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Top 10 Small Business Ideas in Bihar for 2023

    Are you looking for small business ideas in Bihar in starting your business venture? Here in this post, we explore the most trending and profitable business ideas and opportunities that you can start in Bihar with low investment.

    Agriculture with livestock farming and the small industry sector has a significant agricultural base. As of 2012-2013, Bihar state GDP is ranked 13 out of 28 states. The state is known to manufacture pulses, shoes, masur, chasra, electrical goods, and cotton yarn.

    The state exports these manufactured products as well as vegetables, purval, and milk. Patna is a major importer of cotton, iron, food grains, rice, wheat, wool, and dalhan. Bihar is one of the best fishing grounds in India. Additionally, the state of Bihar has emerged as a brewery hub with major domestic and foreign firms setting up production units in the state.

    Bihar is very rich in cattle population. The state has its capital at Patna, which is situated on the bank of the holy river Ganga. There are 50,000 footwear artisans in the state.

    The total number of weavers here is more than 90,000. Bhagalpur is known as a leading silk city. Gaya –another major weaving center –around 8000. There is a strong traditional handloom cluster in the districts of Bhagalpur, Gaya, Nalanda, Darbhanga, Madhubani, Siwan, Patna.

    List of Top 10 Small Business Ideas in Bihar

    #1. Beauty Salon

    Initiating a beauty salon is one of the most profitable small business ideas in Bihar. Definitely, location, skill, expertise, and retail operation experience are the key issues in getting success in this business. Bihar is an emerging market for the beauty salon industry nowadays. You can start either on your own or by purchasing a franchise of an established brand. Read More…

    #2. BeeKeeping

    The honey business has been one of the sweeter stories to emerge out of Bihar over the last few decades, as the state contributes handsomely to the nation’s honey production. As per the latest report of the National Bee Board report,

    India has a total of 9,580 registered bee-keepers with 1,412,659 bee colonies. Bihar has 859 registered beekeepers out of them. The state ranks 11 in honey production in the country. Read More…

    #3. Computer Training Institute

    Initiating a computer training institute is one of the most lucrative small business ideas in Bihar. This is ideal for any individual who has certain skills and knowledge about computer operation.  Read More…

    #4. Fertilizer Distribution

    Bihar is a state of agriculture. Rice, maize, pulses, cereals, fruits are the main agricultural produce. Regardless of rural or city area, any individual can initiate fertilizer distribution as a profitable venture here.  Read More… 

    #5. Fish Farming

    With Bihar having nine lakh acre wetland, the potential for fisheries farming is obvious. Fish farming is an important and fast-growing sector in Bihar. The state has immense natural aquatic resources in the form of ponds and tanks where quality fish seeds are required for good fish production.

    In Bihar especially the government’s encouragement towards developing fish seed hatcheries is quite encouraging. In fact, the government and banks welcome new entrepreneurs into this sector. Read More…

    #6. Livestock Feed Production

    As livestock farming is a strong alternative to livelihood in this state, livestock feed has an enormous demand within the state. Good quality livestock feed is always in demand for livestock farm owners. Read More…

    #7. Micronutrient Manufacturing

    Micronutrient manufacturing is one of the most incredible small business ideas in Bihar for entrepreneurs who have knowledge of the chemical industry. To enhance the productivity of rice, Wheat, Maize, and Pulse crops and to improve soil health the use of micronutrients is mandatory. Read More…

    #8. Papad Making

    Bihar is one of the strongest agricultural States, with very high productivity. The raw materials for different tastes of papad are easily available here. Papad making is also a very lucrative proposition for women entrepreneurs. Read More…

    #9. Tea Bag Making

    Around 25,000 acres of land here state are covered under tea plantation, mostly in Kishanganj and the rest in Purnea, Katihar, and Araria districts.

    The district has been declared as a non-traditional area under a Tea Board scheme and enjoys subsidies/incentives. There are two processing units in the district, which produce green leaf tea that is ultimately converted to around 2,300 tonnes of processed tea.

    #10. Tyre Store

    Entrepreneurs who are interested in the automobile industry can start a tyre store business here. This is a capital-intensive business. One must have experience and knowledge about inventory management. Read More…

    The above top 10 lists of small business ideas in Bihar are crafted according to the raw material availability, demand of the product, and population demographics. This will help you in making a decision in initiating a startup venture in Bihar.

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