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25 Most Profitable Franchise Opportunities under $10000 in 2024

Want to start a profitable franchise business with a low budget of under $10k? If so, find here in his article a selected list of franchise opportunities under $10000 that can fetch good profit returns.

The franchise business has its benefits. It provides training and support of different kinds. Moreover, you need not be experienced in related fields. There are different budgets for franchise businesses and you have to choose the type of business according to your preference and affordability. The franchisors in most cases offer continuous support in operations as well as sales and marketing. Hence it becomes easier for you to grow your business.

Franchise business in most cases is flexible and you can do business at your convenient time and often from home. That is why the franchise business is preferred by many. There are many franchise opportunities under $10000 in the USA that can be started to make a good profit.

25 Franchise Opportunities under $10k

1. Java Dave’s Coffee

More than 40 years into the business, Java Dave’s is a quality supplier of mochas and lattes, cappuccinos, and cocoas. It began as Dave’s Neighbors in Oklahoma and supplied coffee in offices. The franchise began in 2000.

There are three categories of franchises offered by Java Dave’s.

License Package C costs $499.95: It gives you a training CD, License Kit, Java Dave Logo, Drinks recipes, and guide to Java Dave’s coffee beans.

License Package B costs $2495: It gives you all the items of package C along with the Menu Board, Java Dave’s logo, and “welcome” signs. Drink poster set, Small wares Set, 4 Java Dave’s t-shirts, and Java Dave’s products worth $1,000

License Package A costs $3495: It gives you all the items of package B plus one-day training under Java Dave expert.

2. Eazi-Sites

Originally from the UK, the Eazi-Sites franchise is now available in the USA. It is a website development training portal that enables website development without the knowledge of coding.

The minimum cash investment for Eazi-Sites is $10000. It gives a two-day live training program. 6 weeks of one-to-one mentoring is also provided along with access to live business webinars, templates, customized development services, and e-mail and telephonic support.

3. Vernon Street Capital

Vernon Street Capital began its operation in 2008 as a financial company in Santa Barbara. In 2009 it started providing training to people in financial products and services so that they can start their financial businesses. It has 570 units.

The total investment needed for the Vernon Street Capital franchise is $5995. They provide training, support, and funding required to start a financial business. The training includes areas like Residential loans, Business loans, Commercial loans, Equipment financing, Credit score improvement, etc. Ongoing support is provided to the Affiliates.

4. Moms on the Run

Moms on the Run is a fitness program for women that started operations in 2008 in Forest Lake Minnesota. It started franchising in 2012 and has more than 50 franchises. The company provides one of the most lucrative yet cheap franchise opportunities under $10000 in the fitness industry.

The minimum investment required for the Moms on the Run franchise is $6,370. It provides 6 hours of classroom training, ongoing support through newsletters, Meetings/Conventions, and Toll-Free lines along with support on-site selection, and proprietary software. Marketing support is provided in the areas like website development, advertisement, social media marketing, SEO, etc.

5. Coffee News

Coffee News is a territory-based weekly magazine that carries news and information on the restaurants and coffee shops of that area and is distributed free at hotels, restaurants, and coffee shops. Revenue from this advertising service is earned through ads.

It was founded in 1988 in Manitoba, now headquartered in Maine. Franchise services began in 1994. There are approximately 600 franchises of Coffee News.

The initial franchise fee for Coffee News is $9,500. It provides 27 hours of classroom training, 8 hours of on-job training, a Mentor Program, Ongoing support, and Marketing support.

6. Stay Safe Vending

Stay Safe Vending Machine provides PPE like Masks, Gloves, Sanitizers, etc. It is based in New York.

The minimum franchise fee for Stay Safe Vending Machine is $10000. One franchise can operate many vending machines. They can be placed at Offices, Shopping Malls, Schools and Universities, Supermarkets, etc. It is among the low-cost franchise opportunities under $10000.

7. Poop 911

Poop 911 is a pet waste removal service that operates in residential areas, offices, parks, etc. The company started in Dallas in 2005. It has approximately 100 franchises in the USA.  It is one of the most profitable franchise opportunities under $10000 in the pet cleaning industry in the country.

The minimum franchise fee of Poop 911 is $3,620 and the working capital is $1,250. Primary requisites of the franchise are a smartphone, computer or tablet, vehicle, and a Clean Background Check. The franchise is provided with software for Customer Signups and Customer Scheduling, Billing and credit card processing, Daily Route Optimizations for Staff, and Payroll processing. Along with that, they are provided with social media marketing, website development, training, and uniform and equipment support.

8. Town Money Saver

Town Money Saver is an advertising service that was founded in 1992 in Lucan County Ohio. It started franchising in 2005 and has 44 units at present. It is a monthly direct-mail advertising flyer delivered directly to consumers and advertisers. Revenue is earned by selling space to advertisers and repeat business.

The minimum initial investment needed for Town Money Saver is $5,700. Each franchise is given a zone or particular area. It provides classroom training of 16 hours and on-the-job training of 24 hours. Additional training is also provided through online classes. Continuous support in the form of newsletters, Meetings & Conventions, Toll-Free Lines, Online Support, Field Operations, etc is provided. Marketing support like e-mail marketing, social media marketing, website development, etc is also provided.

9. N2 Publishing

N2 Publishing or Neighborhood Networks Publishing Inc. was founded in 2004 in Wilmington, NC. It started franchising in 2016. At present, there are 882 franchises of N2 Publishing. It is a customized local publication that connects people in the neighborhood and customers with businesses in that area. Franchises get income based on selling ads, gathering content, etc. The more he/she can sell ads, the more is income.

The investment needed for N2Publishing is between $975 and $9,800. The franchise will be provided 16 hours of classroom training with ongoing support in the form of Newsletter, Meetings/Conventions,

Support like online, field operation and marketing support are provided by the franchisor to the franchise owners. The magazine is produced by N2.

10. Kwik Dry

Kwik Dry Total Cleaning is a cleaning and maintenance company that provides cleaning services like Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery and Mattress Cleaning, Tile and Grout Cleaning, Wood Floor Cleaning, etc. It was founded in 1995 in Toledo, Ohio. It has more than 15 units.

The minimum cash required for the Kwik Dry Total Cleaning franchise is $9,995. It will provide the franchise Kwik Dry Dealership Rights, Cleaning Equipment, Kwik Dry’s Branded Cleaning Solutions, Vehicle Graphics with Kwik Dry Branding, On-Site Training and Ongoing Support, and Multiple Revenue Streams, Kwik dry is among the most profitable franchise opportunities under $10000 in the cleaning category of businesses.

11. Baby Boot Camp

Baby Boot Camp is a special fitness program for mothers. It started its operation in 2001 in Florida and began franchising in 2005. At present, there are 119 units.

Baby Boot Camp franchising is given based on net worth and fitness training experience. The minimum investment is $6,120. It provides 14 hours of classroom training. Training programs are titled Strollfit, Strollga, 5K Training Program, and Nutrition Solutions.

12. Discover Magic

Discover Magic is a magic course meant for children between the ages of 8 to12. It was founded in 2015 and presently has 90 franchise units. It can be used in camps, enrichment classes, and many more similar activities.

The franchise fee for Discover Magic is $8000. It provides training, online support, marketing support, lessons, materials, and videos to conduct the course.

13. Krispy Krunchy Chicken

Krispy Krunchy Chicken is a fast-food franchise specializing in chicken items and used in different stores, supermarkets, malls, etc. It started in 1993 and has more than 700 franchises.

The franchise fee for Krispy Krunchy Chicken is $2,500. It will provide on-the-site training and retraining if required. Marketing and operational assistance will also be provided. Geographic or territory-based protection is given by asking for the franchise’s consent in giving the franchise to another operator in the same area.

14. Jantize America

Jantize America is a commercial cleaning service that started operating in 1988 in Charlotte, North Carolina. The company started franchising the same year. It has more than 150 franchise enterprises presently.

The minimum investment needed for the Jantize America franchise is $8,200. It provides classroom training and on-the-job training of 15 hours. Ongoing operational support and marketing support are also provided.

15. Super Glass Windshield Repair

Super Glass Windshield Repair is a dedicated service for repairing windshields. It was founded in 1993 in Orlando, Florida. It has approximately 336 franchise units.

The initial franchise fee for Super Glass Windshield Repair Franchise is $5,000. It provides on-the-job training and classroom training of 40 hours each. Additional online training is also provided, if necessary. Ongoing operational, as well as marketing support, are also provided.

16. Corvus Janitorial System

Corvus Janitorial System is a cleaning service company that was founded in 2010 in Chicago. The franchise also started the same year. At present, it has approximately 226 franchises in the USA.

The minimum total investment required for Corvus Janitorial Systems is $7,575. It provides training, sophisticated equipment, and cleaners, operational and marketing support. On-going training facilities are also available.

17. Back Massager

Back Massager is a vending massage chair. It can be placed at locations like beauty salons, shopping malls, airports, laundromats, and many other places. A back Massager vending chair began operating in 2010 and has 27 franchise units.

The franchise fee for Back Massager Vending Massage Chair is $1295 per chair. An investment of $1295 is also needed. Marketing and technical assistance along with location guidance are provided.

18. Sum Sanos

Sum Sanos is a weight management and wellness program. It was founded in 2018 in Moorabbin, Victoria. At present, it has 50 franchise units. It is a psychology-backed wellness program that increases energy levels, and performance and focuses on weight loss.

The cash investment needed for Sum Sanos Franchise is $9,950. It will provide detailed training along with academic materials along with marketing and business support.

19. Caring Hearts

Caring Hearts is a home care service facility provider for aged persons. It provides home care services like Companionship, Personal care, housekeeping, Errand services, Shopping, Escorting to appointments, Pet care, Entertainment, medication management, etc. It is an LLC and was founded in 2005 in Castroville, CA. The company has approximately 300 franchise units across the country.

The total investment required for a Caring Hearts franchise is $5,900 – $7,500. It provides 3-day training on a one-to-one basis. Marketing and operational support are also provided.

20. Tennis Time

Tennis Time is a kids’ sports business that is taken at local schools after classes. The company was founded in 2010 in Atlanta and started franchising in 2015. It teaches tennis and golf to school children between the ages of 3 to 10 years. It has more than 100 franchises.

The minimum investment needed for the Tennis Time franchise is $6,995. It provides training and operational support.

21. Techna Glass

Techna Glass is an auto glass repair and replacement service founded in 1991 in Salt Lake City, Utah. It started franchising in 2004 and has more than 21 units.

Techna Glass franchise needs a minimum investment of $6,500. It provides unlimited hands-on training, four weeks of business management, administrative, and technical training, a dedicated toll-free line, sales, marketing, and advertising support, etc.

22. Pajama Man Insurance

Pajama Man is an insurance franchise that started its operations in 2010 in Las Vegas. At present, it has 100 offices. It deals with different sectors of insurance like Health, Medicare, Life, Auto and motorcycle, Homeowners and renters, Natural Disasters, Personal and Business liability packages, Worker’s compensation, etc.

The franchise of Pajama Man needs an investment of $1,000 – $5,000. It provides exhaustive training, a regular support system through calls and webinars, and access to an online resource library.

23. Hey Buddy

Hey Buddy is a vending machine that supplies different kinds of pet products and treats like waste bag holders/refills, chew toys, plush toys, balls, flyers, food and treats purified waters, and hydration drinks for pets. It started operating in 2005 in Dallas and began franchising in 2008. It can be placed at pet parks, shopping malls, supermarkets, and other crowded places.

The initial investment for the Hey Buddy franchise is $4,195-$8,195. It provides one-day training at Dallas along with an operation manual and ongoing sales and marketing support.

24. TruGreen

TruGreen is a lawn and garden care service.  It has its headquarters in Tennessee. It began operations in 1965 and started franchising in 1993. TruGreen has more than 300 branches in the USA and Canada and is presently one of the most lucrative franchise opportunities under $10000 in the lawn care industry.

The minimum investment required for a TruGreen franchise is $9,500. It offers exhaustive training on lawn care, tree and shrub care, mosquito defense, etc along with ongoing operational and marketing support.

25. Travel Leaders

Travel Leaders is a travel agent that started franchising in 1984. Headquartered in Plymouth it has more than 300 franchise units.

The minimum initial investment for a Travel Leaders Franchise is approximately $5000. It provides 3 days of classroom training, on-the-job training, workshops, and ongoing operational and marketing support.

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