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Best 25 Most Profitable Small Business Ideas in China for 2024

If you have decided to start your business in China, you have made the right decision. China is one of the leading forces of the global economy and that is why it offers you a host of opportunities to start a new business.

China’s economy has gradually transformed into a technology-based economy and that is why there are many opportunities for you to grow your business here.

The socio-economic environment of China is stable which is favorable for you to grow your business here. As the country with the largest population in the world, China offers you many customers in different business areas. This is an advantage in starting your business in China.

25 Small Business Ideas in China

1. Online Teaching

Online teaching is a profitable business idea, especially after the pandemic when regular classes have been suspended for a long time. If you are academically sound you can start an online teaching business in China. You can teach school children, and college students, or teach fine arts or vocational subjects online.

2. Export-Import

China is the biggest country in the area of both exports and imports. So you can start a business of export and import of different goods. You have to obtain the necessary licenses and permits for this business and research the demand for goods for export as well as import.

3. Herbal Healthcare Products and Cosmetics

The demand for herbal healthcare products and cosmetics is rising in China. One can take this opportunity and start your herbal healthcare products and cosmetics business. You can set up your manufacturing unit and distribute your products in various shops and markets. However, you need to have good knowledge about herbs and the manufacturing process.

4. Online Food Delivery

In a large country like China, there is always a demand for food. You can start your online food delivery business where you will take orders online and deliver food to the doorsteps of the customers. One needs to be very careful about the quality and taste of the food along with the safety standards and contactless delivery.

5. Open an Old Age Care Business in China

The aged population in China is considerably large and therefore, old age care is a good business idea for you. You can work as a caregiver for a senior citizen taking care of him/her and looking after his/her daily needs as well as special requirements in case of bed-ridden persons or dementia patients. If you have capital, you can also start an old age care center or assisted living facility.

6. Financial Consultancy

Financial consultancy is a great business idea in China as there is a stable and prosperous economy. You can start your financial consultancy business for individuals as well as companies. Under this service, you will provide tax consultancy, investment options, and financial analysis along with risk management and insurance.

7. Online Grocery

Online grocery delivery service is a good business idea in China. People having their brick-and-mortar grocery shop will have an added advantage. You just need to create a website collect orders online and deliver them to their doorsteps. Furthermore, you can also make an app of your store by which customers can order from your store.

Additionally, focus on selling some out-of-the-box items like organic fruits and vegetables, micro greens, or herbal products to earn more profit.

8. Start a Processed Food Business in China

Processed food has a great demand worldwide for its storage facilities and as a hassle-free food item. Making and selling processed food is a lucrative business idea in China. You can set up your processed food manufacturing unit and supply the manufactured food items to different grocery stores or supermarkets. You can also sell them online through your network.

9. Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is very effective in China. If you have good communication as well as convincing skills, you can start your business of direct marketing in China. There are different methods of direct marketing like emails, messages, brochures, flyers, catalogs, etc. You have to design them with a personal touch and creativity to make direct marketing more successful.

Otherwise, you can join as an independent business distributor with a reputed direct marketing company.

10. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is another profitable business in China nowadays. As a digital marketing consultant, you can chalk out the plan for the online marketing strategies of a company along with the SEO-optimized content of the website and the digital ad materials. The digital marketing business also involves the marketing network in the local social media.

11. Online Games

If you are skilled in software development you can create online games which are much sought after, especially by the younger generation. China has a big gaming industry. Therefore you have good opportunities for earning money by designing online games.

12. Coffee Shop

Coffee shops have a universal demand and people of all age groups prefer to hang out, hold small meetings, or chat in a coffee shop. A coffee shop is a good location that can earn you good profits. Serve good coffee along with some favorite snacks and savories at your coffee shop. Keep a close eye on the décor, and cleanliness of the coffee shop. Make good publicity for the coffee shop for more customers.

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13. App Making

App-making has become a very prospective business idea in China. For creating a successful app, it is essential to understand the needs of the people. If you know to code, the business of app-making will give you a good margin. Be innovative and try to make user-friendly apps.

14. Agricultural Product Marketing

Agriculture is a dominant factor in China. That is why agricultural product marketing can be a very good business idea for you. You can market different kinds of agricultural products from cereals to fruits and vegetables throughout the country. Buying from the farmers and selling them to different markets and stores is a prospective area of the agricultural product marketing business.

15. Household Items Manufacturing

Household items have great demand in China. Therefore household items manufacturing is a good business idea for you. If you have the capital and know-how, you can start your household items manufacturing unit in China. These include kitchenware, tableware, storage items, etc. These items have a good export market also.

16. RPA Consulting

The use of Robotic Process Automation or RPA has become quite popular in China. Using RPA for business operations makes it more accurate, faster, and cost-effective resulting in better performance. If you know the basics and implementation of RPA, you can start your business as an RPA consultant in different business enterprises.

17. Accounting Services

Accounting services are a good business idea. As an accounting service provider, you can offer services like bookkeeping, regular accounting, preparing balance sheets, and financial advising. It has a good demand for big as well as small business enterprises. You have to be a qualified accountant for doing this business.

18. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are sought after throughout the globe. If you have managerial skills and an eye for detail, you can start the business of virtual assistants. You can do this business from home and serve several clients. This business has good income potential.

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19. Pharmaceutical Products Distribution

The pharmaceutical industry is a profit-making business in China. You can start your pharmaceutical distribution business in China. It needs a great amount of legwork and contacts. However, this business is very profitable. If you can arrange funds, you can also start your pharmaceutical business.

20. Jewelry Making

Jewelry making is a profitable business in China. Gold-plated jewelry has very good demand here. Therefore jewelry-making business will give you a good return. Try to be innovative in designing your jewelry and advertise your products well.

21. Bags And shoe Production

Bags and shoes have very good demand in China. Not only that, but they have a good export market also. This business is a profitable business idea for you. If you are skilled or have the knowledge of production and the required capital start your production unit. Build up a good sales and marketing network for the sales of your items.

22. Haulage Services

Transport of different goods from one part of the country to the other is a very common profit-making proposition in China. That is why the haulage business is a good idea for you if you have some exposure and experience in the transport sector and can handle the movement of heavy vehicles the haulage business is suitable for you. It will give you a good income.

23. Online Healthcare

Online healthcare services have become very popular, especially since the outbreak of the pandemic. If you are tech-savvy and have a good network with doctors, you can start the business of providing online healthcare facilities to people through doctor consultations and medical prescriptions. This can be done through video conferencing or a specific app. Considering the demand for it, the business of online healthcare will fetch you a good profit.

24. Telecommuting tools

After the pandemic, the entire work culture has changed with a large number of companies opting for telecommuting instead of regular office attendance. You can start your business with telecommuting tools for companies. These include web video conferencing, cloud service, virtual reality tools, etc. These things have a good demand now. Therefore you can start your business with telecommuting tools to earn good profits.

25. Online English Classes

Knowing English is a great advantage in China as the country does most of its work and communication in the Chinese language. That is why; online English learning classes can be a good business idea in China. You can teach spoken, written, and communicative English to people of all age groups ranging from school students to senior professionals. Charge your customer on either an hourly basis or on a course or module basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Government in China help in new business development?

The Government favors new ideas and business initiatives. The tax rates are also comparatively lower in China. There are many investors for business ideas in China.

What are the best cities in China to start a business?

Several cities provide excellent facilities to start a new business for young startups. Some of the major cities favorable to business in China are listed below:

  • Beijing
  • Shanghai
  • Chengdu
  • Xi’an
  • Hangzhou
  • Shenzhen
  • Guangzhou

Will I get good manpower in China?

There is no scarcity of skilled manpower in China. Chinese youth are both technically as well as academically skilled to participate in your business initiatives.