How to Start Wind Chimes Making Business

There are huge ideas and different styles of wind chimes you can make at home. Wind chimes are a very popular home decor item and the demand is also increasing. Designer wind chimes can be made with sea shells, vintage cups, different beads, stones, metals etc. Wind chimes making is one of the most profitable home-based craft business.

People love to hear the gentle chiming of wind chimes. It is considered as most potential home decor item around the globe. Homemade crafts have always been very popular home decorations because they are cheap, interesting, and unique. Proper skill is required. There are several tutorial videos are available on the internet.

Wind Chimes Making Business Plan

Do some market research. Identify what types of wind chimes are popular. Turning a hobby into a business demands all required hard work to make the venture profit making. Craft a business plan. Include marketing strategy and financial planning. Calculate startup budget including raw materials and marketing expenses. Check for the licensing issues in your state.

Equipment & Tools

Different types of material are used to make wind chimes. Wind chimes can be made from practically any hard substance. Procure the materials according to your requirement. Some of the basic equipment and tools are

  1. Hacksaw
  2. Nail or Hole Punch
  3. Plumbers pipe cutter
  4. Electrical Wire (3/4″)
  5. Heavy Duty String
  6. Nylon Thread
  7. Metal Pipe or Bamboo
  8. Colorful Plastic Lid
  9. Bells
  10. Clapper etc.

Popular Wind Chimes Making Ideas

You can use a wide range of material to make wind chimes. Some of the popular ideas are:

Hang the Chime

Use a 2½-inch hole saw to cut a clapper from a 1x scrap. Use more 1x waste to make a V-shaped, 3-inch-long wind scoop. Hang each from the center eye screw. Cut and glue two smaller 1x squares to the top of the first square. Top-center-mount an eye screw in the smallest square. Hang the chime in the breeze and enjoy.

Seashore wind Chimes

Seashore wind chimes are the most popular. The key raw materials are seashells.

Flowerpot Wind Chime

You could also use a few small clay flowerpots. Paint their rims and hang them with rope. You can also print some leaves or draw something on each pot to decorate.

Feng Shui Wind Chimes

You could also take a more organic approach. Use a piece of driftwood and some beautiful shells. Drill tiny holes in the driftwood and attach the shelf with bead thread.

Birds Wind Chimes

The hand-painted hanging chime with bell and bird crafted with wood & copper is most beautiful. It brings in positive vibes into the place where installed. This chime should be hung from the ceiling for maximum sound creation. This can be used both as a wind chime or decorative hanging.

Wind Chimes Marketing Ideas

  1. Promote the products online and offline both.
  2. Sell wind chimes through online marketplaces like Etsy and Amazan
  3. Attend home decor fair.
  4. You can promote wind chimes from your own retail store.
  5. Publish advertisement on home furnishing specialty magazines.
  6. You can sell wind chimes as the wholesale basis to gift shop owners.
  7. Community advertising through social media to interact with prospective buyers.