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50 Profitable Cash Business Ideas in 2023

    Are you looking for small cash business ideas and opportunities that do not require much investment? If so, you have landed at the right place. Here in this article, we have listed down the best low-cost businesses that can provide fast ROI( return on investment) within a short period of time.

    A cash business does come with its own advantages, like no additional setup cost for cashless payments, cess for card payments, extra infrastructure, and more.

    Still, for those to wish to have a cash business, there are several successful options available. Running a cash business come with its own benefits. As you get to avoid credit card fees, or later redeem cash and other expenses. Most importantly, in a cash business, you get your money instantly.

    For those who are interested to start a cash business, we have picked up some super successful cash business ideas.

    List of 50 Cash Business Ideas

    1. Smartphone Repair Services

    With almost everyone with a smartphone, repair services remain in huge demand. You can start a smartphone repair business specializing in screen replacements, water damage, or part replacement services as a primary cash business.

    2. Handyman

    You can opt to offer general handyman services to homeowners. Start by marketing your services in your community and soon you run your own handyman business in exchange for cash payments.

    3. Resume Service

    A creative writing business, you can start a business that will help job seekers. Often many fail to express their skills properly in their resumes. You can offer writing services as a resume or cover letter specialist for instant cash.

    4. Estate Sale Service

    A growing business with time, estate sale service involves helping people in organizing and running estate sales. You will have to manage the buyers and leads. In exchange, you charge a flat fee or a percentage of the total selling price.

    5. Recycling Service

    Many throw valuable junk away. You can collect the valuables, and then choose to re-sell them. You can also offer to pick up junk from a few places and you can sell these items for recycling in exchange for cash.

    6. Carpenter

    If you have the necessary experience, you can opt to work as a carpenter. Also known as a woodworker, you get to show your skills with the wood. You can set up your carpentry workshop and can sell custom handcrafted products or carpentry services for cash.

    7. Tour Guide

    Living in a popular area offers you the advantage to be a tour guide. Also if the place is popular with tourists, you can start a tour guide business. You can offer local tours in the form of packages in exchange for cash payments.

    8. Moving Service

    Another popular cash business, moving services always remain in huge demand. While on average, an American moves around the country 13 times in his life, the moving business has a potential market worldwide.

    9. Alterations Service

    If you’re good with thread and needles, you can start an alteration service. You can use your skills at sewing, to offer services as a tailor. Customers will bring in their garments for alterations, and you can get instant cash payments.

    10. Computer Setup & Repair Service

    Still, many first-time users and buyers don’t know how to set up their computers. You can choose to offer your services to those who need help setting up their new computer. In addition, you can also choose to offer repair services for cash.

    11. Fitness Instructor

    A business you can do out of your home, you may need some practice first as a fitness instructor. You can even choose to offer private classes or multiple people at once in the form of batches.

    12. Music Instructor

    If you know how to sing or play an instrument, you can use your musical skills to teach others. You can set up your own cash business by offering music lessons via private classes or multiple students at a time.

    13. Antique Shop

    If you are someone who has an eye for collectibles, then this cash business will suit you. You can start a business around antiques. You can collect cash payments from buyers to re-sell them.

    14. Dance Instructor

    Like music, if you know how to dance, you can choose to teach. Dance classes for groups or individuals can be a great business idea, and you can collect regular payments in cash.

    15. Tutor

    With some knowledge in any subject, you can start to tutor students. Start with any specific subject you like, and soon you can work with students one-on-one as part of a tutoring business.

    16. Gardening

    You can help people manage their gardens in exchange for cash. This cash business suits people having a passion for gardening activities. Your job will be to visit clients to help them with their gardening and intricate outdoor projects.

    17. Personal Trainer

    There are people who prefer to have a personal trainer rather than work out at a gym. With some knowledge, you can be a personal trainer, where you will work with clients one-on-one for cash.

    18. Yard Cleanup

    You can opt to offer yard cleanup services for cash. While you may move from place to place, it’s quite a profitable business without any major investment.

    19. Face Painter

    A face painting business is meant for local events, matches at stadiums, and concerts. A face painting booth is a hit at these places, where you can collect cash payments in exchange for your services.

    20. House Cleaning

    You can start to offer house cleaning services in exchange for cash. You will need no major investment at the start, but with a client base, you will be able to collect cash payments from a steady customer base on a set schedule.

    21. Pet Training

    If you’re good with pets, you can use your skills in training dogs and other pets. You can offer your pet training services as a trainer in exchange for cash payments.

    22. Child Care Services

    A growing business around the world, childcare services are really well paid. You can choose to offer daycare or babysitting service out of your home or by visiting the clients at their homes in exchange for cash payments.

    23. Pet Sitting

    Often pet owners worry about leaving their pets back on holidays or weekend outings. You can offer pet-sitting services to people who are busy with their pets in exchange for cash as your remuneration.

    24. Pet Grooming

    A growing business now, pet grooming is a profitable low-capital venture. An awesome pet-related business opportunity for animal lovers, you can start to offer a pet grooming business in your locality for cash.

    25. Mobile Retailer

    Instead of starting a full-fledged retail store, you can choose to start a mobile retail shop business. You can call it a pop-up shop where you will keep your inventory in a trailer with a mobile setting for fairs and events.

    26. Caricature Artist

    A popular creative business, you can offer caricature services for cash. You get to show your artistic skills, and at the same time ask customers to pay you in cash at events, concerts, or high-traffic areas.

    27. Landscaping

    If you are someone, who loves to work outside, you can start a business out of it. This will primarily include lawn care and landscaping. The business mainly involves cash payments from clients.

    28. Pop-Up Gift Shop

    You can start a small local gift shop where you will only deal in cash. Such small shops are easy to start and generally require a very low investment to start.

    29. Mobile Clothing Store

    Instead of a food stall or gift shop, you can choose to sell products in a specific niche. You can open up a mobile store to sell clothing and accessories in exchange for cash without any huge inventory.

    30. Flea Market Vendor

    You can opt to work as a flea market vendor to sell items for cash. While you can sell anything, flea markets have a variety of different items on sale, starting from handcrafted jewelry to secondhand books.

    31. Farm Stand

    A growing business now, you can start a farm stand to start a cash business. You can sell fresh foods, vegetables, or similar items at your stand. You can set it up and customers will be able to make purchases with cash.

    32. Errand Service

    You can opt to offer a variety of errand services to customers for cash. You can start an errand service where you will be paid to handle various errands like laundry and grocery shopping in exchange for cash.

    33. Coffee Cart

    A coffee cart mainly deals with cash for quick transactions. You can start your own coffee cart with a little investment, and the business doesn’t cost a lot. With low-priced items, customers are more likely to pay in cash.

    34. Security Service

    You can offer security services to businesses and individuals. This is going to be on a contractual basis. With different modes of payment available, you can ask to pay your client in cash.

    35. Nursery

    You can start a business by growing a variety of different plants. You can have your own nursery to sell different plants and trees in exchange for cash payments.

    36. Transportation Services

    If you have a car or bike, you can opt to offer transportation services in or around your area. You can offer the service to your clients and collect payments in the form of cash.

    37. Fast Food Restaurants

    You can start a small restaurant specializing in takeaways. You will offer items mainly which can be carried out easily. Keep the prices low to help customers buy in cash.

    38. Delivery Service

    You can start a delivery service in your locality for cash payments. You will have customers who want food to be delivered or other items at your place in exchange for a specified fee.

    39. Dry Cleaners

    While a dry cleaning business may require some sort of investment, you can offer cash payments. Open up a dry cleaning business to offer services and get paid in cash.

    40. Farmers Market Vendor

    If you can grow food and plant items or buy them from any wholesale market. You can sell them directly for cash. You can be a vendor at any local farmer’s market to sell your items for instant cash.

    41. Health Foods Store

    While there are many food stalls selling unhealthy food, you can choose to start a specialty type of store. You can focus on healthy foods where you can sell specific types of food items that are healthy in nature.

    42. Personal Chef

    You can start a cash business by working as a personal chef. It is however without saying, that one needs to have specific culinary skills to cook specific meals.

    43. Bakery

    You can start a small bakery to offer various baked goods. You can opt to sell items baked fresh, with no inventory. Customers will be able to purchase through quick transactions in cash.

    44. Convenience Store

    You can start a small convenience store sell selling different items. While the investment is low, you will largely have customers who will mainly purchase items in cash.

    45. Gourmet Cookie Making

    You can start to make gourmet cookies and sell them via local shops for cash. You can even sell your cookies by partnering with different baking shops.

    46. Event Coordinator

    Large parties and concerts often need people to help them. You can start to work as an event coordinator at these businesses to help them tackle the events in exchange for a fee.

    47. Meal-to-go Preparations

    You can start a business with homemade meals. You can start the business out of your home. Take up orders and your clients will pick up the tiffins from your place in exchange for a fee.

    48. Personal Assistant

    You can start to work as a personal assistant for others to help them solve tasks. This can include anything. It can be picking up dry cleaning making dinner or assembling furniture in exchange for cash payments.

    49. Computer Troubleshooting

    You can help people fix their computers for cash. A small business to start, many first-timers face trouble with their computers. You can choose to visit their homes in exchange for cash.

    50. Natural Beauty Products

    Homemade soaps and natural beauty products are now on a huge rise. People value handmade beauty products. You can make them at home to sell via local gift shops for cash.

    Cash businesses have their own advantages. They are easy to set up, have no extra hassle and you get paid instantly without the involvement of any third party. Still, it’s better to have a mix of both to run a business successfully in long term!

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