How to Start Disposable Paper Plate Making Business With Machine, Cost

Do you want to start a disposable paper plate manufacturing business? Here is a simple guide to start this manufacturing business from home or on a small scale.

Disposable paper plates and saucers as the name suggests are made out of special quality paper reinforced with polyethylene sheets to make it leak proof. These products are conveniently used for serving eatables during family functions, eating chats and snacks, fruits, sweets, etc.

Where to Sell Disposable Paper Plates?

Most of the sweet shops use it for serving their customers with dry as well as wet sweets/ Namkeens. The caterers utilize disposable paper plates during parties and social functions. These are a convenient replacement for crockery and utensils.

A disposable paper plate has many advantages over conventional crockery/ steel utensils. Whereas conventional utensils need care in handling, have to be cleaned before and after use need a lot of space for storage and are difficult to handle these products are light in weight, are disposable after use, cheaper and can be stored easily. These are very cheap as compared to conventional utensils.

People use paper plates on religious and organize functions wherein meals, snacks sweets are being served. Further, it is used in marriages, celebrates birthdays, and other family functions on a regular basis.

These products have an urban as well as the rural market. These products are mostly used during social functions, religious gatherings, parties, marriages, outings, in sweet shops, caterers, etc. The disposable paper plate has many advantages and hence preferred as compared to standard utensils/crockery for serving eatables.

Manufacturing Process of Disposable Paper Plates

The paper plates and bowls are made by fusing two layers of good quality paper with a sheet of polyethylene.

The disposable paper plate can be of any desired shape and size depending upon the die employed for manufacture. The quality of paper used is generally of importance as it should be firm enough to maintain the shape and hold the weight of the eatable served in it.

They can easily be disposed of after use and hence save a lot of labor as far as cleaning/drying of utensils is concerned. These are easily transportable and easy to handle.

What Types of Machines is Required? 

paper plate machine

Choosing a manufacturing machine largely depends on the scale of operation. There are three types of machines that are available in the market. They are manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic paper plate making machine.

If you are a beginner and want to start from home, the manual machine will do. However, for larger-scale production, you need to buy a semi or fully automatic machine.

Where to Buy Paper Plate Manufacturing Machine?

Contact al local machinery retailer or distributor and take quotes. Nowadays, you can also reach out to online marketplaces and negotiate the best price. Some of the popular b2b marketplaces are the following:

The cost of a good quality automatic paper plate manufacturing machine will cost in the range of $5400 to $20,000.

Sweet shops and small eateries can be found at every street corner and all such joints use these disposable paper plates and bowls. Thus keeping in view the culture of the people and the habits there is a vast market for the products not only in urban areas but also in rural areas.