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How to Start a Profitable Data Mining Business

    Do you want to start a data mining business? Here is a complete guide to starting a career as a data mining analyst covering aspects like profitable business niches, getting trained, where to get work, and much more.

    More and more companies are using data mining techniques to improve internal processes and for overall improvement towards profitability and exploring new market openings. Companies like Amazon, General Electric, Netflix, and Capital One are investing heavily in the data mining process to develop business operations.

    The global data mining tools market was valued at USD 546.2 Million in 2018. Experts predict that the value will reach USD 1,431.5 Million by 2026.

    What is Data Mining?

    Data mining is a profession that deals with analyzing large data sets available in the areas of big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. The process explores the data and comes with actionable business insights.

    5 Steps to Start a Data Mining Business

    1. Where to Learn Data Mining

    Data mining and data science can be learned best by analyzing data of your own. However, to do it effectively, you must equip with robust statistical and machine learning theoretical basics.

    Some of the languages to learn are R, Python, and SQL. Also, try to learn the use of data mining and visualization tools. You can learn all these subjects from certified institutes, textbooks, or an online training platform.

    You can also check out our recommended list of the best data mining courses available online.

    2. Get Trained

    To be a professional data miner or data scientist, it is extremely important to get updated with the latest developments. Join forums, and groups on social media platforms and interact with other data scientists. In addition, participate in data mining competitions.

    The best way to learn the job is to join a reputed data mining company as an intern for a few years. This will give you ample opportunities to learn data by examining the trade inside-out.

    Top Data Mining Companies in the USA:

    • MobiDev
    • Beyond Key Systems
    • Light IT
    • XenonStack
    • Consagous Technologies
    • Octal IT Solution

    3. Jobs to do as a Data Mining Analyst

    As a data mining analyst, your primary job is to analyze big data into actionable insights. Data mining specialists work with three types of data. They are transactional, non-operational, and metadata. Data mining professionals work in different fields within an organization.

    The data analysis programs are used to research, explore data, and create actionable models. After the research part is over, data mining specialist submits their findings to customers with the help of data visualization techniques.

    Some of the jobs a data scientist normally carry are the following:

    • Storing and managing data in multidimensional databases
    • Gathering data and analyzing for trends.
    • Using statistical techniques and programming software to develop algorithms and predictive models
    • Analyzing past performances of a business using data analysis techniques.
    • Projecting future trends of the company and industry as a whole.
    • Predict future trends
    • Recommending actionable strategy inputs
    • Identifying new market

    While the main job of a data analyst is to explore data, it is also important for them to protect users’ personal data.

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    4. Where to Find Clients

    Generally, big companies have their own setup regarding data tracking. However, the case is not so with small businesses. Owners of small businesses normally neither have the expertise nor the resources to carry out data mining processes. And hence, they fail to explore the underlying market opportunities and last trends.

    There lies the opportunity for data mining professionals. The demand for data mining experts is bound to increase, as the market economy is supposed to get more complex in the coming future.

    5. Promote Your Business

    Reaching potential customers is the key to success in any business. Create a resume of work that you or your company has already done. Send them to companies with a cover letter informing them of the advantages of data mining. Data mining is a relatively new subject. It is obvious, not many people know the benefits of these services.

    Also, explore social media platforms like LinkedIn extensively. Try to participate in discussions, webinars, and forums and share your experiences and opinion regarding topics related to data science and data mining.

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