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Best 25 Highly Profitable Business Ideas in Poland for 2024

Do you want to start a small business in Poland? If yes, you have landed at the right place. Here in this article, we have listed down a list of the most profitable business ideas in Poland that can be started with little money.

Poland has a strategic geographic location and there are plenty of skilled workforces. These are the points of advantage in your favor to start a business in Poland.

The transport network of Poland is excellent with highly developed roads, railway, air, and water communication. That is why; your business in Poland will have the benefit of transporting goods to different parts of the country or exporting them out of Poland.

Many business ideas can be successfully implemented in Poland. It is up to you to choose an idea and start making profits.

25 Business Ideas in Poland

1. App Development

Poland has a growing demand for app development. Hence you can start the business of app development in Poland. Develop different kinds of apps both for business enterprises as well as for people like a shopping guide, healthcare or fitness app, etc. Make the apps informative and attractive to get more users. Good online marketing of your app development services is important for getting more business.

2. IT Services

Its services are much in demand in Poland and you can start your IT services company to earn a good income. IT services include various services like system updating and maintenance, software installation, software development, network security, cybersecurity, software patching, virus protection, cloud computation, etc. Good personal networks and online marketing are necessary for the IT services business.

3. Virtual Assistant

If you have organizational skills you can start working as a virtual assistant in Poland. Many companies need the service of virtual assistants working remotely. Apart from that you can serve several clients together and can also work from home. You need good online marketing to establish your business of virtual assistants.

4. Business Consultant

Business consultancy is a prospective business idea for you in Poland. If you know the business and the economy you can start this business. You can be a business consultant for several types of businesses and new business initiatives. As a business consultant, you have to provide services like market analysis, profit and loss reports, financial reports, the viability of the business, preparation of project reports, etc. Good contacts and marketing will fetch you more business.

5. Online Teaching

Teaching is a very profitable profession in Poland. Amongst all the subjects, teaching English has the highest demand. Hence you can start your online teaching business in Poland and get a high income. If you are skilled in English, you can start English teaching. Otherwise, you can teach different subjects at the school and college levels. Well-planned online marketing is essential for your online teaching business.

6. Online Shop

Online shops are becoming more and more popular with time. Start your online shop in Poland and earn a good profit. There are various items that you can sell through your online shop. These include apparel, groceries, appliances, computers, handicrafts, and many more. A good app and excellent logistic support are needed to make your online shop profitable. Apart from that, you will need good publicity.

7. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a popular business idea in Poland. Hence you can also start a dropshipping business in Poland. Before starting your business decide the niche you will focus on. There are quite a few drop shipping companies in Poland selling different kinds of items. Research the demand and then start your dropshipping business. You will need a good online especially social media marketing network to get more clients for your dropshipping business.

8. Freelance Writing

You can start your freelance writing business as an online writer in Poland. There are demands for various kinds of writing like news articles, web content blogs SEO content, etc. You can get work from online platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, etc. If you can create a team, you can start a writing service-providing company. You need good online marketing and publicity for your online writing business.

9. Social Media Influencer

There is a very good demand for social media influencers in Poland. If you are social media savvy, you can start your business as a social media influencer. Different companies in Poland are now keen to hire influencers to increase their profit. You can start your company and work as a social media influencer for different brands. Good online marketing along with your active presence on social media is very much essential for your business as a social media influencer.

10. Digital Marketing

Start your digital marketing company in Poland and earn a good profit. With rapid digitization, the demand for digital marketing has grown quite high in Poland. In digital marketing, you are required to provide the services of Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Online Advertising, improving brand value building the website, etc. Your digital marketing company must have a good digital presence along with a website to get more business.

11. Open a Restaurant in Poland

The food business is a very profitable business idea in Poland. Hence you can start your restaurant in the urban areas of Poland to get a good income. It can be a Polish food restaurant or a multi-cuisine restaurant serving international food. Be sure about the quality and authenticity of the food you serve along with the décor and cleanliness of your restaurant. Word-of-mouth publicity and good marketing will fetch you more customers.

12. Start a Café/ Coffee Shop Business

Another part of the food business is the café. You can also opt for a café business in Poland. Serve coffee of different varieties and snacks and fast food. You can also add a bakery service along with the café for more sales and profit. Choose a good location for your café and have a good décor done. Advertising and marketing are very important for good income from your café business.

13. Food Truck

The mobile food truck is also a very profitable business in Poland. Hire a van with cooking arrangements and serve both local and international fast food. Remember, the food has to be fresh and tasty. Take your food truck to busy areas like offices, factories, or colleges to get more customers. Visiting the places regularly will make people recognize your food truck. That is one of the best publicities. Apart from that, you need to advertise through flyers, pamphlets, etc.

14. Liquor Store

The liquor store is a profitable business in Poland. Hence you can start a liquor store business. You can earn more if you can keep the store open 24×7. There are some necessary licenses and permits for opening a liquor shop that you have to obtain. Opening liquor shops near playgrounds or schools is restricted in Poland which you have to follow.

15. Event Management

The event management business has a good demand in Poland. Hence you can set up your event management company and organize different kinds of events like corporate events, school and college events, social events, etc. Marriage planning is also an important and profit-making part of event management. Good contacts and online marketing are necessary for your event management business.

16. Child Care

Child care is a profitable business idea in Poland, especially in urban areas. You can do business in different ways. Firstly, you can start an agency of childcare workers or nannies and send them to the households that need the service. In this business, you will earn commission from both sides.

Secondly, you can set up a childcare center where you can take care of several children. In the case of a child care center, you need a good and spacious location, skilled caregivers, and a clean and hygienic infrastructure. Personal networks and good publicity are needed for the childcare business as you must earn the trust and confidence of the parents.

17. Old Age Care

Old age care is also a good business area that is gradually becoming essential. Hence you can start a business of old-age care and start providing essential services regularly to senior adults. For disabled seniors, you need to give comprehensive care and assistance.

Start the business with your capacity and then scale up the business by hiring more caregivers to serve more people. If you can get funds, you can also set up an assisted living facility for aged persons. You need good marketing, your website, and goodwill to be successful in the old-age care business.

18. Fitness Trainer

Fitness is a sought-after area for a majority of people in Poland. Hence, if you are a trained fitness expert, you can start your business of fitness training. As a fitness trainer, you can provide training services to several people of different age groups and earn a good income. A good personal network and publicity are required to be a successful fitness trainer.

19. Swimming /Diving Trainer

Swimming or diving training is also a good business idea in Poland. If you are a trained swimmer and diver you can start a swimming training school at a school campus or a swimming pool with proper license and permits. Starting in a personal capacity, you can scale up your business by hiring more trainers for your school and giving training at different places.

20. Laundry Services

Starting a laundry service in a busy locality can be a very profitable business for you in Poland. The laundry business is more profitable in urban areas where people are very busy. Research the demand for laundry and the competitors nearby before starting your business. Strategic location, timely and good service along doorstep delivery of washed items are the key points to your success as the owner of a laundry. Good public relations and publicity are also necessary.

21. Home/Office Cleaning

The cleaning business is also very lucrative in Poland. You can start your cleaning business and offer home as well as office cleaning services. Disinfection and sanitization services along with cleaning will give you more income. You need a few hardworking and skilled assistants and some equipment and cleaners, disinfectants, etc for your cleaning business. Well-planned marketing is also necessary for your cleaning business.

22. Furniture Making and Repair

If you are a skilled craftsman, you can start a business of furniture-making, repair, and restoration in Poland. Making customized furniture for new apartments, repairing old furniture, and retouching and restoring traditional furniture to suit modern living are the key areas where you can operate successfully and earn good profits.

23. Fashion Shop

Fashion is a business area that never goes out of fashion. If you are a fashion designer you can start a fashion shop in Poland. Notice the popular fashion trends and the preferences of people of different age groups. Then design clothes as per trends or start a new trend by blending new elements with the trends. Fusion clothes and exclusive designs have good demand. It is your marketing skills as well as good publicity that will make your fashion shop more profitable. Social media publicity is also very important.

24. Tourism

Tourism is a lucrative business in Poland. You can start a tourism agency to cater to all the stages of traveling tourists. Otherwise, you can also work as a local tour manager or a tourist guide. You need to have certain licenses and permits for the tourism business in Poland. Website and online as well as offline marketing are necessary for this business.

25. Organic Farming

The agricultural farm is a lucrative business model in Poland. Therefore you can start an agricultural farming business focussing on organic cultivation as organic products have a good demand as well as price in the market. You can grow potatoes, beet, flax, apples, and other fruits and vegetables on your organic farm. Follow the organic farming methods strictly and arrange a quick sales network in local markets and supermarkets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to start a new business in Poland?

Yes, it is quite easy to start your business in Poland. The dynamic and fast-growing economy of Poland welcomes new business ideas and initiatives.

The stable economy of Poland is an ideal condition for you to start your new business in this country. It will give you a lot of opportunities.

Poland offers great economic freedom and the people have a good purchasing capacity. Hence you can start your business in Poland and get a lot of customers.

What is the Poland Prize?

Poland Prize is a Government initiative to attract foreign start-ups to Poland. It offers non-equity funding and seed funding facilities. It also offers technical and administrative cooperation.

Starting a business in Poland is easy. There are many opportunities and advantages. Now it is your call to start a business in Poland and grow it.