How to Start a Digital eBook Library Business at Home

Digital book library or online book renting generally provides the services of accessing digital products online. And definitely, it demands a substantial startup capital investment. However, you can start a digital book library for books and journals to serve the local people in your area.

As your business grows, there are a lot of opportunities to expand a business. The objective of crafting this post is to provide detailed information about how to start a small digital book library with a small capital investment.

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Book libraries are an important part of our educational and social life. Libraries are where so many children discover what books they like best and become lifelong readers. They’re also great places for research. In addition, a library provides the opportunity of reading books without purchasing them.

However, book libraries are currently under threat as never before. Due to the rapid growth of online book reading options, people are not willing to visit a public library anymore. However, online ebooks and kindle versions have still some limitations. And here you can find an opportunity of starting a digital book library.

Digital eBook Library Business Model

It is basically an online store. List the books you have for the readers. Fix subscription fees for a year. The readers will access the site. They will pay the subscription amount.

After that, they will surf the books library and will put their requirements. Then, you will need to deliver the book to customers’ doorstep. So, a reader can enjoy and access a library digitally. Furthermore, he or she can get the books at their doorstep.

Things To Consider In Starting Digital Book Library

  • Setup a small online store with a small budget. There are options to do this.
  • Check your stock of the books. It is better to start with niche segments. As you can start with only business books or history books or literature or fiction. However, the wide category includes Bed Time Story, Biography, Business Communication, Children’s Fiction, Classic, Contemporary, Crime & Law, Fairy Tales, Fantasy, Fiction, Finance, Investing, Literature, Mystery, Non-Fiction, Philosophy, Poetry, Romance & Relationship, Self Help any much more.
  • Starting with a niche category will help you to promote your business within the community.
  • Craft standing operating procedure for the entire operation – right from establishing the library to get the book return back from the readers,
  • Select a meaningful and catchy name for your company. It is essential for this type of online operation.
  • Check what type of license and permissions are required for this business in your state.
  • Also, you can add CDs and DVDs to your product line.
  • Clearly mention the PIN Code of the areas you are operating. So, your customers never get into any inconvenience.

How To Setup Digital eBook Library

The Digital ebook library is an online book renting business. So you must have an online store for the operation. You can build a store with web developer professionals. Else, you can set up an online store with the help of the eCommerce platforms.

And Shopify is the best option for this. It is inexpensive and offers a lot of features to the users. Furthermore, you will get the support of the team for any sort of crisis.

Promote Your Digital Book Library

If you build the store with Shopify, they will do promotions on behalf of you. However, this type of business demands both offline and online promotion.

Craft a marketing plan according to your target audience. If you are starting with textbooks then tap the educational institutes like schools and colleges. However, for a full-scale library, you will need to promote the store widely. In addition, you must promote the digital book library on social media.