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Best 25 Profitable CDL Business Ideas in 2024

Do you want to start a CDL business but are not sure which one to start? If so, you have landed at the right place. Here in this article, we provide you with a list of the most profitable CDL business ideas that can be started with little money.

CDL or Commercial Driving License is needed for driving trucks that carry loads from one area to another. If you have the license, you can start different kinds of CDL business ideas that will fetch you high profits. Apart from the CDL, you will also need some other licenses and permits for these businesses.

Broadly, CDL businesses center on transporting a variety of items covering small or large distances. Sometimes you may have to cross national borders too. The distance depends on the types of materials you carry and the kind of business you serve.

CDL businesses are mainly focused on transportation and logistics where time is of the essence. Therefore to be successful in this business, you have to be punctual in delivering the goods.

25 CDL Business Ideas

1. Medical Transportation

Medical transportation is an important as well as profitable CDL business idea. In this business, you have to provide transport service to people for emergency or regular medical care. Medical transportation is given to people who need transport for medical check-ups, regular doctor visits, post-operative check-ups, medical tests, or any medical emergency. You need to equip your car with facilities like oxygen, wheelchairs, etc.

2. Junk Removal

Junk removal is an essential service and a good CDL business idea. Every household, as well as office, needs this service wherein different kinds of junk are removed with the help of junk removal trucks. People will pay you good charges for this essential service. You need trained manpower and other licenses and permits for this business.

3. Waste Hauling

You can start a waste-hauling business if you have a dump truck. This CDL business idea also falls in the category of essential services and is a profit-making one. You can do this business in urban or rural areas, personally or for a contractor or municipal authorities, collecting waste from all households and unloading it at the waste disposal centre.

4. Livestock Transport

The livestock market occupies a large share of almost all of the country’s economy. Hence, livestock transportation is a profit-making CDL business idea. You can start this business by carrying cattle fulfilling the mandatory conditions. These conditions include proper bedding, roof covering, suitable paddles and wooden inclines, and other licenses and permits.

5. Chartered Bus Service

Chartered bus services are provided by different companies for the pick-up and drop-in of their staff. You can start this service as your CDL business idea. Corporate houses or companies hire these buses at high rentals. Hence you will be able to earn a good income from this business.

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6. Hazardous Material Hauling

Transportation of hazardous materials is a good CDL business idea. However, you have to know the details of hazardous materials, their types and what precautionary measures should you follow while hauling them.

Toxic wastes or materials that pose a threat to human or other living bodies’ health, as well as the environment, are regarded as hazardous materials.

They are mostly carried through the highways. Furthermore, you have to secure registration and pass safety tests for this business. This business is among the most lucrative CDL business ideas at present.

7. Luxury Vehicle Hauling

Hauling luxury vehicles is a lucrative CDL business idea. You will need flatbed trailers to carry luxury cars. It should be a covered carrier to protect the cars from sun or rain. You will also need certain registration and insurance coverage for this business.

8. Tour Bus Service

If you have a luxury bus, start your tour bus service. This CDL business idea is extremely gainful as they have all-the-year demand. You can operate a long-distance tourist service or conduct tours to different tourist spots. Working for a tour operator is also a good option.

9. Construction Material Hauling

A construction site needs various kinds of construction materials like cement, bricks, blocks, tiles, electrical cables HVAC Systems, doors, windows, timber frames, plumbing materials, etc. If you have heavy vehicles with all the necessary licenses, insurance, and protective features, you can start this CDL business. Timely delivery is an important aspect of this business.

10. Delivery Service

Delivery service has many classifications and all of them are profit-making, especially in this age of e-commerce. You can start this CDL business idea and deliver various items like groceries, food, crops, pharmacy, courier, logistics, etc. Delivery may be within a city, or outside, even outside the state. Your rate will depend on the materials delivered and the distance covered.

11. Senior Transportation Service

With the increasing number of senior adults, the demand for senior transportation services is growing. Seniors who no longer drive need this service. You can start providing this business as your CDL business idea. In this business, you have to provide transport to the seniors for shopping, errands, going out for parties, doctor visits, etc. You will get the payment according to the hours served.

12. Airport Shuttle Service

Airport shuttle service includes the buses that carry passengers within the airport, to and from the aircraft. This is a lucrative CDL business idea and you can serve specific airlines or the airport authorities. The buses should be well-maintained and in good running condition.

13. Towing Vehicles

If you have a tow truck, you can start a CDL business idea of towing vehicles. In this business, you have to tow a car or vehicle from an accident site, or a damaged car to transport it to the repair shop. This is an emergency service and hence, a profitable business. You will need certain permits and licenses for this business.

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14. Backhoe Services

Backhoe service is a useful and profitable CDL business idea. The heavy vehicle with a loader in the front and a backhoe at the back will help you in providing various jobs. These include construction, small-scale demolitions, transportation of light building materials, digging holes or excavation, landscaping, paving roads, etc. Hence, you can get income from various activities under backhoe services.

15. Excavation Services

Excavation services are similar to backhoe services in some ways. However, their extent of activities is greater. It is a profitable CDL business idea and you will need to invest in large trucks, front-end loaders, bulldozers, excavators, drill rigs, etc. In this business, you can do a lot of work including preparation of sites for buildings, soil excavation, soil import and compaction, footing excavation, soil stabilization, etc. You will need trained manpower for this business.

16. Cross Border Carriage

With the necessary licenses and permits, cross-border carriage can get you high profits. You can operate passenger buses or goods carriages that will cross the border of one country and reach another country. Surely, this is one of the most popular CDL business ideas that can fetch you good profit returns.

17. Ambulance Service

Ambulance service is a lucrative CDL business idea. You have to get the licenses and permits for running an ambulance. Apart from that, you will need infrastructural facilities like oxygen, ventilation, trained staff, nurses, etc to run the business. You can work for a specific hospital or independently.

18. Hauling Scrap Metal

Hauling scrap metal from the neighbourhood, factories, or manufacturing units and recycling them can be a good CDL business idea for you. You will need a truck and trained manpower for this business. This is an environment-friendly business.

19. Contractor for Large Hauling Companies

You can do business as a contractor for large hauling companies. If you have your truck excavator or backhoe, you can use it for big companies and get good payments. This is a sustainable and profitable CDL business idea.

20. Boat Transport

Boat transport is an important CDL business idea in the areas adjoining waterways. If you live on the coastline or near rivers, you can start this business. However, you will need the right vehicle for transporting boats. The type of truck depends on the type of boats you are transporting.

21. Transport Company

If you can invest in a few trucks, you can start your transport company, carrying out different kinds of transportation jobs. This is a lucrative CDL business idea and you can earn a good income from this business. You can choose a niche like construction or waste/junk removal, or work in different sectors.

22. Septic Waste Hauling

Septic waste hauling is the service of cleaning the septic tank and disposing of the waste. This is an important as well as profit-making CDL business idea that will give you a good profit. However, you will need trained manpower to do the work of cleaning and follow the safety measures.

23. Double Decker Tourist Bus

A Double-decker tourist bus is a popular concept and a good CDL business idea. Start this business with a well-maintained double-decker bus with bright colors and luxurious amenities. Conduct regular tourist trips and earn high profits.

24. Repairing Heavy Equipment

If you are a trained mechanic with a CDL, the business of repairing heavy equipment is a good CDL business idea for you. Drive your truck and repair heavy equipment on-site. If needed, you can carry them to the workshop for repairs. The twin-service options will give you high-income opportunities.

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25. Furniture Delivery

Furniture like big cabinets or a king-size bed always needs trucks for delivery. You can start this business of furniture delivery for different furniture makers. This is a profitable and prospective CDL business idea.

A CDL can give you several income opportunities. Focus on these CDL business ideas and start your business for stable and prospective income opportunities.