Top 36 Profitable Leasing And Rental Business Ideas

Are you searching for profitable and lucrative leasing and rental business ideas? Starting a renting business definitely a smart way of earning huge profits investing not much.

Leasing and renting businesses have long been a popular moneymaking industry, mainly because although not everyone can afford to purchase luxury or recreational equipment, they can pay the rent.

The other reason is the seldom requirement of that essential equipment that doesn’t comply with the purchase. The startup cost of leasing and renting business ideas can be high depending on the types of products and equipment that you purchase to rent.

36 Rental Business Ideas

Here is the list of profitable low-cost leasing and renting business ideas and opportunities with low capital investment:

1. Air Conditioning Rental Business

The air conditioning rental business is providing air conditioning facilities to the clients by installing the required air conditioning machine on rent. Your customers would be a traveling business, temporary settlers, startup company offices.

2. Property Rental Agency

The property rental agency is a very profitable business and you do not need to invest much money. Deal with the apartment owner about the rent and terms. Many owners are searching for real estate agents who can give the clients.

3. Arcade Game Rental Business

Arcade game renting is a wonderful trending business nowadays. People generally hire arcade game equipment for various parties, carnivals, corporate events, festivals, etc.

4. RV Rental Business

Recreational vehicles are generally abbreviated as RVs. If you have an RV or can lease/ buy an RV, renting out the vehicle can fetch you good profit returns.

5. Audio Equipment Renting

People often hire audio equipment for various speaking events like private dining, banquet, meeting, outdoor event, panel discussion, open event, press conference, etc. It’s one of the most profitable leasing and rental business ideas.

6. Baby Furniture Leasing And Renting Business

Instead of buying baby furniture, many parents like to have those on rent. The reason is, as the baby grows those items of furniture become useless for them. You can start this business as a home-based and part-time also.

7. Bingo Equipment Renting

Bingo is very popular among children and young people. It is considered the most popular adventure sport. Bingo equipment renting is profitable and can be operated part-time.

8. Car Rental

For a person living in a strategic place of a high density of population with business centers and entertainment outfits, the car rental business would be a lucrative and profitable venture for him. The primary operation would involve scheduling customer reservations and be supplying the rental car.

A car rental business is a management intensive business and it needs a lot of research before you go into the business.

9. House Boat Rental

You can start a houseboat rental business in two ways. One is by purchasing the houseboat and offering on rent. The other way is to contact the houseboat owners who are willing to give their houseboat on rent.

10. Book Renting

If you have a sufficient quality book collection, starting a book renting business is a perfect way to earn handsome money out of it. Focusing on a target niche and a marketing plan is necessary for starting a book renting business.

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10. Camera And Accessories Renting

You can promote the camera and accessories business in two ways; online and offline. It is a very profitable business idea, provided you have a wide collection of camera and it’s accessories.

11. Carpet Shampoo Machine Renting 

Two types of carpet shampoo machines are generally available in the market. One is a portable type and the other one is vehicle-mounted. Carpet shampoo machine cleans the carpet from stains and dust and then dry them. It is one of the most profitable leasings and renting business ideas considering the startup costs involved.

12. Coffee Machine Renting

Coffee vending machine renting is a great way to earn handsome money out of a little investment. The demand for the coffee vending machine is increasing in places around small, medium, and large offices, schools, industrial canteens, hospitals, software companies, hotels, restaurants, malls, and many other places.

13. Conference Room Rental Business 

Most of the businesses and companies are looking for a conference room on rent for their special meeting or training programs. If you have such a space, you can earn handsome money by renting it as a conference room.

15. Construction Equipment Renting

Construction equipment renting is considered a lucrative and potential business model. Every real estate and construction company generally serve their demand for construction equipment from the rental company.

16. Costume Rental Business

 In the costume rental business, your main consumers are schools, acting institutions, and theater groups. This business can be initiated from home and can be operated part-time.

17. Dumpster Renting

The primary goal of a dumpster renting business is to help clients to manage their trash in the most cost-effective way and for the benefit of the environment. Any domestic and commercial company can be your customer in this business.

18. Electric Wheelchair Renting

Electric wheelchair renting business for disabled and handicapped people is a great way of making money. You can operate this business part-time also.

19. Gas Cylinder Rental Business

Many people who often need to relocate for their professional purpose, always looking for gas cylinder rental service. This is one of the most profitable rental business ideas that can be initiated as home-based.

20. Home Appliances Renting

Home appliances renting is a new trending business that can be started in any metro city where people generally relocate for their professional requirements. Yes, this is an innovative and lucrative business model for startup entrepreneurs.

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21. Luxury Bus Rental

Luxury bus rental business opportunity demands initial aggressive advertising and marketing drive. An entrepreneur having experience in the travel business and passionate about traveling can start this venture. The luxury bus rental business is capital intensive and wise fun making an idea to make money out of the travel industry.

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22. Movie Renting

A movie renting business can be initiated from your home location. A wide collection of the movie will make you eligible to start this business. People always prefer rental service instead of buying movie DVDs.

23. Multimedia Projector Renting

A multimedia projector is one of the most useful equipment in the conference, training or seminars.  Educational institutes and businesses often prefer to have multimedia projectors on rent. With a proper marketing plan, you can initiate this business with moderate startup capital investment.

24. Musical Instrument Rental

Music instrument rental for beginners and bands is a great way of making money out of a rental business. As the musical instrument is costly, people always prefer to have that on rent instead of buying.

25. Office Equipment Renting 

Startup businesses often like to have initial office equipment on rent because of the non-affordability of purchasing costly furniture and related essential equipment.

26. Office Space Renting

Office space renting is a smart way of making money out of the rental business. If you have an office with a lot of space unused, you can consider sharing that space on rent. You can also have a bigger space and den module for small businesses to start with rent.

27. Party Supplies Rental

Party supplies rental is an early age business. Party is considered a celebration and it happens with the gatherings of people. It involves so many tables, chairs, dining arrangements, music, and dance arrangements.

28. Party Tent Renting

Party tent renting is a wonderful opportunity for individuals who want to make an easy extra income. Many people, businesses, companies are often looking for a rental party tent for outdoor events, wedding ceremonies, catering purposes, and sports purposes.

29. Popcorn Machine Renting

Popcorn machines on rent have increasing demand nowadays for events, celebrations, and party purposes. The business can be initiated either from home or by establishing a small retail outlet.

30. Private Jet Renting

People hire a private jet to have more comfort, luxury, and private flying than public air jets. Yes, this business is no doubt cost-intensive, and a proper marketing plan is required before getting into the business.

31. Signage Rental Business

A portable signage rental business is considered a short-term means of outdoor advertising. You can initiate this business from a home location and can operate part-time.

32. Ski Renting

If you are an experienced and skilled skier and passionate about jet ski, the ski renting business is perfect for you. Offering the right ski according to the client’s choice is the major aspect of getting success in this business.

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33. Truck Rental Business

In the truck rental business, you will serve both types of clients; domestic and commercial. Every product industry needs to have a truck rental service for transportation purposes.

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34. Video Game Renting

Video game renting is one of the most trending leasings and renting business ideas that can be initiated with a wide range of attractive video game collections. You can establish a small retail store to promote this business.

35. Virtual Office Space Rental

The virtual office provides communication and address services without providing dedicated office space to the clients.  A virtual office user can expand into new markets by utilizing a provider with multiple locations to establish a professional presence in the desired growth markets.

Virtual office space renting is one of the most profitable leasing and rental business ideas that can be initiated with substantial capital investment.

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36. Artificial Flower Trees Renting

Artificial flower trees are used for indoor and outdoor decoration purposes. On occasion and special programs like a birthday party, wedding reception, corporate events people hire artificial trees and flowers to decorate the place temporarily.