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320 Unique Hair Salon Business Names and Name Ideas

Your hair salon business name should create the best first possible impression. Not only that, but it will also be the foundation of your brand. Here in this article, we provide you with our selected list of hair salon business names and name suggestions that will help you enhance brand growth.

The name you give your hair salon business will have a significant impact on its success. We’ve created this page to assist you with the naming process, and once you’ve finished reading it, you’ll be able to:

  • Make a memorable name that will help you with your marketing and advertising endeavors.
  • Pick or get motivated by our list of top hair salon business names that are ready to use.
  • Discover the most effective branding strategies used by experts to get the most out of a hair salon brand name.

Let’s get your business off to a good start – simply following this guidance will help you come up with or pick the correct name. Our picks of the best hair salon names are shown below. Whatever your preference, you will surely find many names that will attract you!

320 Hair Salon Business Names

Best Hair Salon Business Names

  • Fabulous Divas Salon
  • Dye-o-Rama Hairdressing
  • Honey’s House Hair Salon
  • Hair Cuttery USA
  • Hair-Tastic Ladies
  • Flash Hair Salon
  • Awesome Cuts Hair Salon
  • Stratus Hair Salon
  • Mart Hair Salon
  • Trendy Hair Salon
  • Beauty Hair Salon
  • Happy Day Salon
  • Nuts & Bolts Salon Inc
  • Hair Salon Peacock
  • Glamor Hair Salon
  • All Set Hair
  • Expressions Hair & Beauty
  • Loveliest Haircuts
  • Hair Salon Brilliance
  • Going Rogue
  • Hair Salon Restorations Inc
  • Do You Curl?
  • Addictive Styles Hair Salon
  • Hair Salon Hugs
  • Hair Salon Answers
  • Future Looks Hair Salon
  • Xentury Hair
  • Shiny Clean Hair Salon
  • Faction Haircut
  • Grey Hair Salon
  • Hair Salon Spiral
  • The Hair Salon Headquarter
  • Little Black Hair Salon
  • American Dream Hair
  • Hair Salon Sprinkle
  • Dreamers Hair Salon
  • Colorful Bubble Hair Salon
  • Purple Rose Hair Salon
  • Color Explosion Hair Salon
  • Good Cuts Only Hair Salon

Catchy Hair Salon Name Ideas

  • Snip-It
  • The A-List Cutters
  • Buds Hair Salon
  • Barber Blocks Hair Salon
  • Feel Good Style
  • The Wall Street Hairdressers
  • Utopia Hair Spa
  • Bright Ideas Salon
  • Swirl Barber Hair Salon
  • Hair Salon By Dawn
  • Classy Thick Hair Salon
  • Blondie’s Hair Salon
  • Hair Salon X
  • Happy Hair
  • Last Haircut Salon
  • The Glamourdome Hair Salon
  • Stylist Drill Hair Salon
  • Twisted Plaits
  • Trendsetters Hair Salon
  • Unwind Hair Hair Salon
  • New Tricks Hair Salon
  • The Headliners
  • Lifting Spirits Hair Salon
  • Hair I do!
  • Hair Handle
  • Beauty Haven Hair Salon
  • Coiffure Culture Hair Salon
  • Coast to Coast Haircuts
  • Precious Pretty Stylez Hair
  • We Rave About Hair!
  • Beauty Hair Salon
  • Strength Hair
  • Atomic Hair Salon
  • Starfish Hair Salon
  • Faith & Glory
  • Blade Runner Hair Salon
  • City Hair Salon
  • Hair Brilliance
  • Locks of Love
  • Trendy Waves Hair Salon
  • Haircutola

Stylish Hair Salon Company Name Ideas

  • Style Lab Hair Salon
  • Everybody’s Charming Hair Salon
  • The Virgin Hair Salon
  • Cutting Edge
  • Bald Management
  • A Cut Above Hair Salon
  • Ashy to Classy Hair Salon
  • The Barber Nuts Hair Salon
  • Hair Salon Silence
  • Candy’s Cuts and Styles
  • In the Braids Hair Salon
  • Purple Rain Hair Studio
  • Haircut Flawless
  • Hair Salon Leva Haircut
  • Haircut Random
  • Flip Side Hair Salon
  • Glamor Gateway
  • The Hip Hair Salon
  • Saucy Hairdresser
  • Hair Salon Cupid
  • The Mop and Fade
  • Pretty Locks & Co
  • VIP Style Hair Salon
  • Hair Salon Banana
  • Braids and Waves
  • Hairology Hair Salon
  • Chop Chop Salon
  • Stylist Sorbet Hair Salon
  • Hair Salon Writers
  • Arena Of Hair Salon
  • Freedom to Shine
  • Attitude Hair Salon
  • Deja Vu Hair Salon
  • Angel Hair Salon
  • City Edge Hair Salon
  • Blo Blow Dry Hair
  • Stylin’ and Profilin’
  • Your Cool Barber Salon
  • Touch and Go Hair Salon
  • Head over Heels

Creative Hair Salon Business Names

  • Stylist Cliff Hair Salon
  • Sunny Daze Salon
  • Hair Cuttery
  • Spray of Color
  • Unique Locks Hair Salon
  • Fringe Benefits
  • Shear Emotions Salon
  • Crowning Glory Hair
  • Clippin’ Profits Barber Shop
  • Funky Fresh Hair Salon
  • Hair Salon Beautifying
  • Tame U Crazy Hair Salon
  • Style Pushers
  • Energetic Hairstyle
  • Super Cuts Hair Salon
  • Hair Salon Founder
  • Alluring Special Stylez
  • Sensation Studio Hair Salon
  • Pure & Simple
  • Glance Hair Salon
  • Hair -e- Go Hair Salon!
  • Hair Wizardry
  • Styli Stomp
  • Harmony Extraordinaire
  • Stylist Hair Salon
  • Artful Artistry Hair Salon
  • Natural Beauty Salon
  • Head 2 Toe
  • Stylin’ Divas Hair Salon
  • Glamor Capture
  • Elms Stylist Hair Salon
  • Pretty n Easy
  • Enchanted Hair Salon
  • Glamor Gloss
  • Stylist Symphony Hair Salon
  • Sixth Avenue Hair Salon
  • Attitude Hair Salon
  • Raining Color
  • Hello Gorgeous Hair Salon
  • New Look Design Hair Salon

Hairdressing Salon Business Names

  • Lasting Locks Hairdresser
  • Pretty Hairdresser Studio
  • As You Like It
  • The Colorful Clip-in Hairdresser
  • Hairdresser Given Moment
  • Tip Top Hairdresser
  • Hair Pence
  • Exotic Tresses Hairdresser
  • Headlines & Cuts Hairdresser
  • Back to Blonde Again
  • Colorful Hairdresser
  • Hairdresser Locality
  • Stylist Sonic
  • Summer Style Hairdresser
  • Sublime Emporium Hairdresser
  • Hairdresser Beauty
  • Hairdresser Trendsetters
  • Stylist Motive Hairdresser
  • Spa Sister’s Hairdresser
  • Hairibiza
  • The Scissors Hairdresser
  • Fantastic Steps
  • Sassy Snip Hair Hairdresser
  • Haircut Rebels
  • Captivating Cuts Hairdresser
  • Another Fine Day
  • Avant-Garde Hairdresser
  • Delightful Hairdresser
  • Curls Hairdresser
  • Suave And Hairdresser
  • Massage Peaks
  • Beauty Rickey Hairdresser
  • Hair To Be Wild About
  • Hairdresser Banquet
  • Beauty World
  • Tying the Knot
  • Hairdresser Biology
  • Hairdresser Cinch
  • Hair Friends Hairdresser
  • Pink and Blonde Hairdresser

Beauty Salon Business Names

  • Unique Identity Beauty Salon
  • Groove Beauty Salon
  • Flirty Clips
  • On the Ave Beauty Salon
  • Beauty Salon Rethink
  • Waves and Lace
  • Just Cuts Beauty Salon
  • Impulse Beauty Salon
  • Luscious Beauty Salon
  • Amazing Grace
  • Sophisticated Styles Beauty Salon
  • Layers and Tones
  • Glamorous Beauty Salon
  • Flaming Beauty Salon
  • Cutting-Edge Style
  • Matte and Shine Beauty Salon
  • Embrace Your Inclinations
  • Hair Happens Beauty Salon
  • Cipher Beauty Salon
  • The Super Beauty Salon
  • Hair Bang!
  • Grapevine Beauty Salon
  • Fade To Black Beauty Salon
  • My Curls Cut In
  • Chic Beauty Salon
  • Beauty Salon Juniper
  • Hot Spot Beauty Salon
  • Obsessions Beauty Salon
  • Elms Beauty Salon
  • I Can’t Get Enough
  • Beauty Salon Morsels
  • Beauty Salon Ladder
  • Matter Beauty Salon
  • Beauty Burgundy
  • Angel Style Beauty Salon
  • Beauty Salon Nara
  • The Shear Edge
  • Jot Beauty Salon
  • Color Me Beautiful
  • Beauty Salon Tower

Styling Salon Business Name Ideas

  • Just Snip It
  • Styling Salon
  • Stylist Cryptic
  • Perfect Style Styling Salon
  • Pretty & Pretty Styling Salon
  • Tangles & Tresses
  • Something Scissors Styling Salon
  • Officer Styling Salon
  • Hacker Styling Salon
  • Styling Salon One
  • Fair Weather Styling Salon
  • Stylist Styling Salon
  • Styling Salon Playful
  • Styli Studios Styling Salon
  • Talk of the Town
  • Stylist Superstar Styling Salon
  • Off The Chart Styling Salon
  • Fruitful Styling Salon
  • Twisted Starlets Styling Salon
  • Posh Appeal Styling Salon
  • Connections Styling Salon
  • Hairfinity Styling Salon
  • Silky Glamor Styling Salon
  • Bang Outta Here
  • Dye-Wild Styling Salon
  • Brown Sugar
  • Scream Styling Salon
  • Tangled Up Salon
  • Hairtastic Styling Salon
  • Flair Styling Salon
  • Blush Factor Styling Salon
  • Quill and Brim Styling Salon
  • Hair Styling Salon
  • Budget Bliss Styling Salon
  • The Styling Styling Salon
  • Vanity Visions Styling Salon
  • Classy Styling Salon
  • Bold and Beautiful Styling Salon
  • Styling Salon Locks Of Love
  • Prim And Chic Styling Salon
  • Love & One Styling Salon

Great Hair Salon Business Names

  • Bloom & Petal Florist
  • Fresh Start Cleaning Co.
  • Urban Oasis Landscaping
  • Bright Ideas Consulting
  • Blue Horizon Realty
  • Sweet Serenity Bakery
  • Harmony Yoga Studio
  • Thrive Wellness Center
  • Wise Owl Tutoring
  • Happy Tails Pet Care
  • Crafty Creations Handmade
  • Simply Organized Solutions
  • Golden Harvest Farm Market
  • Zenith Tech Solutions
  • Evergreen Eco Clean
  • Pure Bliss Spa Retreat
  • Swift Courier Services
  • Stellar Events Planning
  • Peak Performance Fitness
  • Tranquil Waters Plumbing
  • Silver Lining Financial Advisors
  • Blossom Boutique Floral
  • Nova Nova Photography
  • Green Thumb Gardening
  • Wildfire Marketing Agency
  • Coastal Breeze Real Estate
  • Radiant Smiles Dental Care
  • Bold Brew Coffee Co.
  • Renaissance Artisanal Crafts
  • Summit Peak Adventure Tours
  • Infinity Infinity Design Studio
  • Aurora Beauty Salon
  • Thunderbird Construction
  • Emerald Isle Travel Agency
  • Harmony Harmony Home Décor
  • Atlas Atlas Auto Repair
  • Zenith Zenith Zumba Fitness
  • Blossom Blossom Beauty Bar
  • Starlight Starlight Event Rentals
  • Swift Swift Shoe Repair

How to Create a Hair Salon Business Name – 10 Tips

It might be challenging to come up with a unique name for your hair salon. So then how can you come up with a name that guarantees success?

While there is no isn’t straightforward way, there are a few things that can help you come up with the right brand name. They are;

a) Make a List of Potential Hair Salon Names

It’s advisable to build a shortlist before attempting to come up with the perfect name for your hair salon.

Making a selection of the names that have attracted your attention will help you finalize the brand name in the next stages.

Additionally, you would want to begin by jotting down all of the significant words you want your hair salon business to be associated with.

Before going on to the next step, ensure that you have 15-20 such words.

b) Hair Salon Name Should Be Easy To Remember

If you can’t recall it, it’s not a brand name. If this happens, you’ll miss out on a lot of possibilities for brand awareness and visibility.

Begin by selecting simple terms that appropriately describe your hair salon and work your way up from there.

The words should be as easy as possible so that everyone understands their meaning. Also, use terms that the locals in the region you’re establishing are comfortable saying in their native language.

c) Keep It Simple

Now it’s time to select and remove terms that are hard to spell from your list of words. This objective is to avoid complicated words that are hard to spell so that potential buyers can read and memorize them.

It’s also worth noting that mispronouncing your hair salon’s name might affect its message. If you want your hair salon business name to be effective, make it short and simple to read and understand.

Also, make sure that the name’s design is simple so that people can read it even at a glance.

d) Consider Rhyming Words

Rhyming words are more easily remembered than nonrhyming terms.

It will also have a catchy and intelligent sound to it. You may use this because there aren’t many hair salon company names like it.

This is because rhyming phrases are naturally appealing. They also have a nice appearance and sound.

What’s more, they’re easily remembered. As a result, you may benefit from word-of-mouth marketing using this strategy. Make sure your rhyming terms aren’t too long or confusing.

e) Try to be Unique

Ensure to do some research in your region of business before coming up with a name to make sure there aren’t any other hair salons with that name.

The reason for this is to minimize needless rivalry and misunderstanding, your hair salon’s name should be distinctive.

When customers try to find your company afterwards, they can mistakenly pick the other brand. Furthermore, having a distinct and memorable name helps attract clients and sets you apart from the competition.

f) Choose A Hair Salon Name Name That Connects

You will have an extra benefit in the long term if you can select a hair salon name that has a greater meaning than what it appears on the surface.

If your hair salon is in Southern California, for example, you could wish to incorporate the terms in your brand name.

This will aid in the development of interpersonal interactions with your clients. Consumers who are loyal to your hair salon store are more inclined to return and are often long-term customers.

g) Consider Having a Niche Hair Salon Business Name

Another tip for ensuring your hair salon is a success is to choose a specialist business name. This will guarantee that you have a niche-specific, easy-to-understand name that highlights your unique selling proposition.

It means that you must determine what sets you different from your competition, what you can offer that others cannot, and what your greatest strengths are.

Then attempt to come up with a name for your hair salon business that revolves around those points.

h) Name Should Be SEO Friendly

When picking a name for your hair salon business, bear in mind that it must be SEO-friendly. An excellent SEO-friendly name will include terms like ‘beauty, “hair,” style,’ ‘lush’ and so on that are often used in this field.

You should analyze when consumers in your region will search for that question and which businesses will appear.

We assume you’d like your hair salon’s name to be prominently displayed. If you would like to know in more detail how to make your hair salon business name SEO-friendly you should check out our dedicated article about it.

i) Look For Domain Name Availability

While finalizing your hair salon business name, you should also check for domain availability. In today’s fast-changing, having a matching domain name is essential.

It will offer you a tremendous boost if your domain name and hair salon name are the same. There are specific websites where you may check the availability of a domain name. Customers will perceive you as much more professional and trustworthy if you use the same domain name.

Suggested Read: How to Check Domain Name Availability & Register

j) Check For Trademark Registration

Before finalizing a business name for your hair salon, it’s critical to check to see whether the name has already been trademarked by another firm.

This will save you a lot of difficulties and maybe legal problems in the future. You have to first search for your desired name and then trademark it under your name. To do so, go to your country’s trade and commerce website and search for a trademark. If you are from the United States the website for the Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is the place to go.

More Business Names:

Branding Practices For Your Hair Salon

Proper branding can allow you to get the most out of your hair salon business name. You want to create a connection with your target consumer through your branding approach, one that creates pleasant, positive feelings.

Here are a few pointers from professionals to help you brand your hair salon business name.

1. Logo Is Most Important

When it comes to branding your hair salon business, the most essential thing to remember is to create a logo that is both eye-catching and memorable.

You should be aware that, other than the name, your logo will be the key element of your business.

These two factors influence initial impressions, even before customers enter your store. Please read our in-depth post on how to build the perfect business logo if you want to learn more about logo design.

2. Create A Hair Salon Website

The significance of having your hair salon business website cannot be overstated. It may be a site where you display all of your key information, like your name, logo, contact information, address, discounts, special deals, and new designs, among other things. All of your social media profiles will be connected to the website, assisting in the creation of positive impressions.

You may also set up automatic bookings and payments if you like.

3. Make A Slogan for Hair Salon Business

A memorable slogan may help your hair salon succeed. The strategy to leave a lasting impact on your consumers is to create a phrase.

This is a simple branding strategy that can make your hair salon stand out. Since slogans are easily remembered, they are even more effective at capturing and retaining attention than a good business name.

It may be difficult for you to come up with the ideal slogan for your hair salon. To assist you with this, we offer a dedicated step-by-step tutorial on how to create an attractive slogan.

4. Come Up With A Business Card

Giving someone your business card is still a great technique to make a long-lasting positive impression.

Such actions will significantly boost brand loyalty and confidence in your hair salon business. People will most likely perceive you as an expert who strives to accomplish his or her best. Business cards are also durable and convenient, so you’ll get calls and questions long after you’ve given them out.

You can check out our detailed explainer on how to create an effective business card.

5. Design A Brochure

Finally, it would be wonderful if you could develop a brochure to brand your hair salon name. These are easy to execute and have the potential to make a lot of money. You may add a lot of fantastic promotional content and incentives here to persuade people to call you.

A well-implemented brochure distribution model may help you raise sales quickly while being simple to establish and less expensive than alternative options.

If you’re having problems, check out our detailed guide on how to make a business brochure.


Ensure you enjoy and feel the name that you are ultimately picking. Only then will it strike a chord with your customers.

If you want you can also ask for suggestions from friends and family however keep in mind that you should pick a name that you believe in.

Also, remember that choosing a unique name for your hair salon business helps set it apart from the competition and makes it more appealing to clients.

You must have acquired a lot of strategies for naming your hair salon business by now. We hope you enjoyed reading it and that it was of great use to you.