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Best 25 Profitable Business Ideas in Auckland for 2024

Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand in terms of population is a storehouse of opportunities and advantages. The city is extremely cooperative for new business enterprises. It has a stable economy and government along with a strong legal framework and IP protection. All these factors are favorable for you to start your business in Auckland.

Auckland has a great number of skilled manpower. This advantage will help you to get a good workforce for your business in Auckland. The city of Auckland has an excellent infrastructure along with a strategic location in the Asia Pacific region. It has the largest airport in New Zealand, a big seaport, and a great center of freight operations. These factors will help you greatly to start and grow your business in Auckland.

As the land of opportunities, Auckland can be the starting point of many business ideas.

25 Small Business Ideas in Auckland

1. Home and Office Cleaning

The cleaning business is much in demand in Auckland. Hence you can start a cleaning business company in Auckland providing both home and office cleaning services. There are many offices as well as households in the big city of Auckland which will give you plenty of business. Hire skilled and energetic workers and invest in good quality cleaners and equipment. Disinfection and sanitization services should be there along with your cleaning service.

2. Laundry

The laundry business is a very profitable business idea for you in Auckland. Choose a good location where there is a demand for laundry services. Good quality and prompt services are the keywords to the success of your laundry business. You can also opt for a laundry franchise. A good personal network and marketing are needed for this business.

3. Salon

The Salon business is very popular and prospective in Auckland. You can start your salon in Auckland or go for a franchise. The location and décor of the salon are very important to attract your clients. Apart from that, skilled staff and different types of beauty care packages will also add to the reputation and goodwill of your salon. You will need publicity and planned marketing to grow your salon business.

4. Boutique

If you are a fashion designer or have a passion for designing, a boutique is a lucrative business idea for you in Auckland as it has a good market.  You can choose a good location and start your boutique. Otherwise, you can also go for an online boutique. Innovative ideas and creative designs will give you mileage in the boutique business. Apart from online and offline marketing, social media publicity and sponsorships are necessary to grow your boutique business.

5. Open a Restaurant in Auckland

There are different types of restaurants in Auckland serving a variety of cuisines. Hence the restaurant business is a very good business idea for you. Find a suitable place for your restaurant and also keep the options of takeaway and home delivery. Different cuisines like European, Japanese, Chinese, and seafood are popular in Auckland. You can choose any of the cuisines or start a multi-cuisine restaurant. Authentic and tasty food along with proper publicity is essential for the success of your restaurant.

6. Food Delivery

Food Delivery is a much-needed service in the busy city of Auckland. You can start this business in Auckland and earn good profits. Serve different kinds of food to the offices and homes as per order. You can also connect your service with food delivery apps. Quality food, timely delivery, and marketing are essential for your business.

7. Café

A café is a favorite place for hangouts and casual meetings and that is why the café business is a profitable business idea for you in Auckland. You can go for a franchise or start your café independently. A good location, cool décor, and high-quality coffee and snacks will give you a lot of customers. Online and offline marketing is also important.

8. Open a Lawn and Garden Maintenance in Auckland

Maintaining lawns and gardens of houses, offices and commercial or housing complexes is a profitable business in Auckland. There are plenty of job opportunities and it is regular work so will have a steady flow of income.  You need to have a good idea of gardening and plant care. Personal network and publicity will fetch you more business in the Lawn and garden maintenance business.

9. App Development

There is a huge scope for you in the business of app development in Auckland. Different types of apps are in great demand. Starting an app development company you can make apps for different kinds of businesses or develop apps of various types like food delivery apps, e-book apps, beauty care or health care apps, fitness apps, etc. Online marketing and websites are essential for your app development business.

10. IT Consultancy

IT consultancy has a huge business prospect for you in Auckland. Start your IT consulting company and offer various services to business enterprises, especially medium and small-scale enterprises. Software development, data processing, and management, system updating, automation of various operations, cybersecurity, and system protection are the services you can offer. Online marketing and social media publicity play a very crucial role in the expansion of your IT consultancy business.

11. Financial and Accounting Services

Financial and accounting services using the digital platform along with specialized software and Artificial Intelligence are much in demand in Auckland. If you are a trained finance and accounting professional, you can start your consulting company. In this company, you can provide services like financial planning, investment guidance, fund management, profit and loss analysis, bank reconciliation, bookkeeping, preparing balance sheets, use of AI, etc. Online marketing is an effective tool in this business.

12. Online Teaching/ Training

Online teaching or training has a great demand in Auckland. Hence you can start a business teaching online. Teaching has a vast area from school level to higher studies, language classes, professional training in web designing, graphic designing, software creation, digital accounting, handicrafts, and even fine arts like painting, singing, or playing instruments. Your website and online marketing along with social media publicity will give you more clients.

13. E-commerce

E-commerce has become an important business. Therefore e-commerce is a very prospective business idea for you in Auckland. Make an app for your e-commerce Company and start selling a variety of goods from groceries to bakeries, apparel to electronics, and many more. Perfect coordination with warehouse and distribution services is an important part of your e-commerce business. Well-planned marketing and publicity also play important roles in your e-commerce business.

14. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a popular business idea in Auckland. You can start a dropshipping business in Auckland with very little investment. There are several drop shipping platforms like Oberlo, SaleHoo, AliDropShip, and Wholesale Central which will let you have an idea of the products. You need your website and social media account to sell the items. It is a profitable business. Online marketing and social media publicity are the key factors of your dropshipping business.

15. Solar Power

There is a widespread use of solar power in Auckland. Hence manufacturing solar panels along with installation and repair is a profitable business idea for you in Auckland. Different offices, business centers, schools, colleges, and residential homes are your prospective clients.

16. Start a Car Rental/App Cab in Auckland

Car rentals have a good demand in Auckland. Hence you can start a car rental agency in Auckland and earn a good income. Starting with one or two cars and gradually increasing the number of cars will be a good idea for you. Renting your car through any app cab is also a profitable business idea as app cabs are becoming very popular now.

17. E-bike selling

Electric bikes or E-bikes are quite popular in Auckland. So you can start a showroom for selling e-bikes. A good location is very important for your showroom. Along with that, you have to take dealerships of the reputed brands of e-bikes. Good marketing and publicity are also important.

18. Grocery Store

Grocery stores have demand everywhere. Therefore you can start a grocery store business in Auckland. Find a residential or a busy location for your grocery store. Arrange the items properly and hire good staff to help the customers. A personal network and good marketing will help you to grow your business.

19. Oyster Farming

Oysters in the coastal area of Auckland are very famous and have good demand. Hence you can start an oyster farming business in Auckland. Selling fresh oysters to local restaurants and eateries is a very profitable business. Apart from that, oyster farm tours are a part of tourism in New Zealand, which will also give you money.

20. Real Estate Service

Real estate-related business is very lucrative in Auckland. Hence you can start a business in the real estate sector in Auckland and earn good profits. There are different types of businesses related to real estate. You can start a real estate agency where you will connect buyers and sellers and earn a commission. If you can invest more, you can also do a real estate development or maintenance business. Good personal network and marketing play important roles in your real estate business.

21. Social Media Consultant

Social media marketing is an important marketing tool, especially for medium and small-scale businesses. Auckland has a good market for social media consultancy. If you are a regular at social media and know the tools of social media marketing you can start your business as a social media consultant in Auckland. In this consultancy, you have to create regular posts for your clients, make their social media image very active, and arrange for social media publicity and sales.

22. Tourism

Tourism is a profitable business in the beautiful city of Auckland and its neighboring areas. You can start a business of travel and tourism agents in Auckland and arrange a total tour program for tourists. On a smaller scale, you can also start your business as a local tour operator or tourist guide. Get the license and permits needed to run a tourism-related business. Invest in online and offline marketing along with the website.

23. Translation Services

Translation services have a good demand in Auckland. If you are conversant in languages other than English you can start a business as a translator in Auckland and provide translation services to different businesses where dealings with China, Japan, or Vietnam are conducted. Your translation services can help in the translation of various business documents. This business can be done online. You need a website and good online marketing.

24. Employment Consultancy

Auckland is a city with different types of job opportunities. Hence starting an employment consultancy business can be a very lucrative business idea for you in Auckland. You need to have a good database of the job openings in different positions along with another database of deserving candidates looking for an opening or looking for a change. Coordinating between the employer and employee at a fee is your job as an employment consultant. Personal network along with marketing will get you more business.

25. Waste-Recycling

Waste recycling is a profitable business idea for you in Auckland. There is a great demand for waste recycling units. You can start paper waste recycling, e-waste recycling, or medical or plastic waste recycling units and recycle the waste into useful products of different kinds.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of financial assistance can I get for my business in Auckland?

The New Zealand Government offers different types of grants for start-ups. They include Flexi-wage for self-employment, Self-employment Startup Payment, Getting Started Grants, Project Grants, Business Training and Advice Grants, Capability Voucher Funding, etc.

What is the Business Improvement District (BID) Program?

It is a collaboration program between the Auckland Council and business organizations for the growth of the regional economy. There are 50 BIDs in Auckland, which has more than 25,000 businesses with a capital of approximately $24 billion.