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Best 25 Most Profitable Small Business Ideas in Hungary

Hungary, a rising economy in the European Union can be a suitable destination for your business. Plenty of opportunities are available for you to develop business ideas in Hungary.

The business atmosphere in the country is quite open and cooperative. This will enable you to work with any of your business ideas in Hungary.

The market economy of Hungary offers one of the lowest corporate taxes of 9% and the official procedures are also not complicated. Hence it will be easy for you to start your business idea in Hungary.

Hungary is located at the heart of Europe and there are ample opportunities for export from this country. Hence you can develop your business idea in Hungary into an international business.

25 Business Ideas in Hungary

1. Textile Manufacturing

Hungary is famous for its textiles and they also have an international market. Hence you can open a textile manufacturing unit as your business idea in Hungary. Get a good idea of textile manufacturing before you venture into this business. A good sales network is very important for this business.

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2. Car Repair and Wash

The automotive industry is well-developed in Hungary. That is why car repair and car wash services are sought after. You can start providing these services and earn a good profit from this business idea in Hungary. Mobile car repair facilities can increase your profits further. Good marketing and publicity are necessary for this business.

3. Computer Repair

Computers and laptops are used everywhere, from offices to educational institutions and other organizations as well as on a personal level. Computer repair is an important service with an all-time demand. If you are a skilled hardware engineer, you can open a computer repair service in Hungary and get a good income. Mobile service or at-call service will get you more clients for this business idea in Hungary. Online and offline marketing is very important for this business.

4. IT Consultancy

If you are a computer engineer, you can think of starting an IT consultancy company in Hungary and providing services to different business enterprises at a high consultancy charge. Good knowledge, 24×7 troubleshooting service, and customized software development are some of the key points for the overall success of any IT-related business. The website of your company and digital marketing is important.

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5. Financial Consultancy

Financial consultants play a key role in a company’s growth and progress. If you have a degree and experience in the Finance sector you can open a financial consultancy firm and earn high profits from this business in Hungary. Financial planning and reporting, tax consultancy, banking operations, and business viability report preparation are some of the responsibilities of financial consultants. Your company’s website, and online and offline marketing will get you more clients.

6. English Teaching

Learning and speaking in English is much in demand in Hungary, where Hungarian is the official language. If you have a flair for English, start an English teaching school in Hungary as your business idea. Furthermore, give special emphasis on spoken English, which has a greater demand.

One can also teach at home, in the classroom, and through virtual media, according to the demands of the students. Personal networks, digital marketing, and publicity are important for this business.

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7. Grocery Store

The grocery store is an all-time profitable business idea and Hungary is no exception. Find a strategic location for your grocery store and stock it up well. Enable home delivery services for extra profit. Local publicity and networking are very important for this business.

8. Open a Restaurant in Hungary

Food is a flourishing business in Hungary. Hence you can open a restaurant as your business idea in Hungary. Choose a popular cuisine or go for a multi-cuisine restaurant. Good décor or a theme restaurant will add to your publicity. Apart from that, you need to serve good food, have impressive staff and crockeries, etc. Referrals, word-of-mouth publicity, and Ads will get you more customers.

9. Open a Bakery

Bakery is also a very profitable business in Hungary. You can go for a popular franchise or open your stand-alone bakery. Good and fresh food, innovative ideas, and a good sales network are the main points in this business. Additionally, one can choose online sales for better profits.

10. Catering Business

Serving home-cooked food or catering is a sought-after business idea in Hungary. If you are a good chef, you can earn high profits from this business. Tasty food, prompt and punctual delivery, and good packaging are the key points of this business. You will need personal contacts and widespread online and offline publicity to get more orders.

11. Agricultural Farming

Agricultural farming is a profitable sector in Hungary. Growing food crops or cash crops in a large plot of land and selling them in the market gives you a very good profit margin. If you have a good knowledge of agriculture, you can start a farming business in Hungary. Good access to the market and an efficient sales network are necessary for this business. Additionally, it is essential to research the demands of crops and grow accordingly.

12. Food Processing

Food processing has a wide market in Hungary. Hence you can start your food processing unit in Hungary. Different kinds of food like fruits, meat, or vegetables are processed. You can choose any of them, or go for multiple fields. However, knowledge about the process and investing in good machinery is very important.

13. Dairy Farming

Dairy products have a good demand in Hungary. Hence, you can start a dairy farming center as your new business idea in Hungary. Thorough knowledge of farming and animal care is needed for this business. You can hire an expert also.

Furthermore, healthy animals and efficient vet care are very important for good production. You will require a good network with the nearby market along with an efficient sales and supply team.

14. Plumbing

Plumbers are much in demand in Hungary. Therefore if you are a skilled plumber you can consider plumbing a profitable business idea in Hungary. Efficient and prompt service is the main element for success in this business. Apart from that, you need good public relations, referrals, and word-of-mouth publicity to get more clients.

15. Online Marketing

Online marketing is a powerful marketing tool for both products and services. If you have the skills you can start an online marketing consultancy. This business in Hungary is very profitable and prospective. You need a good idea of digital media and social media to use as marketing tools. A website of your company and digital marketing along with social media publicity is necessary for this business to grow.

16. Ad Agency

Ad agency takes care of the publicity and campaign of products and services of its client. Hungary being an industrially and commercially developed country has a good demand for ad agencies. If you have experience in advertising, you can start an ad agency as your business idea in Hungary. Good ideas and a creative team will help you in getting more clients. Online and offline marketing along with the website of your agency is necessary.

17. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a good business idea in Hungary. You can start your Dropshipping business of various goods that have local demand and earn a good margin from the sales. Online marketing and social media publicity are important for this business.

18. E-Commerce

E-commerce is a popular global business concept. Hence you can start an e-commerce business in Hungary and get a good income. Any items can be sold through your portal like groceries, apparel, appliances, computers, accessories, etc. You will need a good app and an efficient logistics and delivery network. Online and offline publicity is very important for this business.

19. Stock Trading

Online stock trading is very profitable for those who have a good idea of stock and its price fluctuations. If you are one of them, start an online stock trading business in Hungary. Your knowledge and insight, coupled with your contacts and marketing skills will get you handsome profits. Online publicity is very important for this business.

20. Graphic Design

Graphic design has a wide market in various fields like ads, films, etc. If you are a trained graphic designer you can start graphic designing as your business idea in Hungary. Command over your work, creative skills, and good contact along with marketing will give you many clients and high profits.

21. Cyber Café

In this age of rapid digitization, cybercafes have a good market, especially in areas where people do not have access to PCs or laptops. Hence you can start a cyber café in a suitable area and earn a good income from long hours of work. Computers, printers, good internet connection are the basic requirements of your business. Local marketing and publicity will get you more clients. It goes without saying, that keeping the cyber café open for long hours will also get you more clients.

22. Start a Salon Business in Hungary

The salon is in demand everywhere. Hence it can be called a profitable business idea in Hungary too. Find a good location, have good décor, and hire skilled professionals to get more customers. Opening a unisex beauty salon will also get you more customers. Online and offline marketing along with referrals will help you in growing your business. Taking a franchise is also a good option.

23. Property Management

People in Hungary need property management and maintenance services from individuals or organizations. You can get into this sector and start property management as your business in Hungary. Good contact and knowledge about the management and maintenance of properties will help you in this business. Strategic marketing is also necessary.

24. Tour Operator

Tourism is an important industry in Hungary. Hence the business of tour operators is a lucrative business idea in Hungary. Open your tour company and serve both national and international tourists by booking air tickets, hotel accommodations, arranging trips, etc. A website of your company is very important for this business. Furthermore, online marketing and social media publicity are also essential.

25. Day Care Center

Day Care Center is a popular and sought-after service in Hungary. Start your daycare center and earn a good profit from this business idea in Hungary. You will need a good space and accessories along with efficient and responsible caregivers for the children. Local networking and publicity will get you more business.

Hungary has many advantages and good points. Hence you can surely achieve success through any of the business ideas in Hungary.