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Best 25 Profitable Tree Farming Business Ideas

Trees are not only good for the environment, but they can also provide you with a very good income. Tree farming business ideas are full of income potential for you.

To be successful in tree farming business ideas, you have to choose a variety of trees that have good market demand. Selling those trees or their saplings can give you a high profit.

Many trees are valuable as timber and those trees take a longer time to mature and be ready for sale. In choosing your tree farming business ideas on these trees, you have to wait to get a fantastic price.

To succeed in the tree farming business, you need a large plot of land, and a good knowledge of trees and their growth pattern. A good network with nurseries and markets is also necessary.

25 Tree Farming Business Ideas

1. Lavender Tree Farming

Most of us love the fragrance of lavender. This fragrance comes from the flowers of the lavender tree. Hence widespread plantation of lavender can be a very profitable tree farming business idea. The flowers are bought by the perfume manufacturers and also sold for bouquets. A good sales network is the key to the success in this business.

2. Avocado

Avocado is packed with immense health benefits and has a high demand in the market. Start your Avocado farm as a tree farming business idea and earn very high profits from the sale of the fruits. A good connection with the market and a structured supply line will help you greatly in this business.

3. Christmas Tree Farming

Christmas trees are a great source of good income for you. Growing these evergreen trees up to a certain height to serve as Christmas trees is a very profitable tree farming business idea. These trees are easy to grow and high-priced. Apart from that, you can earn extra income by projecting your Christmas tree farm as a tourist attraction.

4. Bamboo

Bamboo the tall member of the grass family has various uses in landscaping, gardening, etc. It can reach more than 50 feet in height. Bamboo farming is a very profitable tree farming business idea for you due to its multiple benefits. It grows easily giving you less trouble in maintenance.

5. Ginseng

Being one of the most popular medicinal herbs, Ginseng is a highly profitable tree farming business idea for you. These herbs are used as a raw material for medicines. Hence you will have the opportunity of selling them at higher prices. Good growth and an extensive sales and marketing network are necessary for this business.

6. Bonsai Tree Farming

Bonsai or dwarf plants are miniature editions of large plants and highly demanded decoration and gardens. Starting a bonsai tree farm is among the most profitable tree farming business ideas as these plants have high prices. You will need a thorough knowledge of pruning and caring for these plants. Good marketing and publicity will make your business grow.

7. Japanese Maple

Japanese Maples have a very good demand among landscapers. If you have less space, you can start your tree farming business idea by growing saplings of Japanese maple and selling them to nurseries and landscaping specialists. It fetches a very good price due to its high demand as a precious possession.

8. Apple Tree Farming

Fruit trees fetch high prices. You can start growing apples as your apple tree farming business idea and earn very good profit due to its round-the-year demand. If you can invest more, you can also start a processing unit along with the plantation. A good sales network is very important for this business.

9. Orange

Oranges can be grown very well in dwarf fruit trees taking less space. Selling fresh oranges or processed items like juice etc both are profitable tree farming business ideas. The high demand for oranges will give you a very good profit.

10. Grapes

Grapes are very resourceful as they are used not only as fruits but also as a raw material for wine. Hence growing grapes can be a good money-making tree farming business idea for you. A good sales network and contact with the winemakers will help you in growing your business.

11. Lime Tree Farming

Lime is also grown on dwarf plants and hence yields a good amount in a small piece of land. It has a high and steady market and you can earn good profit within a short span through this tree farming business idea. A good network with the market is very important for this business.

12. Pear

Pears also have a good demand in the market as more and more people are becoming keen on having fruit servings. Hence growing pears can be a very good tree farming business idea for you. Pear plants need good care at each stage of growth and you must have good knowledge about that. Sales and marketing strategies must be well-planned for the growth of this business.

13. Plum

Plum is a fruit preferred by most people. Along with the local demand, it has export potential too. Hence growing plums can bring you twin benefits. Good and timely care and good quality of fruits can give you handsome profits from this tree farming business idea.

14. Almond Tree Farming

Almond is a precious nut, used for direct consumption, as well as processed for making almond milk or almond oil. Hence, growing a cash crop like almond can bring you multiple benefits from multiple income sources. This tree farming business idea is highly lucrative and you can get very high profits through a good yield and efficient networking of sales.

15. Chestnut

Chestnut trees have the twin benefits of bearing much-demanded nuts as well as high-quality lightweight timber. Hence, if you can wait for the maturity of the trees, you can earn very good profits from this tree-farming business. Chestnuts bear a good price and in the long run, the timber is also high-priced.

16. Walnut

Walnut trees also fall into the same category of double benefits as fruits and timber. You can start this tree-farming business idea and have a good profit after the maturity of the trees. Walnuts also have a very good price in the market which will also give you a very high income.

17. Sunflower

The beautiful sunflower can be grown as flowers as well as a good source of seeds that are processed to manufacture oil. Hence sunflower farming is a very profitable tree farming business idea. The high-yielding variety of plants yields flowers within a short span and starts yielding a profit for you. Good transportation and a sales team are very important for this business.

18. Magnolia

Magnolia is a beautiful flower with different varieties. You can grow saplings and sell them to the nurseries and garden owners. It is highly demanded to ensure a good profit for you. Choose one or two varieties for your tree-planting business.

19. Dogwood

Dogwood, the flowering tree is a popular one for garden owners. You can start growing saplings of dogwood in small pots and sell them to gardeners or nurseries. These trees are in great demand and will be a profitable tree farming business idea for you.

20. Pine Tree Farming

Farming pine trees will give you several sources of income. You can create a nursery of pine trees and sell them. Another profitable option is to sell the matured trees for timber as it has a very good price. The cones of pine trees are also sold as landscaping items. Moreover, pine can be a good Christmas tree. Hence this is a very lucrative tree farming business idea.

21. Flowering Cherry

Flowering cherry bears flowers as well as fruits and is very popular among garden owners and landscapers. It is a very profitable tree planting business idea for you, provided you grow a nursery of these plants and sell them to the garden owners and landscapers.

22. Palm Trees

Grow palm trees in your plot and sell them for gardens, indoor decoration as well as landscaping. It needs good care and fetches high prices due to its demand in various sectors. This is a profitable tree-planting business idea for you.

23. Elm Trees

Elm trees are much sought after as landscaping trees grow large. To make a profitable tree planting business out of elm trees, you have to nurture them in pots and sell them to landscaping specialists. A good sales team and personal network are necessary for this business.

24. Willow Tree Farming

Willow trees have multiple benefits. The shoots of the tree are used for basket weaving and making various handicraft items. Potted willow trees also have very good demand. Hence you can earn a lot of money from this tree farming business idea. Special care is needed for the healthy growth of willow trees.

25. Moringa

Moringa provides super valuable leaves that are used in salads and nuts which are also eaten. Hence growing this multi-purpose tree is an extremely profitable tree planting business idea for you. You have to be very active in selling the leaves or seeds fresh in the market to get a good profit.

Trees are beneficial for us in so many ways. Likewise, tree-planting business ideas will also be profitable and beneficial for you.