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How To Start A Bindi Manufacturing Business in 8 Steps

    The content is about how to start bindi making business at home. Also, the post includes detailed information about the bindi-making process, machines, raw materials, and how to sell bindi.

    Designer bindi is an essential beauty product for the women population. And there are various types of bindis available in the market. The designer bindi is also popular as sticker jewelry.

    The women population has replaced traditional kumkum with the decorative designer bindi.  Bindi-making business is profitable. And any individual can start this business from home with little money.

    However, he or she must have a creative mind and a dedication to crafting the bindi. The decorative bindi industry is increasing very fast. And consumers are getting numerous variations in design, style, and pattern.

    Definitely, high-value bindis are made with precious stones and Kundan. So the market scenario is very inspiring for new entrepreneurs.

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    Additionally, this business is perfect for ladies, housewives, and moms. Particularly, for those who looking to earn some extra money from home.

    Here are the 8 Steps to Start Bindi Making Business

    1. Learn How To Make Bindi

    You can start this business in two ways. You can create a designer bindi with some hand tools. Also, you can start bindi-making with small machines. However, we will advise you to start this business with hand tools first. As your business grows, you can scale up with machine operation.

    2. Understand the Local Market

    Do market research and collect as much information as possible regarding the local market potential and buying trends of customers. Additionally, talk to the other bindi manufacturers and retailers and know more about what types of bindis are selling most and their pricing strategies.

    3. Create a Business Plan

    It is essential to write a business plan document for your bindi manufacturing business. Some of the basic topics that your binding-making business plan must cover are the following:

    • Startup and recurring costs
    • Target customers
    • Pricing plan
    • How do you plan to sell your bindi items?

    4. Register your Bindi Manufacturing Company

    If you are planning to run a legally compliant business, it is a must to register your bindi manufacturing unit. Every country and state offers a wide range of business formations based on size and scale of operation. Select the one that suits your business best.

    5. Buy Bindi Making Machine for Printing & Punching

    Basically, a large-scale commercial bindi-making unit requires two main types of machinery. These are the bindi printing machine and the bindi punching machine. Basically, these machines come with different prices depending on the operation mode and production output. And you must select the machine very carefully for your bindi-making business.

    6. Bindi Making Raw Material

    The main raw material required for bindi manufacturing is velvet cloth. Other raw materials required are decorative items like various stones, beads, adhesives, glue, and other consumables. You must fix the price of your bindi according to the price of the raw material and the efforts you put to create them.

    Additionally, you can make customized bindi. generally, people look for this type of bindi for special occasions like ring ceremonies, marriage, etc. Generally, this type of bindi comes with semi-precious and precious stones. Moreover, you will need to arrange the raw material according to the specific types of bindi you want to produce.

    7. Bindi Making Manufacturing Process

    If you want to start a large-scale bindi-making business, then you won’t be able to operate from home. At least you will need to have a 1000 Sq Ft covered area for the unit operation. Additionally, you need a commercial electricity connection.

    First of all, punch the decorative colored sheets. And then apply the adhesive through brush rolls. The adhesive is coated and passed through a hot air chamber for drying the adhesive. Then cut the sheet to form the proper shapes of bindis by using punching machines. Finally, attach the punched bindis to release paper and then pack them in small printed folders.

    8. Where To Sell Bindi Items

    First of all, offer your item to your friends and relatives and have feedback. You can establish a distribution channel locally. Additionally, you can offer the product to bridal makeup artists.

    Online marketplaces are also very good options for selling bindi. There are plenty of dedicated marketplaces that sell handmade items. Also, you can promote different bindi designs on social media platforms like Facebook. Additionally, you can establish a small online store to sell the bindi.

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