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Top 25 Profitable Business Ideas in Argentina for 2024

Do you want to start a business in Argentina? If yes, you are in the right place. Here in this article, we list the most profitable small business ideas in Argentina for locals and foreigners.

The national market of Argentina is quite big. Along with that, the export potentials are high, especially from the agricultural sector. All these will help to start your business in Argentina and grow it.

In the diverse economy of Argentina, there are several profitable areas of business. You can start with any of these provided you do your homework well.

25 Small Business Ideas in Argentina

1. IT Services

The demand for IT services is growing at a high speed in Argentina. Hence start your IT services company in Argentina and earn a good profit.

As an IT service provider, you need to look after several areas of IT like software installation, system updating, customized software programming, data storage, cloud computing, cybersecurity, protection of the entire system against viruses, manpower training, and troubleshooting. Website and digital marketing of your company are very important for getting business.

 2. Business Consultancy

Argentina is a very prospective country for a business consultancy business. New business initiatives along with established ones need the service of business consultants. You can start your business consultancy company in Argentina and earn good money as your fees. I

n this service, you have different areas of operation like finding the right business area, market analysis, preparation of the business report, suggesting the funding sources, marketing services, etc. You will need good contact as well as online and offline marketing to be successful as a business consultant.

3. Marketing Services

Just like business consultancy, marketing services also have a great demand. If you have marketing exposure, you can start your marketing services company in Argentina. As a marketing consultant, you are supposed to provide both offline as well as online marketing services to your clients.

Making marketing strategies, client visits preparation of brochures and reports print and digital ad making, social media marketing, etc are the responsibilities of the marketing service provider. To be successful in this business, you have to market your company very well.

4. Accounting Services

Accounting services are a good business idea in Argentina. If you are a qualified accountant you can start this business. As an accounting service provider, you will give services like preparation of the financial report, profit and loss report, bookkeeping, bank reconciliation, viability reports, and financial analysis. A good network, as well as marketing, is essential for this business.

5. App Making

Apps of different kinds have great demand everywhere and Argentina is no exception. You can start your app-making business in Argentina if you have the skill and innovative thinking. In your company, you can make apps for different entrepreneurs as well as make apps for the general people about subjects like healthcare, beauty, child care, travel, e-commerce, etc. You need a good marketing strategy to succeed as an app-making company.

6. Online Teaching

Argentina has an educated workforce and there are ample opportunities for online teaching. You can teach many things online. On one hand, there are academics for school and college students. On the other hand, you can also give online teaching in various professional courses like web designing, graphic designing, programming, or personal grooming and marketing. Your business of online teaching can flourish in various ways.

7. Graphic Designing

There is a constant demand for graphic design in Argentina. If you are a trained graphic designer you can start your graphic designing company and cater to various sectors. These sectors are ad making, films, entertainment programs, and audio-visual presentations for corporate clients. It has a good income opportunity and with the right networking and marketing, you can earn a good profit as a graphic designer.

8. Website Design

The business world of Argentina needs a website designing service. To fulfill this growing need you can start your website designing company in Argentina and get good profit. You need a good website and marketing network to get to work. In a website designing business, you have to structure the website according to the profile and requirements of your clients. Along with that, you need to provide content services, SEO graphics, etc.

9. Content Writing

Content writing is a good business idea in Argentina. If you have a flair for writing you can write different types of content like web content, SEO, news content, etc. Online marketing, especially social media marketing is necessary for growing your business of content writing.

10. Organic Cultivation

Argentina leads the organic cultivation area in South America. Therefore organic cultivation is a profitable business in Argentina.

You have to know the details of organic cultivation before starting the business. Organically grown products get a higher price in the market and hence greater profit for you. Products like sugarcane, fruits, vegetables, or beans can be grown. You have to organize quick sales of the produce.

11. Vineyard

Argentine wine is very famous. Hence investing in a vineyard can be a good business option for you. Create a good network for selling the grapes growing in your vineyard. Keep a close watch on the growth of the grapes and use proper fertilizers and pesticides for good quality grapes.

12. Dairy Farming

Dairy farming is a profitable business in Argentina due to high local demand as well as export potential. You can start a dairy where cows will be raised and the milk to be sold. If you can invest more, you can also start a processing unit so that you can sell processed milk or milk powder. An efficient sales network is the backbone of your Dairy business.

13. Cattle Farm

Argentina is famous for its beef and pork production. Therefore starting a cattle farm can give you good profits. Rearing cows and pigs for meat is profitable. However, you have to follow the environmental guidelines and look after the health of the cattle carefully. Keep a vet in your close contact and payroll to address any health problem of the cattle.

14. Food Processing

Food processing is a booming industry in Argentina. You can start a food processing unit in Argentina and produce products like candies, chips, aerated drinks, fruit juices, or processed meat, fruits, and vegetables. They have a good demand in local markets, grocery stores, restaurants, etc. A well-planned sales and marketing strategy will be essential for the success of your food processing business.

15. Agricultural Equipment Manufacturing

The agriculture sector is very important in Argentina. Hence, a manufacturing unit for agricultural production is a very profitable business idea for you. You can manufacture small tools like axe or sickle. If you can invest more, start producing mechanized equipment like planters, tractors, etc.

16. Automobile Spare Parts Manufacturing

The auto parts industry plays an important role in the Argentine economy. You can also participate in this manufacturing business by starting your automobile spare parts manufacturing industry. Maintain a good sales network. You can also set up your sales counter for your manufactured spare parts. Good publicity is very important for this business.

17. Real Estate Agency

A real estate agency is a lucrative business in Argentina, especially in the urban areas as many people migrate to these areas for better opportunities. Start your real estate agency with a proper network with the owners or sellers of real estate along with the prospective buyers. Coordinate and connect the two parties and get paid by both of them. You can start an office or do business online. A blend of the two will be ideal.

18. Transport Business

Transport is an important sector in the economy of Argentina. Hence a transport business is a lucrative business for you. Renting cars for tourists or local people, bus service or heavy vehicles for the transport of industrial products or raw materials all the sectors of transport business are profitable.

You can start on a small scale with a couple of cars and gradually expand your business. A good network and personal contacts will help you in your transport business.

19. Bike and Bicycle Rental

Bikes and cycles are very popular in Argentina, especially in urban areas. Therefore you can start a bike and bicycle rental business. Rent out the vehicles on a per-hour basis. Add bike and bicycle repair service along with rental to earn more. Personal relations and publicity will be helpful in your bike and bicycle rental business.

20. Open a Restaurant Business in Argentina

Argentines are great foodies. Therefore you can earn a good income by opening a restaurant in Argentina. Serve good quality food and locate your restaurant at a busy place. Apart from local food popular fast food like Pizza, Pasta or Burgers, etc are quite popular in Argentina. Make the menu of your restaurant accordingly. Good publicity and marketing are essential for the success of your restaurant business.

21. Café

Just like restaurants, cafes are also very popular in Argentina. Hence start your café business and make profits. Good location, good coffee, and good décor these three good points that will help you get more profits. Serve tasty cookies, cakes, and snacks with coffee for greater footfall. Publicize your café both online and offline.

22. Start a Food Truck Business in Argentina

Food Truck is also a very profitable business in Argentina. Take your food truck to busy areas at different times of the day. Serve fresh and good food. Fast foods are the best choices for food trucks. Good marketing and presence at strategic points regularly will fetch you more income from your food truck.

23. Car Repair and Washing

Car repair along with car washing services is a good business to start in Argentina. Start your car repair and washing center and also have arrangements to provide mobile car repair and washing services at the customers’ place. This will give you opportunities to earn more. A good personal network along with publicity is important for your car repairing and washing business.

24. Tourism

Argentina is a favorite destination for tourists. Hence tourism is a profitable business in Argentina. You can start your travel agency business in which you take care of the entire travel program of the tourists from booking tickets, accommodation, sightseeing, etc.

Starting your business as a local tour operator or tour guide is also quite a profitable option. You will need good online and offline marketing for the success of your tourism business.

25. Salon

Salons have a great demand in Argentina. Hence you can opt for a salon business and earn a good income. A good location and comfortable ambiance are the first conditions of a successful salon. You need to appoint experienced and efficient beauticians and use beauty products from reputed brands.

Offer special discounts during festivals or on special occasions like marriage. Keep options of at-home cutting or beauty care which is much sought after now. Good marketing, especially online and social media marketing will help you to get more clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Argentina a Good Place to Start in Argentina?

Argentina is a rich country in terms of natural resources and diverse industrial development. Starting your business in such a country is a very good decision for you.

The economy of Argentina is the second largest among the nations of South Africa. Along with that, the human development index is also impressively high in Argentina. Hence starting your business in Argentina will enable you to take the opportunities of these advantages.

Argentina has a population where the rate of literacy and higher education is quite high. Hence you will get intelligent and efficient manpower for your business in Argentina which is a great advantage

What are the most attractive points to starting my business in Argentina?

Argentina is an affordable country where you can find a quality life at a considerably low expense. Moreover, the business environment is quite favorable.

What are the main industries in Argentina?

Some of the leading industries in Argentina are food processing, beverage, automotive, electronics, chemicals, steel, and textile.

What are the best cities in Argentina to start a business?

The top cities to start and run a new business in Argentina are the following:

  • Buenos Aires.
  • Córdoba.
  • Rosario.
  • Mendoza.
  • Tucumán.

What are the facilities I will get for my business in Argentina?

With the implementation of a new set of laws, you can now register your business in Argentina online within 24 hours. The government is also expanding venture capital funds and offering tax incentives. Your new business venture is highly encouraged by the government.

As you can see, there are many profit points to start your business in Argentina. Both the growing economy as well as the administrative system will welcome your business ideas. This means you will be on a journey of success through your business in Argentina.