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Best 25 Highly Profitable Small Business Ideas in Sydney

Sydney, the capital of New South Wales and the most populous city in Australia is a great place to start your business. It welcomes innovative ideas and start-ups in every possible way. 

Sydney has a stable economy with advantages of diversity and excellent financial as well as legal structure. It is a prosperous city with diverse talents and it gives access to different types of technologies and skills. This will be immensely helpful for you to start and grow your business here in this city. 

Additionally, the city has an excellent system of transport and communication. This will be of great help to you to start your business here as transport and communications play a vital role in any kind of business. There are different areas in which you can start your business in Sydney. 

List of 25 Business Ideas in Sydney

1. E-Sport Center

E-sport is extremely popular in Australia. People spend a lot of leisure time on these digital games. Hence you can start an E-sport center in Sydney where people can come and enjoy games at your game center. It is a profitable business because all the game-lovers do not have the means to invest in gaming centers. Good location and strategic marketing are important for getting more customers.

2. Digital Game Development

Due to the popularity of digital games, the business of digital game development is a very prospective business for you in Sydney. You need the knowledge of programming and innovative ideas to develop games that will become popular. Another business idea related to games is developing add-ons within the game and getting profits. Good digital marketing is essential for this business.

3. Real Estate Agency

The prosperous city of Sydney has huge opportunities in the real estate business. You can start your real estate agency business in Sydney and earn good profits. To be successful in this business you need good contact with the property owners and real estate developers.

You can do this business online where you can connect the buyers and sellers and get your commission from both parties. Otherwise, you can set up your office and do the business. Either way, you need your company’s website and well-planned marketing and publicity.

4. Assisted Living Facility

There is a great demand for old-age care in the city of Sydney. Hence you can start an assisted living facility for senior adults in Sydney. It needs high investment, but the profit margins in this business are also high.

You need good housing and food arrangements for the aged along with regular medical check-ups and emergency medical care whenever needed. A website along with a good marketing network is very important for the business of the assisted living facility.

5. Start a Laundry Business in Sydney

Laundry services have a good demand in Sydney. That is why the laundry business will be a profitable business idea for you in Sydney. Find a place that has plenty of households and housing complexes nearby for getting more clients.

Choose a place where there are no or fewer laundries in the neighborhood. Timely and with great service, doorstep delivery will fetch you more customers. Good network and publicity are important for your laundry business.

6. Open a Restaurant in Sydney

The restaurant business is a great business idea for you in Sydney because of its population and the affluence of the people. Choose a strategic location for your restaurant to get more clients. The décor, quality of food, and service are important for the restaurant. You can choose local cuisine or multi-cuisines for your restaurant. Whatever the cuisine, be sure of the taste and authenticity of the food. Publicity and marketing are important for your restaurant business.

7. Food Delivery

Food delivery at the office or home is a very profitable business in Sydney and you can start this business and earn a good profit. You need to have a good idea of cooking to be successful in the food delivery business. Good food, good packaging, and timely delivery are very important. Along with that, personal networks and online and offline marketing are also key factors for your food delivery business.

8. App Development

The tech city of Sydney has a great demand for apps of different kinds. Hence you can start your app development company and earn a good income. You can develop apps for different business enterprises, retailers, restaurants, pharmacies, etc.

There are many utility apps like healthcare, child care, fitness, and news that have great demand and can fetch you good profits. Digital marketing plays a key role in the growth of your app development business.

9. Digital Music

Digital music is very much in demand and opening a digital music distribution company is a profitable business for you in Sydney. In this business, you will need a website and offer different kinds of music to your customers at a price. The membership fees along with the ads on your website will a great source of revenue for you.

Try to specialize in a niche in your digital music distribution company which will create a brand for you. Digital marketing, especially social media marketing is very important for your business.

10. E-Book Publishing

E-books are very popular in Australia including Sydney. Hence, e-book publishing can be a good business idea for you in Sydney. In this company, you can publish different types of books by reputed as well as new authors. The acceptance of the readers and the popularity of the books will increase your profit. You have to do good marketing of the books published by your company. Apart from that, you need a good personal network and digital marketing to succeed in the e-book publishing business.

11. Professional Training

Professional training has a very good demand in Sydney. That is why professional training can be a good and profitable business idea for you in Sydney. You can start giving professional training in the classroom or online.

There are different areas of professional training like digital training in web development, programming, and graphic designing, and other training like personality development, office management, etc. You can choose any of the areas for giving training. Well-planned marketing and publicity are important for your business.

12. Online Teaching

Online teaching has become immensely popular in Sydney. Hence you can start an online teaching business in Sydney. It is a low-investment business where you will need a computer or laptop, an internet connection, and a camera and you can do this business from home.

Online teaching can be for school and college students and also for students pursuing higher studies. Online marketing and social media publicity are very important for the online teaching business.

13. Health Care Center

Health care is of prime importance in Sydney. Therefore you can start a health care center in Sydney to earn a good profit. Choose any area of health care like a dental clinic, acupressure clinic eye clinic, or other areas of health care for your center. Get the necessary license and permits for this business.

A good network with respective doctors and specialists is the most important aspect of your medical center business. Apart from that, good location and well-planned marketing are also very important to grow your healthcare center business.

14. Financial Consultancy

Financial consultancy is a very good business idea in the commercially developed city of Sydney. You can start your financial consultancy firm and provide services to different business enterprises, especially medium and small-scale businesses. As a financial consultant, you have to provide services like an assessment of profitability, financial projection, finding funding options, preparation of profit and loss statement, balance sheet preparation, bank reconciliation, preparation of project report, etc. You need good networking as well as marketing and publicity for your financial consultancy business.

15. IT Consultancy

IT consultancy is a very profitable business idea for you in the tech city of Sydney. Start your IT consultancy company in Sydney and start earning good profits. As an IT consultant, you have to give services like system management, customized software development, data storage and management, cloud computing, security of the entire system, and protection against viruses, ransomware, etc.

Your clients may range from big corporates to medium and small-scale enterprises. Online and offline marketing play important roles in the growth of your IT consultancy business.

16. AI Business

Artificial intelligence is now used in different areas of business. It has a good market in the technologically advanced city of Sydney. If you are an AI expert you can start your business of AI application in Sydney. There are various types of businesses that use AI in different areas like accounting, supply chain, customer relations, retailing, etc. With efficiency and a good marketing network, you can fetch a lot of business as an AI expert.

17. Pet Care/Boarding

Sydney is a pet-loving city. Hence pet care or pet boarding is a good business idea for you in this city. You can start your business as a pet caregiver and gradually grow a network of caregivers for different households. Or you can start a pet boarding to take care of the pets during office hours or in case their foster family is out of town.

Love for pets and good personal networking will help you to get more clients. Apart from that, publicity and marketing and a good healthy space for boarding are also very important.

18. Drone Manufacturing and Servicing

Drones have a high demand in Sydney for aerial photography as well as surveillance etc. Hence you can start a drone manufacturing business in Sydney. Along with manufacturing provide servicing and repair facilities to get more clients. Good marketing and publicity are very important for your drone manufacturing business.

19. Auto Spare Parts Manufacturing

The automobile industry is important in Sydney. That is why manufacturing auto spare parts can be a profitable business idea for you. Good networking with automobile manufacturing, as well as repair companies, will help to grow your business. Research the demand for auto spare parts and start your manufacturing unit accordingly.

20. Car Rental

Sydney being a developed and busy city with a very good footfall of tourists, car rental business will be a good business idea for you. You can start the business with one or two cars and gradually increase the number of cars. Renting a car for offices, conferences or meetings, airport pick up and drop, day trips or sightseeing for tourists are the common areas of car rental. You need a good personal network and marketing to succeed in the car rental business.

21. Travel and Tourism

Tourism is a very important part of the economy of Sydney. Every year millions of domestic as well as international tourists visit Sydney. The main tourist attractions include the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Royal Botanical Garden, and beaches. Hence tourism is a very profitable business idea for you in Sydney.

You will need some necessary licenses and permits for your tourism business. There are different types of businesses like Travel and Tourism agencies, Local tour operators, and tourist guides. You will need a website, online and offline marketing along with excellent after-sales service for making a tourism business profitable.

22. Environment Consultant

Sydney has several industries and business enterprises and the population of the city is also high. That is why the city authorities are extremely concerned about environmental protection. If you are an expert in environmental science you can start your business as an environmental consultant.

In this business, you will advise and find different ways of environment protection, pollution, and odor control, and energy-saving methods for the manufacturing units and other industries along with the business enterprises. Good personal networks, as well as marketing and publicity, are important for the growth of your business as an environmental consultant.

23. Warehouse & Distribution

In this age of e-commerce, the business of warehouse and distribution networks is a good and profitable business idea for you in Sydney. You will need a big and well-connected place for a warehouse and an efficient network of distribution systems to succeed in this business. Good connection and public relations with e-commerce companies are also very important for your warehouse and distribution business.

24. Home and Office Development

Home and office development is an upcoming and prospective business idea for you in Sydney. You can start this business and expect a good return.

In this business, you will be responsible for developing the office or home in an extremely utility-based way, saving energy, planning the space properly, and using modern technology to design the office and home in a customized way to utilize space and operate the business activities smartly and efficiently. Good marketing is the essence of this business.

25. Research Consultant

Sydney is a noteworthy center of research and studies in different fields like science, technology, business development, finance, etc. There is a great demand for research and development consultants in Sydney. Hence if you are an academic person, you can start your business as a research consultant and conduct research and development work for various organizations. You will need a few good assistants for this work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best business idea in Sydney for someone with a low budget?

There are several businesses you can start in Sydney with almost no money. One such low-cost business is launching a food truck business in the city.

How can I get funding assistance for my business in Sydney?

The Australian Government as well as the Government of New South Wales offers loans and grants for start-ups in Sydney. Notable among them is Minimum Viable Product grants that are offered even before a start-up begins generating income, Stipends to regional start-ups for traveling, Building Partnership grants for getting access to the market, and Western Sydney Investment Attraction Fund.

What is Sydney Start-up Hub?

Sydney Start-up Hub is an innovative co-working space for start-ups in Sydney. It is a conveniently located 11-storied building with a 17000 sqm area. It can accommodate approximately 1800 people and has space for community events.