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How to Start a Profitable Mobile App Development Business

    Mobile app development business has huge potential and vast opportunities. Since the launch of iPhones and smartphones, mobile apps have become a more essential part of new online businesses. As a matter of fact, the downloading rate of the mobile app is an astounding 30 million per day.

    In this business, one needs to concentrate on taking an app from concept to potentially high-tech reality with the right approach. Millions of apps in the segment of social networking, lifestyle, utility, entertainment, etc are getting created and uploaded every day.

    A person having knowledge of programming and coding with creative talent is best-suited to start a mobile app development business. If you have an idea for a mobile app you can also hire a professional for developing it. There are trustable sites available like,, and Fiverr where you can find professionals for the job.

    6 Steps to Start a Mobile App Development Business

    1. Learn How to Make Mobile Apps

    Presently. there are a number of institutes in most cities in nearly every country that offer app development courses. Contact such an academy and attend those courses for certification.

    You can also learn online at your own speed from the comfort of your home. One such course is provided by Even Kimbrell on Udemy. We strongly recommend this best-selling course on mobile app development for beginners.

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    2. Understand the Market

    The success story behind every successful mobile app is all about understanding the exact need of people and solving it in a simpler process. The very step of mobile app development is to look at the gaps and explore them in the best possible way.

    It is a must to conduct extensive market research and find out the gaps in the existing market. If you are coming up with a unique mobile app that has no competition, it is essential to understand the demand metrics of consumers and whether they would be interested to use such an app or not.

    If the proposed mobile app has competitors, collect as much information as possible regarding the pros and cons of the specific app. Furthermore, learn more about their marketing strategy, business model, customer reviews, and the reasons why the app is popular or not so popular among targeted customers.

    3. Create a Business Plan

    For a successful mobile app, a detailed business plan is essential. Write in utmost clarity the reason for creating the app. What purposes is it going to serve? How the app will be different from a normal website? Find below some of the basic aspects your mobile app business plan must cover:

    • Startup and recurring costs
    • Target customers
    • Pricing Strategy – Free or Paid?
    • How and where to sell?

    4. Select a Catchy Name

    Choosing a purposeful app name is vital to the overall success of the business. Do a lot of brainstorming and finally choose a name that is catchy and adequately manifests the purpose of the mobile app.

    A properly chosen name not only helps in reaching more customers but also contributes to building a positive brand personality.

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    5. Process of Developing a Mobile App

    The two most app-launching platforms worldwide are iOS and Android. For a beginner, it is important to decide on the platform. Another key decision to take is the type of mobile app. There are three popular options you can explore. They are native, hybrid, and web apps.

    Put your idea led down on paper clearly as much as possible. In the interaction with the developer clear your idea to him. Actually, he will create the programming according to your idea, features, and requirements. First, get a prototype. Only with the core proposition upload it and watch if your consumers are ready to buy it. When you get feedback create a complete one with loaded features.

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    6. Have a Monetization Plan

    The most important key to the success of the app business is the marketing strategy. Have a clear monetization strategy from the first day. Wait for at least six months after launch to get the result.

    You will need to have some promotional strategy for your new build a mobile app. The best way you can promote is through a third-party recommendation. Reviews from tech bloggers and press coverage will help you to get sustainable business.

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    To be a success in the app-making business one should remember it is an idea that he is sharing. The failure of the first app will keep you fresh and learning. Play with another idea and move to the next app.

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