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Best 10 Small Business Ideas & Opportunities in Ireland

    If you are thinking about starting a new small business in Ireland then you are in the right place! Are you looking for small business ideas in starting your small business to earn some extra cash or working full time to scale up in the future?

    Six of the top 10 companies on Forbes’ list of The World’s Most Innovative Companies 2014 have operations in Ireland. This manifests the success of Ireland’s economy in attracting investment across a wide range of sectors.

    Top 10 Small Business Ideas in Ireland

    Here we list the top business idea sectors to invest in Ireland:

    #1. Business Consulting

    Ireland is one of the most business-friendly nations in the world. Starting a professional business consulting business is worth considering. Both individuals and businesses require professional services such as Event & Wedding Planning, Legal Services & Will Writing, marketing consulting, IT solutions, manpower recruiting, etc.

    You can also buy franchises from companies like Antal international, Auditel, LMI, etc.

    #2. Cleaning Service  

    The cleaning industry- residential, commercial, and carpet- is booming in Ireland. The Irish cleaning industry is worth millions annually. You can consider being part of this stable, recession-proof profitable industry. There is a variety of niche markets in the cleaning industry.

    The main categories are residential and commercial cleaning services. You can focus on residential maid services, janitorial services for commercial facilities, carpet cleaning, window washing, ceiling tile cleaning, driveway brightening, etc.

    You can also buy a franchise from companies like PuriFry, Nationwide Cleaners, Cleaning Doctor, Chem-Dry Ireland, etc

    #3. Sports & Fitness

    If you’re looking to become a part of a profitable growth industry, sports, and fitness-related business is definitely one sector you must consider in Ireland. With the recent data showing a huge increase in the number of people participating in sports activities, sports, and fitness-related business ventures are experiencing success.

    People are looking for ways of relaxing to spend their leisure time. There is also a huge need for fun, exciting ways to fight obesity trends among Irish citizens.

    You can also buy a franchise from companies like Curves, My Gym Children’s Fitness Center, Acumen Sport, etc.

    #4. Automotive

    If you enjoy working with or have an appreciation for cars, starting a small automobile-related business is a profitable option. The automotive industry in Ireland is growing at a fast pace and showing no sign of slowing down. With approximately 30 million cars on the road in the UK, Ireland is the right place to start an automobile business.

    Used car dealership, car valeting, tire repair, minor Damage, cosmetic repair, automotive repair tools sales, auto insurance sales, etc. are some of the businesses you can start with low money.

    You can also buy a franchise from companies like Snap-on Tools, Lock Doctor, Puncture safe, etc.

    #5. Food

    The food and beverage industry is one of the leading industries in Ireland. Accounting for 9% of Ireland’s economy-wide GVA, the food, and drink sector dominates Ireland’s economy. Foodservice options like fast food, pizza, Asian takeaway, Smoothie and Juice Bars, and coffee shops have huge business potential in the thriving economy of Ireland.

    You can start out with a very small staff and hire more employees as demand grows. You can also buy a franchise from companies like Wok&Go, Subway, PuriFry, Shakeaway, Insomnia, etc.

    6. E-commerce

    More and more people in Ireland are now buying products online. Online marketplaces are slowly taking over brick and mortar retail stores. If you have a unique product or service to sell, starting an online store is a good business proposition here in Ireland.

    7. Construction

    Real estate is another booming industry in Ireland. If you are an engineer or have experience in construction-related business activity, you can consider entering this field. If you have a limited budget to invest, you can also start a real estate agency.

    8. Export Business

    There are plenty of products that are exported from Ireland. More than $83 billion value of goods is exported from the country. Pharmaceuticals, organic chemicals, and medical devices are the major three exportable items in Ireland. In addition, meat is also exported in large quantities. If you have some overseas contacts, starting an export business is a good business decision.

    9. Farming

    If you have vacant land, farming can be a good money-making business in Ireland. There is a good demand for agricultural products both domestic and in neighboring countries of vegetable and animal products. Poultry, egg, and potatoes farming can fetch you good profits.

    10. Clothing

    The clothing industry in Ireland is growing at a fast pace. If you have some experience in the clothing industry, there are plenty of options to enter this field. Starting a fashion boutique, for example, have good money-making potential here in this part of the world.

    These are the top trending small business opportunities in Ireland to start with low investment. it is advised to select a business idea based on your expertise and passion to be a successful business owner.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to Start a Business in Ireland as a Foreigner?

    Ye, non-Irish citizens can start a business or a company in Ireland.  Actually, forming a company is not at all difficult in the country. However, you have to follow a certain set of rules and steps to start a company in Ireland as a foreigner. The basic steps are as follows:

    • Select a Location
    • Choose a Company Structure – It can be a Private Limited Company(LTD), Public Limited Company(PLC), or Partnership.
    • File with the CRO (Companies Registration Office)
    • Open a Business Bank Account
    • Obtain a Company Seal
    • Register for Taxes with the Revenue Commissioners

    What are the Best Cities in Ireland to Live and Work in?

    The top 5 cities in Ireland to live and work are the following:

    • Dublin
    • Limerick
    • Cork
    • Galway
    • Waterford.

    Big MNCs like Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Dell Technologies, and Amazon operate in these cities of Ireland.

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