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Best 25 Profitable Small Business Ideas in Egypt for 2024

Egypt along with being the land of the Pyramids is also a land of business prospects. That is why if you are planning to start a business in Egypt it will be a great idea for making wealth.

The economic conditions have improved to a great extent in the new millennium. Hence, you have several opportunities to grow your business here.

The infrastructure, as well as the communication system of Egypt, is well-developed which will help you greatly to develop and grow your business.

The Government along with the education system of Egypt gives great importance to entrepreneurship. This is a great advantage for you to start your business in Egypt. There are several prospective areas of business in Egypt. You can start with any of the following selected lists of businesses.

25 Small Business Ideas in Egypt

1. Tourism

Tourism is one of the main income-generating sectors of Egypt. Therefore tourism can be a very good business idea for you. The tourism business can have many areas. You can start your travel and tourism company, wherein you can provide total tourism services from ticket and hotel booking to conducted tours. On a small scale, you can start a business as a local tour operator or tourist guide. All the areas have a lot of income opportunities.

2. Start a Hotel Business in Egypt

The hotel business is a very profitable business idea for you since Egypt hosts millions of tourists. If you have a high budget you can start a big hotel. Otherwise, you can also go to a budget hotel or a small resort. There is a profit prospect for all of them.

3. Open a Restaurant

The restaurant business is an all-time profitable business. However, you have to maintain a good standard of food and do good marketing and publicity. Find a good location for your restaurant and plan a good décor. The restaurant attracts residents as well as tourists. Therefore you have a good chance of making good money in the hotel business in Egypt.

4. Bakery Business in Egypt

The bakery is a very profitable business idea. If you know the method and art of baking, you can start your bakery store or bakery item supply business. Freshly baked bread, cakes, cupcakes, pastries, and other baked desserts along with baked snacks have good demand. You must produce good-quality and fresh items. Furthermore, if you are innovative you can choose to bake fusion dishes as well as low-calorie baked food which are much in demand now.

5. Catering Service

The demand for catering services is increasing in Egypt. If you are a professional or passionate chef you can start a catering service. This business needs a good network, publicity, and above all good service. A few successful orders will give you several referral clients. Keep a close eye on the standard and taste of the food you are serving.

6. Grocery Store

The grocery store is a good business idea since it is a part of our daily lives. Find a good residential or busy area and set up your grocery store. Pay good attention to the arrangement of items so that your customers do not face any difficulty in getting their desired items. Good salesmanship, as well as networking, is essential for the success of your grocery store business.

7. Online Grocery

With the advent of digitization as well as the outbreak of a pandemic, online grocery has become very popular. You can start your online grocery store wherein you need a good network of supplies along with delivery persons. For a better business opportunity, you can develop an app for your online grocery store which is convenient for your customers.

8. Cyber Café

Egyptians are extremely internet-savvy. Hence opening a cyber café can be a very lucrative business idea for you.  You have to choose a good location and add services like printing, scanning, and copying to get more customers and a better income.

9. App Development

Apps have become immensely popular both for business enterprises as well as customers. If you know to code you can start your app development business. You need your website and a good network of digital marketing to get more clients in this business.

10. Car Rental

Car rental services are a lucrative business idea, especially in city areas. You can start the business with your car. Otherwise, you may buy 3-4 cars to give them out on rent. Car rental services have tourists as well as locals as customers.

11. Waste Management

Waste management is a serious concern in Egypt. Therefore you can score high with your waste management business. There are different types of waste management businesses. Firstly you can start your industrial waste treatment plant. Secondly, you can manufacture organic fertilizer from household waste. Thirdly you can supply waste treatment machinery like scrubbers etc. Considering the aspects of human health as well as environmental pollution, waste management is an important area of business.

12. Fuel Selling

Egypt has a rich reserve of oil and natural gas. Therefore the sale of fuel can be a very profitable business idea for you. Following the government license and permits, you can get a dealership or distributorship of fuels. An oil and gas field service is also a good business opportunity for you provided you are ready to invest a big sum.

13. Fashion Designing

Fashion is a much sought-after area of business throughout the world. That is why fashion designing is a good business idea for you if you have the training or acumen for fashion design. You may start your signature boutique, sell dresses online or supply to other shops. Export is another option that will give you good returns.

14. Rice Farming

Agriculture is the key sector of the Egyptian economy. Along with that, there is a high demand for rice. Therefore you can start a rice farming business to earn a comfortable business. Since there is not much arable land in Egypt you have to choose farmland with good irrigation facilities as well as use good quality seeds and fertilizers for optimum production.

15. Food Processing

Food processing is an important sector of the economy of Egypt. Therefore with the technical know-how, you can start a food processing business here. Various kinds of food are processed. These include fruits, vegetables, meat fish, dairy products, grains, or beverages. You can choose any of these and get a good income. These products have good export potential too. Hence your income can be higher.

16. Open a Salon Business in Egypt

A salon business is a profitable business idea in most cases. Start your salon and try to make it a unisex salon. If you can add a spa, then it will yield a better income. Hire professional hairdressers and beauticians. Make your salon well-decorated, relaxing, and comfortable to attract more customers. Goo advertising and publicity are essential for your salon business.

17. Computer Sales and Repairing

The extensive use of computers in offices and business enterprises has created a great demand for computer sales. Take this opportunity to start your computer sales business. You can sell branded computers. Otherwise, if you are trained in hardware, you can also assemble a computer and sell it. Along with sales, provide repair and maintenance services for more income.

18. Educational Content Development in Multimedia

This is an innovative business idea. If you are conversant with the local language and multimedia, you can do this business wherein you will develop the school syllabus in a multimedia format making it easier as well as interesting for the students to learn their class lessons. Along with that, you can also make multimedia study materials for learning languages or subjects of higher studies. This business needs a good online and offline marketing strategy.

19. Real Estate Agency

The real estate business is rising in Egypt. Under the circumstances, you have an opportunity to start your real estate agency business. You can do this business online or offline where you will connect the buyers and sellers and get a commission. For a real estate agency business, you need a good network with buyers as well as sellers and good publicity for your service.

20. Financial Consultancy

Financial advice has a good demand in business enterprises as well as individuals. If you are a financial expert this is a profitable business for you. Good market insight and calculative skills are necessary for this business. You have to advise your clients regarding savings, investments, business expansion plans, income projections, cost-control measures, and prospects. A good network and marketing are necessary to achieve success in this business.

21. Start a Laundry Business in Egypt

Laundry services have great demand in Egypt. You can start your laundry business independently or can get a franchise. Added services of ironing and home delivery of washed items will give you an edge over your competitors. Good public relations and door-to-door publicity are effective tools for the success of this business.

22. Tutoring

Tutoring has a good demand in Egypt. You can start the tutoring business from home, at a rented place, or online. Apart from academics, you can also teach fine arts like painting, music, or dancing. Marketing and advertisements are important for you to get more students into your tutoring business.

23. Photography

Photography is a very good business idea in Egypt. If you are a camera person, this is the ideal business idea for you. You have a wide scope in the photography business in Egypt. Taking tourists’ photographs, capturing tourist spots, or taking photographs for business enterprises or media –all are quite profitable. Having your website and good networking will help you greatly in the photography business.

Small-Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas in Egypt

24. Solar Panel manufacturing

With abundant sunshine, Egypt is emerging as a major user of solar energy. Take this opportunity and start your business solar panel manufacturing, installation, and repair business. Since the demand for solar power is rising, you can expect a good income from this business.

25. Wind Turbine Manufacturing

With the focus on wind energy, there is a good demand for wind turbines in Egypt. Hence you can start a wind turbine manufacturing business. This is a lucrative business with high-income prospects. Get the necessary licenses and permits for the manufacturing and sales of wind turbines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get any benefit or deduction for starting a business in Egypt?

You will get benefits. Most of your business expenses will be eligible for a tax deduction. This also includes your contribution to social welfare and health benefit schemes for your employees.

What are the best cities in Egypt to start a business?

Below are the best cities that are most business-friendly in Egypt:

  • Cairo
  • Aswan
  • Luxor
  • Alexandria
  • Sharm EL Sheikh
  • Hurghada

Does the Egyptian Government promote entrepreneurship?

In recent years, the Government of Egypt has put a lot of emphasis on entrepreneurship and there has been a growing awareness of it. The facilities of crowdfunding are also given to new business enterprises. Egypt is a good place to start your business. Do your research and plan well to achieve success in the business of your choice.