Top 20 Business Ideas & Opportunities in Lagos with Small Investment

Lagos is one of the largest cities and commercial capital of Nigeria. Lagos provides the best business atmosphere supported by good infrastructural support to  Small and Medium businessmen.

With a growing population of about 20 million people, small business opportunities in Lagos are backed up by strong domestic market demand.

Top 20 Small Business Ideas in Lagos

Here are the best lucrative small business opportunities in Lagos that are making good money

1.  Food Catering business

Most workers in the city of Lagos do not have the time to cook as they leave home very early in the morning and arrive late at night. They don’t have any other option but to buy food items from restaurants and fast food centers. Starting a food delivery business in Lagos is bound to be profitable if planned properly.

2. Cab/car hiring business

A cab driver in Lagos on average earns NGN 12,000 every day. This business is worth giving a try by investors. Here is a stepwise guide on steps to follow to start a car rental business.

3. Fitness Instructor

There are a lot of people in the city who love to keep themselves fit. They look forward to working with fitness instructors or gyms in exercising, massaging, and remain fit. You need little money in starting this business.

4.. Event management

Parties take place in Lagos throughout the year. You can work as an event organizer and make money. Check our article on Top Profitable Event Management Business Ideas to know more.

5. Fashion designing

Nigerians and Lagosians, in particular, showing a lot of interest in local designers. The demand for Aso Ebi has been on the rise in Lagos. Investment in the fashion business is a good decision if planned and executed properly.

6. Real Estate

Buying, developing, and selling properties is one of the most profitable businesses in the city. You can start a real estate agency business and make good money providing solutions for accommodation to people.

7. Travels and tours

Lagos is witnessing more foreign visitors coming in recent days mainly for tourism purposes.  You can work as a tour guide and help tourists exploring Lagos and Nigeria. Ticketing, visa processing, and hotel reservations business are some of the areas you can explore.

8. Man Power Hiring Agency

There is an acute problem of unemployment in Nigeria, especially Lagos. You can make good money by providing employment solutions to job seekers.

9. Security Agency

Security is a major concern for people in Lagos. You can start a security service agency and provide security solutions to individuals and organizations.

10. Cleaning services

A cleaning service business is one of the most thriving businesses in the city. You can start a cleaning service agency in Lagos and provide services like Car wash, home cleaning, office cleaning, laundry, and dry cleaning, etc.

9. Babysitting 

Over ninety percent of nursing mothers in the city is too busy with work, as such, they employ the services of babysitters and daycare centers to help them care for their babies. On average, a daycare center has 15 children and charges NGN 10,000 per child.

10. Fitness center

This business thrives most in the city. A lot of individuals place much value on exercise, massaging, and keeping fit and as a result of that, they patronize fitness centers. It should be noted that this business is relatively capital intensive.

11. Cosmetic Store

People in Lagos are fashion-conscious. If you have a retail space in a commercial location, selling cosmetic items can be very profitable.

12. Set up a Salon

Salon business is another beauty-related business that has good money-making potential in the city of Lagos. You can offer services like hairstyle, manicure, pedicure, spa, and many more.

13.  Bar Cum Restaurant

Though the restaurant market is a bit competitive, still there is ample scope for new entrants in this sector in Lagos. You can come with a theme-based bar-cum-restaurant to attract more customers.

14. Start a Manufacturing Business in Lagos

If you some funds, consider starting a small scale manufacturing business. There are a lot of scopes for a manufacturing business as there is a good domestic audience in Lagos to buy the product.

15. Distribution Business

As a distributor, you will work as a middle man between the manufacturer and the retailer. If you have some space to stock items, the distribution business in Lagos can fetch you good returns.

Home-Based Online Business Ideas in Lagos

16. Start a Blog

If you are looking for a legitimate way of making money from home with a nominal investment, starting a blog in present-day, is the most profitable option. There are a number of niches that can be explored to make money out of a blog.

17. Affiliate Marketing

There are many in Lagos that are making good money as an affiliate marketer. You can check our guide on how to make money out of affiliate marketing to learn more.

18. Online Teaching

If you are a subject expert, teaching online is a good way of making extra money in your spare time. There are many online tutoring job sites that offer online teaching job opportunities.

19. Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is an online product distribution model where you do not need to stock inventories. You need to simply take orders online from your e-commerce website. The concerned product manufacturer or supplier will deliver the product to the customer. You in turn will get a commission out of the sale.

The business of dropshipping is rising in Lagos.

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20. Become a Virtual Assistant

More and more companies are outsourcing jobs to online freelancers. As a virtual assistant, you will be offering services remotely to the vendors. Check this guide to know more about the virtual assistant business.

Lagos is no doubt the most business-friendly city in Nigeria. Analyze these top business opportunities in Lagos and start the one which you think fits for you. Best of Luck!