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Top 20 Small Businesses in Connecticut to Start with Low Money

Do you want to start a small business in Connecticut? If you are staying in Connecticut and looking for small business ideas in Connecticut, find below a list of profitable business opportunities that can be started with less investment.

Connecticut may not be as developed as the other American states, but things have changed over the years. Connecticut has seen a huge developmental change offering the small business industry a major boost. In spite of its tiny size, it has one of the biggest populations with a very diversified market.

Potentially, the state has a lot to offer. With a sustainable business environment and friendly economic laws, you can establish a successful business in Connecticut if chosen the right plan. If you are planning to start a small business in the state, here are some of the most popular business ideas to start in Connecticut:

List of 20 Small Business Ideas in CT (Connecticut)

1. Tour Services

Connecticut is a famous tourist destination. The state is known for its wide regional variations. Being a hot spot for tourists, starting a tour service offering customized tours and local services can be highly profitable for any tourism-related business.

2. Real Estate

Connecticut has a growing real estate industry with vast development going on in the state. The real estate business in the state will offer both convenience and flexibility. It has been one of the highest revenue-generating businesses in the state in the last few years.

3. Tutoring Services

The state has a hugely growing population, so there is a demand for several courses. If you are good at something, you can start your own coaching service or tutoring service in Connecticut at your own convenience. If in the future you plan to expand, scale up gradually.

4. Consignment Shop

The market in Connecticut is quite diversified. It naturally offers demand for a variety of products. Nothing can be better than a consignment shop offering a combination of different products. Also, you don’t worry about production or distribution.

5. Custom Jewelry and Accessories

Custom jewelry is quite famous in Connecticut. If you are someone who can design custom jewelry well, accessories have a huge demand in the market. You can even use recycled metals, sterling silver, and paper to make your jewelry.

6. Digital Printing Business

The printing business requires a considerable amount of investment. The setup costs may be high, but the business is quite profitable in long term. If you are planning to start a sustainable business in Connecticut, digital printing can be a viable choice.

7. Charter School

Charter schools are funded by the government, so all you need to do is find a unique idea to teach children. The schools are generally licensed by the state, and your management will run them. The education sector in the state is well developed, so you won’t face any hassle establishing a charter school in Connecticut.

8. Billboard Business

The state has a number of regulations for billboards and outdoor adventure. In spite of being a very profitable business, you have to be very precise with the legality. It’s better to collaborate with some of the advertising agencies and work on a commission model.

9. Farming Business

With a perfect tropical climate, the state is perfect for a small farming business. There is a growing market for organic products, so you can either supply your organic vegetables or manufacture organic products with your vegetation. Both businesses are going to be very profitable in a few years.

10. Microbrewery

The microbrewery business may require a sizable investment, but it’s a thriving industry. You can experiment with the flavors and brewing processes as well. There is a demand for crafted beer all around the country, and Connecticut is also among one the top beer-consuming states in the USA.

11. Digital Marketing Agency

Companies are doing business online. As the competition is now on the internet, digital marketing agencies help firms to increase their sales online. You will offer services related to SEO, SMM, Online Marketing, Online Campaigns, Advertising, and more.

12. Homestay Services

Being a famous tourist spot, often travelers look for a reasonable place for a day or two. If you have a couple of extra rooms, renting them out would be very profitable. You can also offer add-on services like local tours and transport, and can even charge for the food.

13. Vending Machine Business

The market for vending and electronic machine-based food businesses is growing at a steady rate. Connecticut is yet to catch the vending fever, so it’s a perfect time to start the business. The market is wide and there’s a huge potential customer base.

14. Auto Repair Shop

With so many cars and automobiles around, there are hardly any shops offering quality service in the state. You can either buy a franchise of any successful chain or start your own repair shop offering all auto-related repairs and services.

15. Dry Cleaning Service

Laundry and dry cleaning services can turn big in the state if planned properly. The business will need timely investment and has an ever-growing market. As long as people are going to stay lazy, you will keep making money.

16. Private Security Firm

Companies and residences now need these firms to offer extra protection and security. The growing crimes have been adjudged to the demand, and it’s an expanding business. Also, you can offer customized services such as cybersecurity, CCTV, and more.

17. Cake Shop Business

With several bakeries experimenting with their products, the cake shop business has seen a major rise in recent times. With so many cake lovers in Connecticut, a cake shop may work wonders for you. But remember to get the flavors and textures right.

18. Advertising Agency

There are several small and large-scale companies operating in the state. While the large ones have their own advertising teams, the small and medium-scale companies are a potential market for agencies. All you need is a good creative team and a few licenses.

19. Smartphone Repair Shop

Smartphone servicing and repairs are in high demand throughout the state. With so many smartphones around, users are in need of good repair shops. If you can offer services and repairs at reasonable rates, this business can turn profitable in a very short span of period.

20. Processed Food Business

Retailers often prefer processed foods due to their longer shelf lives and convenience. Processed foods are easy to produce and have a wide-scale market. You have to set up your production facility or use an outsourcing unit to produce your processed products.

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Best Places To Start A Business In Connecticut

Choosing the right location is going to be very important. Here are some of the best places in Connecticut to start your business:

  • Stamford
  • Norwalk
  • Danbury
  • Fairfield
  • West Hartford
  • Waterbury
  • Milford

Connecticut is famous for its wide-scale small businesses. The small business industry makes up 97 percent of the state’s total businesses offering a very friendly business environment for new entrepreneurs.