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Best 25 Most Profitable Business Ideas in Manchester

Manchester is a very suitable place to start a business. As a matter of fact, there are many advantages and plenty of opportunities for you to execute your business idea in Manchester.

Manchester will provide you with a moderate cost of living and excellent communication facilities. Hence you can easily develop a business idea in Manchester utilizing these advantages.

The city has an abundant supply of trained and qualified manpower which will enable you to hire good manpower for any of your business ideas in Manchester.

Manchester is a digitally superior city offering high-tech digital infrastructure for start-ups. Hence you can start your business idea in Manchester with good digital support.

25 Business Ideas in Manchester

1. E-Commerce

E-commerce is a highly profitable business in almost all cities. This is true for Manchester too. You can think of e-commerce as a profitable business idea in Manchester. Plenty of items can be sold through e-commerce like groceries, apparel, computer, peripherals, beauty products, medicines, etc. Choose your product after a survey. Get a good app made for your e-commerce business and set up an efficient delivery system.

2. Legal Consultancy

Legal consultancy has a good demand in Manchester. If you have a legal degree and experience, you start a legal consultancy firm as your business idea in Manchester. Try to find a niche for your firm, like estate laws, immigration laws, Brexit laws, etc. A website for your firm is necessary both for marketing as well as publicity.

3. Start a Recruitment Agency in Manchester

A recruitment agency is a highly profitable business idea in Manchester. Manchester has many students and several universities along with businesses and industries. Hence there is a good market for recruitment agencies. Open an online agency and send CVs of deserving candidates to different business houses. Making an app for your agency is a good business move. Along with that online marketing, publicity, and personal contacts will help you.

4. App Development

Developing apps is a great business idea in this age of digital advancement. Hence app development can be your profitable business idea in Manchester. Businesses of different kinds need customized apps and you have a great business opportunity in this sector. Innovative thinking good knowledge of programming and a great deal of digital marketing and publicity will help you in getting more business as an app developer.

5. Start an Event Management Company in Manchester

The busy city of Manchester hosts different kinds of events from corporate to social and soccer-related. Start your event management company here and enjoy high profits. Personal contacts and referrals play important role in getting clients. A website for your company is also necessary.

6. Catering Business

Sending home-cooked food to offices, homes or parties is a lucrative business idea in Manchester. If you are a good chef, you can earn a lot of profit from the catering business. Serve fresh and delicious food with customizations like vegan food, diet-friendly food, etc, and get more clients.

7. Start a Financial Consultancy Service

Financial consultants have a universal demand. Start a financial consultancy firm in Manchester and you have enormous prospects from this business idea in Manchester. The city has different kinds of business organizations which make your operational area large and wide. Focus on providing online services using the latest software.

You can give consultancy on investment, financial planning, tax planning, and other areas like making a business plan, checking viability, profit projection, etc. Online and offline marketing is important for this business.

8. Recording Studio

A recording studio with all kinds of sophisticated arrangements is a profitable business idea in Manchester. If you can invest in the setup, you will be able to recover it within a short span. Good contact with the advertising world and the music industry is the key to your success. A website of your studio and regular updates on social media is also helpful.

9. Home Support

The busy households of Manchester need home support services of various kinds like home cleaning, chimney or carpet cleaning, landscaping, gardening, etc. Start a home support service company and do one or more work for the households. This business idea in Manchester will provide you steady and sustainable income. Local marketing and publicity are important for this business.

10. Open a Fitness Studio in Manchester

If you are a fitness expert, start your fitness studio in Manchester and get paid high fees. This business idea is profitable as well as sought after in Manchester. Find a suitable location and invest in some experienced trainers, high-end equipment, and the cleanliness of your fitness center. Tie-up with corporate offices or soccer clubs can give you more business.

11. Microbrewery

Microbreweries are common in the entire UK as the region is famous for its whiskey and other drinks. Hence it can be a profitable business idea in Manchester. Get a first-hand idea of the brewery and start your microbrewery. You can sell your products to other shops, or start a small pub with a microbrewery. Both ideas are profitable. A good sales network is very important for this business.

12. Open a Café/ Coffee Shop in Manchester

Cafes are the choicest destinations for people of various age groups. That is why you can open a café or coffee shop in Manchester and earn a decent income from this business idea. A busy location, good quality coffee with some snacks, and a cool décor are your main elements for success in this business. You will also do well-planned marketing and campaign for getting more customers.

13. Freelance Writing and Editing

If you are good at writing and editing, freelance writing can be your profitable business option. This business has many advantages like flexible time, working from home, etc. Register yourself with your CV in various online portals that provide freelance writing assignments. Maintain the quality of writing or editing and the deadline to achieve credibility and more work.

14. Social Media Influencer

Social media now plays an important role in the marketing and sales of goods and services of different types. That is why the role of social media influencers has also gained immense demand. If you are well-versed in social media and its promotional techniques, you can start your business as a social media influencer and work for various clients. This business idea in Manchester needs a great deal of digital marketing and social media publicity.

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15. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is also an integral part of marketing for various products and services. If you have experience and exposure in digital media and marketing you can start this marketing consultancy as your business in Manchester. A website of your company, as well as personal contacts, will help to grow your business.

16. Affiliate Marketing

Start an affiliate marketing business in Manchester and earn high commissions by promoting other businesses. This has become a popular business idea and provides good income opportunities to the owners of websites. This business requires a well-planned marketing strategy and digital publicity.

17. Virtual Assistant

The concept of virtual assistants has gained much importance in recent years. You can start your business as a virtual assistant and get a high income by serving a multitude of clients at a time. This is a good business in Manchester and has a wide demand base. Digital marketing and enrolment in online job portals will give you more clients.

18. Start an Old-Age Care Business in Manchester

Caring for the aged is another highly profitable business idea in Manchester. You have several options in this business like opening a living facility for the aged, providing caregiving and other home services, or starting a daycare center for senior adults. Choose your option according to your investment capacity. All the options are profitable. Personal contacts, local marketing, and referrals will get you more clients.

19. IT Consultancy

IT consultants are much sought after in Manchester. If you are skilled in IT open your IT consultancy firm and earn a huge income. Apart from the regular consultancy of software development and hardware up-gradation, put more effort into AI, cloud computing, ransomware decryption, etc.

20. Babysitting

Babysitting is an age-old but much-demanded business in the busy city of Manchester. If you are a trained babysitter, you can start this business. To make your business bigger, you can start an agency of babysitters and assign them duties. Opening a daycare center for children is also a good option. You will need good and responsible babysitters for these businesses. Exhaustive marketing and referrals and word of the mouth publicity are important for this business.

21. Herbal Medicine Sales

Herbal medicines have a steady global market. Hence selling herbal medicines in Manchester can be a very profitable business idea for you. An authentic supply line is the most important factor in this business. You must sell medicines of reputed brands for getting more business. Personal networking with doctors and medical centers along with online and offline marketing will give you more business.

22. Waste Recycling

Waste recycling is an important aspect of all cities. Hence waste recycling can be a good and profitable business idea for you in Manchester. Try to build a niche for your business like e-waste recycling or factory waste recycling etc. Selling recycled products is profitable. In this business, you have to follow several rules and restrictions.

23. Real Estate Agency

Real estates are in high demand in almost all urban areas. That is why a real estate agency is a lucrative business idea in Manchester. Start an online agency and connect the sellers to the prospective buyers and get your payment through commission. Good contact with builders and architects is vital for this business. Digital marketing and social media publicity will get you more clients.

24. Interior Decoration

Are you a trained or experienced interior decorator? If yes then think of starting an interior decoration company as your business idea in Manchester. With houses, offices, and other establishments being made regularly, you can get good business opportunities. A website of your company, online and offline marketing along with good personal contacts and referrals will get you many clients.

25. Photography

Photography is a very profitable business in Manchester. You can choose from among several branches of photography like tourist photography, news photography, corporate or social events, fashion, sports, etc. Selling your stock photographs can also be a good option. A good camera, computer, processing facilities, and your aesthetic senses will get you more business. Strategic marketing and personal contacts are essential for this business.

Manchester provides you with many openings. Hence you can achieve success in any kind of business idea in Manchester.