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Best 25 Instagram Business Ideas for 2023

    You must be well-conversant with Instagram and share regular updates on the platform. Do you know that Instagram can be a very good business platform for you? Here in this article, we list down different kinds of Instagram business ideas that can make good money.

    Instagram has a huge number of followers which makes it an extremely powerful marketplace to sell your products and services. According to Statista, the number of Instagram users is 1.28 billion and the number will increase with time. Hence4, your Instagram business idea will have a global customer base of 1.28 billion!

    Another important statistic about Instagram is that more than 60% of its followers are in the age group of 18 to 34 years. Hence, you can think of Instagram business ideas targeting this age profile.

    While working on any of the Instagram business ideas, keep in mind that your activity and number of followers should be high, so that you can have a good customer base.

    Study different business profiles and their number of followers and respond to the followers before you start your Instagram business idea. This will help you in developing your business and get more customers.

    25 Instagram Business Ideas

    1. Instagram Influencer

    Working as an Instagram influencer is a popular and profitable Instagram business idea. As an influencer, you will highlight and advertise products or services to your followers. You will need a considerable number of followers for this business. Choose a niche you have experience and expertise. Many companies pay Instagram influencers for advertising their products.

    2. Instagram Manager

    Working as an Instagram manager is also a gainful Instagram business idea. Many companies appoint managers for the publicity of their products or services on social media, especially Instagram. If you have good knowledge and a large number of followers, you can be a good manager.

    3. Food Blogger

    If you are a good writer and a foodie or chef, you can be a food blogger on Instagram. Write about recipes, restaurants, speciality food etc in your blogs. Share the link to your profile, blog or website on Instagram. With an increasing number of followers, you will get payment from various restaurants, hotels, cafes etc. This Instagram business idea will fetch you a good income.

    4. Travel Blogger/Travel Ambassador

    Travel blogging is quite popular. If you are a travel blogger, share your blogs or links on Instagram as an Instagram business idea. Write about different tourist places, both popular and offbeat with photographs. As a travel ambassador, you will give details about a tourist place with accommodation and other tips. You will be paid by various travel companies, hotels, resorts etc.

    5. Fashion Blogger

    If you are a fashion designer or a fashionista, you can take up fashion blogging as your Instagram business idea. Write about fashion trends and various fashion houses along with tips on styling and various kinds of garments and accessories of reputed and also upcoming brands. You will be paid by advertisers and fashion houses for publicity of their brands.

    6. E-Commerce

    E-Commerce is a popular business idea on Instagram. You can sell all kinds of stuff through Instagram. Post good photographs of different items that you wish to sell to attract followers. Clothing, accessories, grocery, consumer durables, and pet essentials are popular items for sale. Connect the link to the respective website or Instagram bio or Insta store to ensure a sale.

    7. Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing is a lucrative Instagram business idea that will fetch you good profit. In this business, you can discuss different products that you suggest or prefer along with the link to their websites. For every purchase done by any customer clicking the provided link, you will get a commission.

    8. Review Products

    Product review is a good business idea on Instagram. As an expert, you can review the products of various companies and share them with your followers. Manufacturers of the products will pay you well for the reviews.

    9. Personal Stylist

    Personal stylists have good demand in the market now. If you are a stylist and provide personal styling services to different clients, you can use Instagram for increasing your client base. Post pictures of your styling services and styled clients on Instagram. With a good number of followers, you will get many contacts and enquiries for styling. In this way, you will be able to expand your business through Instagram.

    10. Make-Up Artist

    Make-up artists also have great business potential on Instagram. If you are a trained make-up artist, you can get many clients through this Instagram business idea. Post photographs of your make-up skills applied to clients on Instagram along with your contact details. You will get many more clients through Instagram.

    11. Graphic Designer

    Use Instagram as your business platform in the case of graphic designing. Post samples of your work on Instagram and get several enquiries. This Instagram business idea is popular as well as profitable. Post the best samples of your work on Instagram and you will surely get more clients and thereby expand your business.

    12. Artist

    Are you a professional artist or an illustrator? You can start your business on Instagram. Share your creations in your profile and also share your contact details or website link. You will get many enquiries and job assignments through Instagram. This Instagram business idea will help you in gaining popularity and income quickly.

    13. Event Planning

    If you are an event planner, you can use Instagram as your business promotion platform. Post pictures and details of events organized by you in your Instagram profile. You will get many contacts and enquiries that will turn into business assignments giving you profit.

    14. Photography

    Photography is a profitable Instagram business idea. If you are a professional photographer, you can start your business on Instagram. Post your stock photographs on various subjects on Instagram mentioning your interest to work as a professional photographer. You will receive business enquiries from prospective clients which will make your business profitable.

    15. Performing Art

    If you are a performing artist like a dancer, singer, stand-up comedian or instrument player, Instagram can be a good platform to start your business. Post recorded videos of your performance in the respective field to attract the attention of viewers as well as prospective clients. With an increasing number of views and followers, you will get business.

    16. Online Bakery

    An online bakery is a great business idea on Instagram. Share photographs of your baked food and videos of making them. You will get many orders through Instagram. Many online bakeries have become popular through Instagram and established themselves as profit-making businesses.

    17. DIY Expert

    If you are a crafts expert and have expertise in DIY projects, you can use it as an Instagram business idea. Post videos of your DIY projects on Instagram. With an increasing number of interested viewers, you will get sponsorships and affiliate advertising links which will become a good source of income for you.

    18. Fitness Coaching

    Are you a fitness coach? If yes, then your skill can be a good Instagram business idea. Share videos of your fitness lessons on Instagram for attracting followers. You will get more business as well as sponsorships and affiliate links.

    19. Life Coaching

    Life coaching is an important profession in today’s world and a great Instagram business idea. If you are a life coach, you can share your experience with photographs and infographics. In this way, you can expand your client base through Instagram.

    20. Business Coaching

    Business coaching can also be a good Instagram business idea. If you are a professional business coach, you can share your experience and expertise along with successful assignments in your Instagram profile. This will give you benefits and profits in two ways. Firstly, you will get more business contacts. Secondly, you will get sponsorships and affiliate advertising links.

    21. Pet Personality

    Pet personality is a profitable and prospective Instagram business idea. If you have a pet, you can publicize him/her through different kinds of posts on the activities and mischiefs of him/her. Pet lovers throughout the world are very much fond of these photographs and videos. Once your number of followers increases, you will get high income from the manufacturers of pet products who will associate with you for their brands’ promotion.

    22. Copywriting Service

    Providing copywriting services is a good Instagram business idea. If you are an expert copywriter, you can create an Instagram profile accordingly and follow different business houses and send enquiries. Also, post some of your writings in your profile. You will get job assignments through Instagram.

    23. Selling Handcrafted Products

    Handcrafted products are widely sold through Instagram stores. Hence it is a lucrative Instagram business idea. If you can make such items, or stock them from various sources, you can sell them through your Instagram store earning high profits. Use good photographs and a brief description of the product.

    24. Tutoring

    Tutoring or teaching is a profitable Instagram business idea. If you are a teacher or an aspiring teacher, you can take classes through your Instagram channel and get paid. This area has a good demand ensuring a high income for you.

    25. Infographic Designer

    Infographics are important methods of display and communication. If you are an expert infographic designer, you can grow this business idea through Instagram. Post good samples of your work in your Instagram profile for getting more clients for your business.

    Apart from social networking and photo publishing, Instagram is a great platform for business. Instagram business ideas will open your business horizon to a large number of clients worldwide.

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