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Top 27 Franchise Under $5000 in 2024

The franchise business has its advantages, especially in the USA which is the birthplace of so many famous companies in different sectors. If you want to start a franchise business in the USA and can invest around $5000, there are plenty of options for you. Here in this article, we list down after detailed research the most profitable franchise opportunities under $5000.

The first advantage of a franchise business is that you don’t need to establish brand awareness of your business. It is already an established name in the market.

Most franchisors provide adequate training and marketing support to help you to start and establish your business.

There are many business opportunities in the United States that need less than $5000 as an initial investment. These businesses cover various sectors. Before investing in any of these, decide on the sector where you want to do business. Moreover research on the demand of that sector and the brand value of the franchise.

27 Franchise Opportunities in the USA under $5000K

1. Dream Vacations

Dream Vacations gives you a rare opportunity of becoming a travel agent working from the comfort of your home. The initial standard franchise fee is $10,500. However, you can start with $3,500 taking help from flexible financing. In addition, U.S. Veterans, and military spouses will get a 30% discount on the franchise fees.

Being a franchise of Dream Vacations you will get the opportunity of traveling, getting trained in person or virtually, and constant support from the Business Development Manager. You have to sell different travel packages, cruises to your clients and earn your income.

There are provisions of special discounts for veteran military personnel, retired First Responders, Community Heroes, Teachers, Medical Professionals, etc.

2. Cruise Planners

If you have some experience in the travel and hospitality industry, you can get a Cruise Planners franchise at $3995; with greater experience, the rate is as low as $695. You will get the advantages of training, marketing support, technological support, familiarization trips, first-hand experience of the cruise, etc.

It is among the popular franchise business opportunities under $5000 that you can start from home and as your business grows, you can hire persons under your team.

3. Jan Pro

Jan Pro is a famous chain of commercial cleaning and disinfecting agencies that provide excellent cleaning services at offices, hospitals, industrial establishments, daycare centers, schools, universities, stadiums, etc. They use eco-friendly products and customized cleaning services as per the convenient time and date of the clients. Jan Pro is among the most profitable cleaning franchise opportunities under $5000.

Since commercial cleaning is in high demand, you can take the franchise of Jan Pro. The minimum investment is $1250 and $900 for Jan Pro Development’s starter kit. You will also need a reserve of $1000 for an emergency.

You don’t need any experience in cleaning for the Jan Pro franchise. They will provide you with a certificate program that will teach you all the necessary skills.

4. Building Stars

Building Stars is a famous commercial cleaning agency in the USA. The unique feature of their service is that they clean only the office buildings. They offer facilities like nightly cleaning, carpet and floor care, and window cleaning, and use environment-friendly cleaners and equipment.

You can take the franchise of Building Stars with an investment of $795-2245 to start with. In this franchise, you will be given a starting list of customers. Apart from that, you will get on-job training of 1-5 hours and classroom training of 3-16 hours approximately.

5. 360 Clean

360 Clean is a renowned Janitorial and cleaning facility in the USA. They use the sophisticated and innovative Janimed Cleaning system that provides top-grade cleaning services in various ways like disinfection, prevention of cross-contamination, disinfecting indoor air, cleaning microfiber products, etc. They serve different sectors like offices, hospitals, daycare centers, industrial set-ups, fitness centers, etc.

For the 360 Clean franchise, you need minimum cash of $5000. They also have financing facilities. You will get on-job training of 9 hours and classroom training of 21 hours. Along with that, you will get marketing support like website development or social media marketing and ongoing support like Field Operations, Proprietary Software, etc.

6. GenCorp

GenCorp is a cleaning company in the USA. It offers a franchise that enables you to start your cleaning business with an investment as low as $1800. It gives you a name that is credible and marketable. Apart from that, you will get in-house training, a manual for running the day-to-day business, sophisticated tools, and equipment for cleaning, marketing, and campaign assistance, etc.

7. My Business Venture

My Business Venture will provide you with a customized domain of an e-commerce site that sells more than 5000 products of different kinds and reputed brands. You will get the advantage of free shipping for all items ordered through your website. The franchise fee is $3995.

With more than 25 years of experience in technology service, My Business venture will offer you facilities like 24-hour domain hosting, merchant account, and administrative services. Not only that, your customized website will be SEO optimized.

8. Jazzercise

If you want to invest in the fitness business, Jazzercise is a perfect and innovative choice for you. It is a blend of dance, strength, and power training with music and enables the workout of the full body. It started in 1969 in Carlsbad, California, and has more than 8000 branches worldwide.

The initial franchise fee for Jazzercise is $3,700. It will provide you with 6 hours of classroom training, 5 hours of on-the-job training along with more training through seminars.

9. Chocolate Moonshine

Chocolate Moonshine is a range of exclusive chocolates that can be created by the maker. They also produce Ice Cream, Sipping Chocolates, Frozen Blended Chocolate Drinks, etc. They have 80 outlets in the USA and 100 outlets around the globe.

You can start a Chocolate Moonshine franchise outlet as a stand-alone Store, in Malls, Festivals, Markets, Corporate Offices, etc. The franchise fee is $1500.

10. N2 Publishing

N2 Publishing is a customized publishing network that connects neighbors and business communities with their customers. Their publications target specific communities for the expansion of different kinds of businesses. The company has approximately 1000 franchises in the USA. The franchise fee is $570.

As a franchise of N2 Publishing, you are not just responsible for the sales of the publication. You have to find out businesses, and unique content and set up communication through events. Additionally, one will have flexible work time and you can work from home. Furthermore, the franchise will get 16 hours of classroom training and additional support as and when required.

More Profitable Franchise Opportunities under $5000

11. UGRU Coaching

UGRU is a coaching network that trains candidates in coaching expertise, business, and financial coaching. URGU will provide you with a 12-week training program and the franchise fee is  $1,999 – $4,800.

After the completion of training, you can start your financial training center, or start your business or marketing consultancy.

12. Space Walk

Space Walk manufactures children’s inflatable amusement objects like bounce houses, slides, and combos used for children’s parties or activity classes. In addition, the company has more than 40 years of experience in this sector.

The franchise fee for Space Walk inflatables is a minimum of $3500. You will get the Space Walk inflatables for rent, customized CRM to manage your business, a supply of leads through CRM, 3-day training, marketing, publicity, and SEO support.

13. 1040TaxBiz

If you are interested in the tax preparation business, 1040TaxBiz is a good option for you. With the franchise of 1040TaxBiz, you can start your business of tax preparation and filing returns with efficiency and ease.

There are different categories of franchises under 1040TaxBiz. It starts from $599 and reaches up to $2899 for the Ultimate scheme where you can receive a share of revenue and bonus from the referral clients. They will provide you with the necessary training and resources.

14. Wheelys

Wheelys café represents an innovative concept of eco-friendly organic café that sells different kinds of organic coffee in bicycle/bike cafes. It is a mobile café of a different kind. There are more than 800 cafes all over the world.

The franchise fee for Wheelys is $4500. You will get the necessary training and the specific bike café.

15. SocialOwl

SocialOwl is a profitable social media marketing platform. If you are interested in social media marketing, you can opt for a SocialOwl franchise. It is one of the fastest-growing marketing networks.

The minimum franchise fee is $149. You will get your domain with a branded website, Social media, online reputation software, portals of prospective clients, marketing material along with training and support.

16. Kinderdance International

Kinderdance International is a reputed name in providing education through dance, gymnastics, Yoga, and other motor activities. It is suitable for children from the age of 15 months to 12 years.

With the franchise of Kinderdance, you can conduct children’s activity classes, and camps or use them in parties, etc. The franchise fee is $5000. You will get free airfare and accommodation facilities for six-day training, online class registration, music support, gymnastics equipment, business cards, etc.

17. PerkUp

PerkUp is a digital loyalty and engagement business. It is a kind of digital marketing service that will bring more customers to the business and you will earn as a reseller. The franchise fee is $149.

You will be provided training on digital loyalty, sales, and marketing, geo-fencing, automated engagements, etc. You will get your marketing website and ongoing training and guidance through webinars.

18. Site Swan

If you are interested in web design and selling websites to business houses, you can take the franchise of Site Swan. It is a turnkey program that will give you access to Site Swan’s web-building skills along with training in sales and marketing.

The franchise fee is $149. Site Swan will give you local leads, your website, more than 100 designed templates, etc. You can charge any rate from your clients and the income is yours.

19. Life in Balance Careers

Life in Balance Careers is a neuro-change method of training people in different walks of life for better performance and way of thinking. In this franchise, you will be trained to become a master trainer and provide service to others. You can also give training to other trainers. The minimum franchise fee is $4450.

20. Starscapes

Starscapes provide an amazing range of painted ceilings depicting the star-studded sky. It is ideal for interior decoration and gives a different touch to the house.

This franchise will provide you with everything in a box. This includes the instruction manual, DVD, necessary equipment, and supplies. The minimum investment is $1995.

21. Sweep Surge

In Sweep Surge you will get access to the products email surge, SMS surge, and Insta surge, which will increase the customer base of businesses by email, SMS, and Instagram. You have to sell these products in your business name. This will fetch you money according to the rates you fix.

The minimum investment is $99. You will get technical support and completely white-label products. There is no profit-sharing. You can do the business at your convenience.

22. Six Figure Success Academy

Six Figure Success Academy is about selling online courses to interested candidates. You have to sell these courses through webinars and get a commission on the sale of each course.

The minimum investment required for this business is $1999. You will be provided with a specialist to conduct the webinars and get in touch with the influencers. No technical skills or prior experience is necessary for this business.

23. Speaking Roses

Speaking Roses is an innovative kind of expressing feelings or sending messages through flowers. It has a patented system of printing photos, monograms, logos, pictures, signatures, and icons on both artificial and fresh flowers for sending messages.

The minimum franchise fee for Speaking Roses is $4999. You will get training on imprinting flowers, the necessary tools, how to handle flowers and marketing support. It is, without doubt, one of the most lucrative franchise opportunities under $5000 in the United States.

24. Super Affiliate System

Super Affiliate System is a network of affiliate marketing that needs no prior experience or technical skill for joining. You only need internet access and you will start earning by promoting other company’s products.

The minimum franchise fee is $1999. You will get a 6-week training that will provide you with all the necessary guidance to start your business of affiliate marketing.

25. Jazzercise

Jazzercise is a fitness franchise that combines dance and strength training. The company was established in the year 1969. At present, they have 8,300+ franchisees teaching 32,000+ classes each week around the world. The franchise fee is $1,250.

26. U.S. Lawns

U.S. Lawns provides commercial landscaping services. The company was launched in the year 1986  and is now one of the fastest commercial landscape maintenance franchisors in the country. It is present in over 250 U.S. Lawns locations in almost all 50 states. The initial investment ranges from $33,500 to $81,750.

27. Home Gate Real Estate

If you are interested in the real estate business then Home Gate Real Estate is ideal for you. It is a cloud-based real estate brokerage service. With the franchise of Home Gate Real Estate, you can also grow your team.

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The minimum investment required for Home Gate Real Estate franchise is $3500. You will get training and support on marketing, lead generation, SEO, in-built CRM facilities, etc.


Can I start a franchise with no experience?

Most franchises offer complete training programs to help you get started. No prior industry experience is needed. However, having experience in any work activities is always a plus.

Are there ongoing fees for franchises?

Yes, most franchises require ongoing fees for marketing, training, and support. It is advised to talk to the franchisor before investing.

How long does it take to break even with a franchise?

This can vary depending on the type of franchise and the location. However, on average. it takes 2-3 years to break even and start making an actual profit.

Can I own multiple franchises?

It depends on the policy of the franchisor. Most franchise owners do not have any problem with any franchise owning multiple locations.

How much support will I receive from the franchisor?

Most reputed franchisors offer ongoing support. It includes training, marketing, and operational support.