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Best 25 Profitable Business Ideas in Iran for 2024

Starting your business in Iran is an intelligent decision as the economy of the country is opening up new opportunities for new business initiatives.

Iran has a very good literacy rate along with impressive figures in higher education. As a result, you can easily get good manpower for your business in this country.

Iran has a population of more than 78 million and approximately 40% of its population is below the age group of 25. Hence you can start your business with young and energetic youth as your staff and co-workers.

Another advantage of setting up your business in Iran is the quick pace of digitization of the country. This will enable you to start a digital-based business model in Iran.

25 Small Business Ideas in Iran

1. Food Processing

The food processing business is a lucrative business idea in Iran. You can start a food processing business where you have plenty of options. There is a good demand for processed meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables. You can also start a processing unit of dairy products or make fruit juices. A good setup and an efficient marketing network to sell processed products are necessary for the food processing business.

2. App Development

App development is a prospective business idea for you in Iran. The use of smartphones and different kinds of apps is very common here. Hence, if you know coding and innovative ideas, you can start the business of app making. In this business, you can develop an app for different kinds of business houses as well as for the interest and convenience of people. Book reading, retail, restaurant, or food deliveries are some of the popular app ideas.

3. IT Services

There are a lot of opportunities and scope for development in the IT services business. In this business, you can serve the different corporates and business houses in all the IT-related areas like software installation and training, system updates, security against viruses and malware, system maintenance, and troubleshooting.

4. Stock Market Consultancy

The stock market and the stock exchange of Iran are quite active and modernized with online trading, digital signature, etc. Therefore you have a lot of prospects to set up a business of stock market consultancy. You need to have a good knowledge of shares and their trends. Your clientele can include well-placed executives small or medium business owners as well as young workers. Your insight along with good networking will give you good income in the stock market consultancy business.

5. Open a Pharmacy in Iran

Iran is well-developed in the Pharmaceutical industry. Hence you can start a pharmacy business here, as it is an emergency service. Find a good location for your pharmacy and offer home delivery of medicines for greater profit. Keep a good stock of medicines, especially generic ones which are much in demand. Good advertising and marketing of your pharmacy store are very important.

6. Cattle Farming

Cattle farming is a good business idea because of the large demand for meat as well as milk. Hence this is a profitable business idea for you. You can start your farm on the outskirts of cities and rear cattle like goats, cows, etc. Good surroundings and food along with a tie-up with a veterinarian are very important to grow your business.

7. Bee Farming

Honey is very popular in Iran. Along with that, Iranian honey has a big export market. Hence bee farming and collecting honey is a very profitable business idea for you in this country. If you set up a honey processing unit along with your farm, you will be able to market the bottled honey with preservatives.

8. Interior Designing

New constructions and renovations are very common in Iran. As a result, interior designers are also much in demand. You can start your interior designing firm and expect a high profit. With proper marketing and publicity, you will get several clients from the office sector as well as the residential sector.

9. Building Material Supply

Supplying building materials is a profitable business in Iran since construction is frequent in Iran. Hence you have a great opportunity for income if you start a building material supply store. You need a good network with the builders as well as the architects to grow your building materials supply business. In this business, you have different options. Firstly you can focus on one or two kinds of materials like cement, rods, marble etc. Otherwise, you can start a supply business of various items together.

10. Real Estate Agency

Since real estate is a flourishing area in Iran, you can start a real estate agency business. Online agencies are quite popular here. Start the business of connecting the buyers and sellers of real estate virtually and get paid in case of a transaction. You need a website and good contact with the property owners of properties and the buyers. Digital marketing is an effective tool for developing your real estate agency.

11. Solar Panel Manufacturing

Solar energy is gradually becoming popular in Iran. Therefore you can start a solar panel manufacturing business. Add installation and repair services along with manufacturing. There are a lot of initiatives taken on alternate energy sources. That is why solar panel manufacturing is very much in demand now.

12. Fashion Designing

Fashion and fashionable clothes are very much sought after in Iran. Hence fashion designing is a profitable business idea for you. Design trendy clothes, especially for women, and sell them through your shop. Otherwise, you can sell them online. Digital marketing is an important tool for the growth of this business.

13. Petroleum Transport

Iran is a country with rich reserves of petroleum and natural gas. That is why the business of petroleum transport is a profitable business idea for you. In this business, your work is carrying, petrol, diesel, and kerosene from the refineries to the filling centers located in different parts of the country. You need oil tankers and drivers for the business. Along with that you need the necessary license and permit to do the business.

14. Open a Restaurant in Iran

The restaurant business is a great profit-making business. Iran is famous for its tasty cuisine of kebabs and other meaty dishes and desserts. Hence you can open a restaurant serving authentic Iranian dishes. The location, good décor, and efficient marketing, as well as publicity, are important factors in the success of your restaurant business.

15. Bakery

The bakery is a good business idea in almost all countries. If you know baking you can opt for a bakery business. Bread, cakes, pastries, and other savories and desserts are very popular in Iran. In your bakery business, you can either open a shop or deliver baked items to different shops. In either case, you need a good sales and marketing network.

16. Catering Services

Catering services in various corporate and social events is a lucrative business for you. There is a great demand for this business. You have to be a good chef or hire efficient chefs to run this business. Along with it, you have to serve good food and need good contacts to get more business.

17. Accounting Services

There is a good demand for accounting services in Iran. Hence you can start your accounting service company. In this business you have to provide digital accounting services that will include book-keeping, preparing financial reports, balance sheets, bank reconciliation, etc. Your website along with good digital marketing is necessary for the success of the accounting services business.

18. Computer Sales and Repair

Computers and laptops are widely used in Iran. Thus, computer sales and repair is a good business idea for you. In this business, you can sell branded computers as well as assembled computers as per demand. Servicing, repairing, and troubleshooting will give you more clients. You need a shop at a strategic location and good publicity.

19. Selling Automobile Spares

Automobile manufacturing is a major industry in Iran. That is why; selling automobile spares can be a profitable business idea for you. Start your automobile spare store at a good location and get good publicity for your business. If you are ready to invest more, you can also start a manufacturing unit or factory for automobile spares.

20. Online Grocery

Online grocery is much in demand now, especially after the Covid pandemic. Hence it is a lucrative business idea for you since more and more people are opting for online grocery. Make an app for your online grocery store to make it more convenient and popular. Keep in mind, that good packaging, as well as safe and timely deliveries, are the key points of the success of your online grocery store. Along with that, you need online and offline marketing.

21. Digital Marketing

The digital world is immensely popular in Iran. Hence digital marketing also has a good audience. Start your digital marketing business in Iran for greater profit and prospects. You need a good idea of online marketing, social media marketing, and SEO tools to be successful in the business of digital marketing. Various large, medium and small business enterprises are your potential clients. Good website and online marketing are necessary for your digital marketing business to flourish.

22. Web Designing

Websites are an important part of today’s business, big or small. That is why web designing can be a very good business idea for you. You need knowledge of coding and a basic idea about good content and user-friendly websites. If you can create the content along with web designing, it will be more profitable for you.

23. Open a Salon

Salon business is always profitable business provided you have a good location, service, and marketing network. You have to hire experienced and efficient beauticians for your salon. A comfortable décor is also a plus point in the salon business. Use herbal beauty products which are highly popular now.

24. Event Management

Event management is a rewarding business idea for you as there are corporate as well as social events taking place now and then. Start your event management company and provide services to both corporate as well as social sectors. You need to have good management skills along with aesthetic sense and efficient staff to manage this business well. Along with that good networking and online and offline marketing are also necessary for getting more clients.

25. Carpet Weaving

Iranian carpets are globally famous and have great export potential. Taking advantage of this, you can start your carpet-weaving factory. Employ good weavers on a full-time basis and make carpets of exquisite design. You can sell them locally or focus completely on exports.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main resources of Iran?

Iran is rich in petroleum, natural gas, and mineral reserves. Along with that, it is a rich country.

What are the best cities in Iran to start a new business?

Below we list down the top 5 business-friendly cities in Iran:

  • Tehran
  • Mashhad
  • Isfahan
  • Karaj
  • Shiraz

Can a foreigner start a business in Iran?

Yes, presently foreigners can establish a company with 100% authority. Outsiders can enlist as Limited Liability Companies and Joint Stock Companies.

Does Iran provide enough opportunities for new businesses?

Iran is now providing a lot of opportunities to new entrepreneurs and foreign investors. You need to build up good networking to succeed in business.

There are certain rules and cultures in Iran. However, with a good and profitable business idea and thorough research, you are sure to succeed in your business in Iran.