenue earning opportunities.

However, one must conduct exhaustive market research to understand the market potential of the local market.

2. Learn the Skills

There is no formal training or even on-job experience necessary in starting a window cleaning business. There are plenty of online tutorials available about the techniques involved with window cleaning.

You can avail of specialty and technical training which will also cover health and safety guides. This is really important to get yourself fully trained up and learn the skills required including the usage of cleaning apparatus.

3. Get your Business Legally Legitimate

As a startup first you need to decide the business structure of your firm. In starting a window cleaning business, it is advisable to register your business as a sole proprietorship, partnership, or limited liability partnership. Check with local authorities about the requirement of licenses, to start and run a window cleaning business, if any.

4. Name your Window Cleaning Business

Choose a catchy and relevant name for your cleaning business. In addition to this, check whether the domain name is available or not related to the name you have decided. Check this article to know more about naming a business.

5. Create a Business Plan

It is important to craft a detailed business plan prior. A business plan will help you in figuring out the business feasibility and will also help you in arranging finance. Decide about the pricing of the services you provide to customers.

To figure out the rate, consider whether you will be charging by the hour or by the window and also the size and the location of the windows. Determine your business objective and marketing strategy.

Calculate your startup budget with equipment, manpower, and advertisement cost. Calculate an expected revenue return. Start small but plan big.

6. Arrange Finance

If you are funding your business of your own or from people you know, you can skip this chapter. However, if your business needs funds, the business plan will be critical. Approach banks with your business plan and pitch for funding. You can also approach alternative lenders if your credit score is not below par.

7. Equipment & Setup to Start Window Cleaning Business

You will need to have some basic supplies to get started. If you are starting as a beginner,  all you need is a sixteen-foot and a twenty-four-foot along with some squeegees, strip washers, razors, scrapers, soap solution, bucket, extension pole, etc. As a starter, you could get started with as low as $200.

At the initial phase, no space as such is required. You will definitely need to have a computer and a phone. You can initiate the business just from your home location.

If you want your business to succeed, you need people who are passionate about doing a good job and will give your company the positive image you want. A great way to get the best out of your staff is to gain your own experience undertaking the various tasks within your business.

Knowing how to do each job means you’ll be able to train your staff easily, and also gain an understanding of how long each activity should take.

Listed down are some of the basic equipment needed for commercial window cleaning:

  • Squeegee handles, channels, and rubbers
  • T-Bars and sleeves
  • Extension poles
  • Scrapers
  • Cleaning solutions
  • Buckets
  • Towels
  • Belts and holsters
  • Ladders
  • BIlling software

8. Cost of Starting a Window Cleaning Business

You don’t need much capital to start a window cleaning business. doesn’t require a huge amount of capital. If you have one transport van, one can start this business even at $500. Much of the initial cost will revolve around procuring licenses, uniforms, and some basic tools to do the window cleaning job.

9. How Much You Can Earn as Window Cleaning Business Owner

According to the Labour Bureau of Statistics, the average median income from the window cleaning business in 2016 ranges from $20000 to $ 40000 per year.

Concentrate on commercial clients. Because they have the windows cleaned on a regular basis and therefore you get repeat business instantly.  Go business to business with a professional proposal form from your company, and a business card or professional flyer. Remember the image counts!

10. Promote your Window Cleaning Services

You will need to find clients obviously for your business. Keep in mind that people who can afford window cleaning, most likely the ones who live in expensive houses or in HIG complexes- should be your main target.

To grow your window cleaning business it is essential to create a professional and top quality image for overall success.

After every finishing off a job for your customer, keep in contact with them for the next order. You can go for referral discounts to the clients who book 3 to 4 orders one time subsequently within 6 months. It’s also a smart idea to contact property owners of a residential complex or commercial hubs as they often hire a pro to clean up the windows.

It is essential to develop a system to stay organized in the window cleaning business. Maintain a detailed schedule to make sure your arrival on time. Think about the appearance of yours and also your business. Project your professionalism in a time of scheduling and conversation with the clients. Keep your vehicle and yourself clean with branded clothing.

If you want to enhance your credibility among customers, do consider creating your own website. A website goes a long way in creating trust among customers. You can check our article on how to make a website of your own and claim the special discount offered to our readers.