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How to Start Outdoor Advertising Consultant Business in 5 Steps

An outdoor advertising consulting business is all about advising your client about advertising the product or services publicized outdoors. This type of advertising activity offers visual marketing with its attractive and original means of communication.

Outdoor advertising is a vibrant and diverse medium that allows a unique spectrum of creativity for designers to work with. The challenge for a consultant is to plan out the advert in such a way that it catches people’s attention in a split second. The content must be fun-making and interactive.

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When you are preparing an outdoor advertising plan for your client you need to be careful about the budget and expectations of the target audience. To start an outdoor advertising consulting business you need to have a creative mind with adequate media knowledge.

5 Steps to Start an Outdoor Advertising Consulting Business

An outdoor sign on the outer wall of the business location, hoardings, and billboards, bus benches, interiors, and exteriors of any kind of vehicle, events, stalls, kiosks are effective means of outdoor advertising.

As an outdoor advertising consultant, you need to understand first the client’s requirements. When it comes to brand building or launching any product or service you need to plan out accordingly within budget.

When a company wants to make a long-lasting visual impact on a large audience you need to care about the spectrum of colors, fonts, styles, and catchline.

1. Business plan

According to your area of expertise determine what type of services your company will be offering. Who will be your target customers? Calculate your startup budget including establishment cost, staffing, and working capital.

A detailed business plan is an important tool to have before starting the business.

Some of the basic topics your business plan must address are the following:

  • Startup & recurring costs
  • Target customers
  • Pricing strategy
  • How do you plan to reach customers?

2.  Register your Business

It is essential to register your outdoor advertising consultant business if you want to run a hassle-free legally compliant company.

Talk to a local attorney or competent authority and learn more about the different legal company structures that are been offered. Select the one that suits you best as per your resources.

For example, if you are from the United States, forming an LLP provides business owners with certain added benefits like protecting their personal assets from business assets.

You can form an LLC of yourself or hire a professional LLC company formation service provider paying some extra money.

3. Procure Licenses & Permits

The types of licenses to run an outdoor advertising consultant business will depend on the regulations set up by the local appropriate authority. It is advised to talk to a professional legally competent person and procure those permits as suggested by him.

4. Build the Team

Like any type of service industry, the success of the outdoor advertising consulting business hugely depends on its manpower. Hire skilled and knowledgeable professionals who have experience in media planning and design.

5. Get Clients

Like any consulting business, the main factor is only networking. Create a portfolio with the client’s testimonials. Make some business tie-ups with the companies that organize events.

Register your business with business trade associations. Create an informative business website with a blog. Go for some media publications.