25 Highly Profitable Automobile Business Ideas

Do you want to start a small business in the automobile industry? If so, find here in this article a list of profitable automobile business ideas that can be started with low investment.

The automotive aftermarket is a vast and diversified industry globally. Car care businesses will continue to grow at a faster rate than the overall economy. Forward-looking indicators suggest there is plenty of opportunity for additional growth in the future.

The reason is the increasing population of vehicles. Another reason is the increasing number of average miles driven by an individual vehicle owner.  Here we accumulate a list of highly profitable automobile business ideas that will provide solid revenue and profit potential against planned business investment.

Here is a list of Top 25 Profitable Automobile Business Ideas

1. Mobile Oil Change Service Business

A person having a passion for the automobile industry and experience can start a profitable mobile oil change service business with a low startup capital investment.

2. Mobile Car Wash Business

Running a mobile car wash business is a smart way to make a lot of money without taking much risk of capital investment. The business also eliminates the requirement for a retail business location.

3. Automobile Service Station

One can start an automobile service station business in an urban or semi-urban city with also a stock of spare parts.

4. Tire Store Retail Business

Tire store business opportunity demands full control of inventory and some adequate knowledge about different types of tire that comes with a different unique number. One can start this business in a metropolitan city or in small towns.

5. Battery Reconditioning Business

A Battery reconditioning business is all about providing the service of restoring energy less battery to its full original capacity. It can be done by adding some chemicals and using some simple methods. As the vehicle population is growing and consumers are becoming more cost-conscious the potential of increasing this business is obvious.

6. Auto-Body Store

The auto-body store business is providing services of auto-body repairing and new bodybuilding as well as selling spare parts and accessories related to the vehicle body. As the numbers of the vehicle are growing, the business opportunity of auto-body store is also increasing globally.

7. Tow Trucking Service

A Tow Truck service business is providing services to help damaged or abandoned vehicle owners to wheel their car to the service station or to the desired parking destination. An individual having demographic ideas and knowledge about the towing arrangement for the breakdown vehicle can initiate this business with substantial capital investment.

8. Spare Parts Distribution

Spare parts distribution on the most profitable automobile business ideas. The margin is good enough. You can start on a small-scale focusing on a target niche.

9. Driving School

Establishing a driving school can be a self-rewarding and profit-making venture. An individual having a flair idea about marketing can initiate driving school business with moderate capital investment.

10. Automobile Magazine

Automobile magazine is one of the most profitable automobile business ideas. There is very good demand in the market. By focusing on a niche audience an individual can start this business with proper editorial and marketing infrastructure.

11. Auto Detailing Service

Auto detailing is the activity of thorough cleaning, restoration, and finishing of a vehicle to produce a show-quality level of detail. With a proper business plan, an individual can initiate this venture with moderate capital investment.

12. Car Accessories Store

A growing vehicle population is a reason that market opportunity for car accessories has also increased. Initiating a car accessories store is one of the most profitable automobile business ideas.

13. Vehicle Review Blogging

Vehicle review blogging is a home-based low-cost business idea that anyone can start. By this review blog, you will be helping individuals to make decisions about which car or vehicle will be perfect for them.

14. Headlight Restoration Business

Headlight restoration is one of the most profitable automobile business ideas one can start with a proper business plan. This business opportunity demands knowledge experience in electrical. By developing a proper marketing strategy anyone can make huge money out of this business.

15. Mobile Windshield Repairing

Mobile windshield repairing business can be initiated from a home location with low startup capital. With little inventory and low operating overhead costs, any individual can start this business with a proper marketing strategy.

16. Window Tinting Business

Window tinting business idea demands the professional skill of window tinting. One can start this business with low startup capital from a home location also.

17. Mobile Mechanic Service

Mobile mechanic service is providing a mechanic to help vehicle owners fix or service their automobile in their homes, offices, and even on the road when you are called upon to do so. This is one of the most wonderful automobile business ideas you can initiate with low startup capital.

18. Cabs for and by Women

Today’s unwanted crimes those are happened on the cabs ride, making women scared to have a cab for the long destination. In a city where population density is much higher, cabs for and by women business can be initiated with substantial capital investment and proper business planning.

19. Vehicle Registration Agency

While the number of vehicle populations is increasing day-by-day, the requirement of getting those vehicle registrations is also creating a huge market for vehicle registration agency business. You can initiate this business as an individual or by creating an organization with other value-added services.

20. Start a Small Transport Business with a Single Van

If you are short in budget, hiring or taking a lease of one van can open up a profitable automobile-related business. There are multiple ways to make a profit out of renting out a transport vehicle. It can be picking and boarding school students, packing and moving commercial goods, and many more.

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21. Used Car Dealer

The used car market is now growing globally. Usually, a vehicle sold 3 to 4 times throughout the whole lifespan. This creates a huge market for the used car dealer. You can initiate this venture by having a retail location and experience with used vehicles. In starting a used car dealer business, it is important to have knowledge about the depreciation assessment.

Establishing a used car dealer point is one of the most profitable automobile business ideas. However, the car dealer business requires reasonable capital investment and strategic planning.

22. Break Replacement & Repair Service

The break is one of the most important parts of vehicles. An individual can initiate a brake replacement and repair service business with low startup capital investment.

23. Multi-Storied Parking Lot

Growing numbers of vehicles increasing the problems of having space for parking in the major cities globally. Initiating a multi-storied parking lot for various types of vehicles like cars, trucks, etc. is one of the most profitable automobile business ideas.

24. Automated Car Wash Center

While some people want to get service from a mobile car wash company, some like the automated car wash center. Initiating an automated car wash business requires enough space and modern technical washing equipment.

25. Traffic Radio Channel

Generally, we get traffic updates from the FM channels. Establishing a radio channel dedicated to traffic updates is a high potential business for today’s world. Engaging the Government traffic professionals in your channel to keep the people updated will give your business an extra boost towards success.