20 Profitable Businesses You Can Start from Your Backyard

Do you want to earn some extra money from your home? And you are searching for small business ideas to start from your backyard? Backyard businesses are perfect for part-time small operation. As your business grows, you can expand as the full-time business.

Even if you want to start a full-time business from home it is possible with these backyard business ideas. Furthermore, these backyard business ideas demand comparatively small startup capital investment. In addition, you can start this type of business from any location across the globe. Regardless you are living in small towns, villages or metro cities.

However, you must apply careful consideration of local market research, business planning, and marketing aspects. Furthermore, this type of business demands tremendous discipline and dedication towards your business. Here in this post, I put 20 profitable small business you can start from your backyard. Check it out.

List Of 20 Profitable Business You Can Start From Your Backyard

#1. Alteration Service

If you have good sewing skill, you can start this business from home. Your main investment is a good quality sewing machine. Everyone wants to have a dress with right fitting. In addition, you can offer dressmaking service from linen.

#2. Backyard Nursery

This is a very profitable business. However, you must have a passion for gardening. With little cost and effort, you can grow plants that have the higher price.

#3. Belt Buckles making

This is also a very good business to start from your backyard. Many sports team, business houses, and other professions often create their own customized belt buckles with other apparel items like T-shirts, caps etc.

#4. Candle Making

Candle making is a perfect business for the people who have a passion for the craft. However, you must choose the right product. In addition, you must have a right marketing plan for decorative candles.

#5. Cleaning Business

This is a very profitable business. And the market is growing rapidly. You can start the business at home. A home-based cleaning business demands very less infrastructure cost. In addition, this business demands very few types of equipment to operate.

#6. Computer Assembling

Do you have good knowledge about computer hardware? You can start this business from home. However, you must have some basic knowledge about software.

#7. Consulting

Consulting business doesn’t demand any investment in fixed capital or in inventory. You can start this business with your specific knowledge and expertise. However, you must have good networking skill.

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#8. Fish Farming

A backyard small fish farm is a very profitable business. However, you must have knowledge of the integrated farming method.

#9. Graphic Design Service

Do you know about graphics designing? You can start a business from home. Your main investment is a computer, different software and internet connection. Furthermore, you can offer different types of services.

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#10. Home Appliances Renting

Home appliances renting is another lucrative opportunity. However, you will need to do a market research. In addition, you must identify a target demographic and their specific need.

#11. Interior Designing

An interior designing business offers various approaches to start. However, you must have the basic education in interior designing. This is a perfect business for men, women, and seniors also.

#12. Jewelry Making

This is a very lucrative home business for the people having a creative mind. However, understanding the current trends is important. in addition, You can sell the jewelry from local and online both.

#13. Mobile Car Wash

This is a very good business in the automobile sector. However, you must procure some tools and equipment to offer this service. This business demands a very small amount of capital investment.

#14. Mobile Spa

This is a very lucrative business for beauty professionals. Apart from a retail space, offering services at customer’s doorstep allows you to start the business with small capital.

#15. Photography

Do you know photography? And you enjoy photography? You can start a photography business from home. However, you must procure good quality camera and accessories to start a photography business.

#16. Rabbit Farming

Rabbit meat is very tasty. And it is popular among the people as an animal protein source. In addition, starting a rabbit rearing farm is possible from your backyard. Also, the initial investment is very less.

#17. Shrimp Farming

You can start shrimp farming with small capital. In addition, this business gives the quick return. However, you must have skill and expertise on shrimp farm management.

#18. Snail Farming

Snail farming business opportunity demands discipline and specific knowledge of modern technology. However, snail farming is the process of raising land snails specifically for human consumption.

#19. T-Shirt Printing

A small t-shirt printing business has the potential for high profitability. However, you must have knowledge about the current fashion trend. Customized t-shirts are very popular across the globe.

#20. Web Designing

Do you have web designing skill? You can operate this business from home. But you can deal with the customers worldwide. There are several online platforms where you can register yourself to get clients.

Apart from this list, you can start others businesses from your backyard. However, you must offer a product or service that has sufficient local demand.