Top 10 Profitable Fitness Business Ideas & Opportunities

Do you want to start a fitness business? Here in this article, we list down a list of best fitness business ideas that have the potential to bring in good profits.

Is Fitness Business Profitable?

According to the IHRSA, the fitness industry is at present worth more than $30 billion. The health and fitness industry in the United States for the last few years is growing at 3 – 4% annually. More than 20% of American citizens possess fitness club memberships.

The growth as per industry experts is expected to rise. One of the reasons for this growth other than rising awareness of common people is the coming up of low-budget fitness studios all across the country. There are many types of gym or fitness services that are popular among customers.

10 Profitable Fitness Business Ideas & Opportunities

Find below the best fitness business opportunities you can start with a small investment.

1. Fitness Center

The fitness industry is evolving very fast. Nowadays fitness centers are targeting niche customers. There are various types of fitness centers catering to different kinds of customers. It can be kids, pregnant women, elder citizens, young professionals, etc. If you decide to start a fitness center, it is important to find your target niche and select training programs accordingly.

2. Powerlifting Gym Studio

There are a lot many young people who look for to gym to shape their bodies and build muscles. These powerlifting gym studios are always in demand. However, you need to put in some amount of investment to buy the necessary equipment. In addition, you need to buy liability insurance, as there is a chance of an accident for members while using the equipment.

3. Start a Fitness Blog

People from all across the world search the internet for fitness and wellness tips. If you have a passion for writing and take a keen interest in fitness, starting a fitness blog is a good option. However, finding the right niche for your blog is critical. You can check our article on how easily you can start a blog and make money

4. Yoga Studio

Yoga is becoming popular and widely accepted among fitness enthusiasts all across the globe. It originated from India and is practiced for the overall growth of the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of a person. To be a Yoga trainer, you must go through training and get certified by a Yoga Guru.

5. Buy a Fitness Franchise

This option is ideal for people who is not a certified fitness expert but want to get into the fitness and health industry and make money out of it. The benefit of buying a fitness franchise from a reputed brand is that you don’t need to go through the hassles of building a fitness business from scratch. The franchisor is supposed to provide you all kinds of help in starting your fitness business.

6. Dance Studio

Starting a dance studio is another profitable fitness-related business to consider. There are many types of dance forms that help people in reducing weight and keep the body in shape. Identifying the target audience is critical to the dance business. You can specialize in providing dance training to children or adults.

The biggest investment in the dance studio business is creating the dance theme floor. It is estimated that a minimum investment of $10,000 is needed to start a professional dance studio.

7. Sell Fitness Equipment

The fitness equipment industry is growing. As more and more gym and fitness studios are starting to operate, the sales of fitness equipment are also rising. If you are interested in the distribution business, consider seriously investing in the business of fitness equipment selling, as it will certainly grow in the recent future.

8. Sell Health Supplements

The health supplement industry is one of the biggest industries presently. Over the internet, you will find lots of companies and reputed brands selling health supplements. You can tie-up with one of those brands and sell it to your local community.

There are some reputed direct selling companies like Nutrilite of Amway,  Herbalife, etc who look for freelance sales representatives to promote their health supplement products.

9. Start a Zumba Studio

Zumba studio is not another dance studio. Zumba is a trademarked private brand that provides training modules a combination of aerobics and dance forms. It includes salsa, mambo, and hip-hop.  A Zumba teaching license will cost you around $500 and start a full-scale Zumba studio will cost a minimum of $10,000.

10. Diet Planner

The demand for diet planners is increasing and is expected to grow in the coming days too. It is now an accepted fact, without a proper diet, remaining healthy and fit can never be complete. However, to be a professional diet planner, you must be a certified nutritionist.

The demand for professional fitness professionals is expected to rise in the coming future. If you are interested in entering into the fitness-related industry on small scale, we are sure the above-listed fitness business ideas and opportunities can be a big help for beginners.