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Best 50 Profitable Side Business Ideas in 2023

    Having a side business offers you an opportunity to earn extra money while carrying your full-time job. Neither you need to leave your full-time job, a side business helps you explore a whole different genre. While you still can have your old job with you, a side business will let you be an entrepreneur. Check out in this article, our list of the top side business ideas you can start with almost no money.

    A business of your own can be incredibly rewarding and profitable at the same time. There are thousands of options out there, but finding the right one is important. You will be investing your time, so choosing the right kind of business is crucial. To make it easy for you to start a business, we have handpicked some top-side business ideas to consider.

    List of 50 Side Business Ideas

    1. Start a Blog

    You can make money by writing about any specific topic or subject with Adsense and sponsorships. Start a blog about a topic you like or are knowledgeable about, and soon you can monetize it for some extra income. Your sources of income are going to be advertising, sponsored posts, affiliate links, and info products. There are plenty of niches you can explore like photography, food, sports, etc, and make good money.

    2. Stock Photographer

    If your part-time hobby is capturing photographs, make some money with them. You can continue taking up photos, but from now instead of saving them on your computer, you will submit them to stock photography sites.

    People who like your photos will be able to use or purchase them for their own sites or their content.

    3. Social Media Influencer

    Do you have a good social media following? Well, use that to collaborate with brands and companies for partnerships and sponsorships. You can be an influencer on different social platforms by sharing information about their products, new launches, and more.

    4. Tutor

    Teaching someone can be fulfilling and pocket-friendly at the same time. You can sell your services as a tutor to students by teaching them in your free time.

    Start with the subject you are good at. You can either choose to teach your students online or in person. Tutoring is among the all-time popular side business ideas for people who enjoy sharing their expertise.

    5. Podcaster

    Starting a podcast can be a great side business. While you will have to upload your episodes when you are free, you can choose to talk about interesting topics. There are different platforms where you can upload your podcasts and can charge for ads. When you gain a sizeable base of listeners, you can even sponsor products and services.

    6. Online Course Instructor

    Most of the interested users now do a course online, instead of doing it at any school or center. If you have knowledge of a particular subject, start to upload your classes for different courses. Interested students will pay you directly for your online courses, and the platforms will charge a commission.

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    7. Tax Preparer

    If you are a financial expert, you can help people prepare their tax returns in your free time. This is a lucrative side business, and you can build your own customer base without any prior investment. The tax return side business could be fairly busy during tax season, so make sure you take some good time out during these days.

    8. Website Designer

    You can learn to design a website within a few days by doing a short course on website design. There are small companies and even individuals who need such services online. You can start to work as a freelancer to offer professional web designing services.

    9. eBook Writer

    As the world has taken up technology with open hands, people have changed ways with it. Reading has seen a huge transformation, and people now read on the internet than buying books. If you have something to share, you can write and self-publish ebooks. You can also sell your book on platforms like Amazon’s Kindle library.

    10. Bakery

    Do you have any good ideas for baking? Well, baking has a good market everywhere around the globe. You can sell baked goods on online food delivery, at events, or to local businesses. Also, if you want to operate on a large scale, you can start your own commercial kitchen later.

    11. Caterer

    Do you like putting together all-inclusive meals? Well if you do, you can start a part-time catering business. You can do it whenever you want to, and you can offer your services exclusively on the weekends or for occasional events.

    12. Logo Designer

    If you think you have some creative skills, put that to use to make some money. Begin with a short logo designing course online, and soon you can be a professional logo designer. Start to offer services online to businesses looking for simple logos or branding elements.

    13. Illustrator

    Are you an art person? Well, if you can draw, make use of it to make some side money. Illustrations are always in demand, and good illustrators can make good money as a freelancer. You can your services as an illustrator for businesses for in-depth pieces. You can also sell the prints of your artwork.

    14. Woodworker

    You can use your creative skills to create some fantastic artwork. Wood items sell well, and you can build a variety of different items with wood. As a part-time woodworker, you can sell furniture or small toys from home. You can also sell different wood items online or at local stores.

    15. Event Planner

    Event planning is the next big thing happening in the service industry and one of the most popular side business ideas. You can start as a part-time event planner to help clients plan their parties.

    You can offer event planning services related to weddings, music events, small birthday parties, and more. As you scale up, you can start to manage bigger events by organizing the whole arrangement.

    16. Portrait Photographer

    Are you someone who has some good photo-taking skills? Well, if you are well-versed in photography, put that to use to make some money. Instead of starting as a full-time photographer, you can work as a specialized portrait photographer with a few types of equipment.

    17. Uber / Lyft Driver

    Do you have a car? If you do, start to use it as your weekend side business service. Online cab aggregators like Uber and Lyft allow you to make extra money. And at the same time, you have the ease to work in your free time. You can own schedule your own time without any compulsory time hours.

    18. Proofreader

    Software and apps can’t proofread everything. Often there are documents that are to be read by humans for errors and statement framing. You can start a proofreading business online by letting clients send you their work. Set charges and offer your services in the form of packages for your editing and proofreading.

    19. Graphic Designer

    Customized graphic t-shirts are a hit business now. While already there are people producing t-shirts at a mass scale, unique designs or artwork are rare. You can create your own designs to sell on platforms like CafePress and Redbubble in exchange for a commission for each sale.

    20. Virtual Assistant

    Companies and businesses around the globe now hire virtual assistants for a variety of functions. While you don’t have to leave your home, you can work for a specific period in your free time every day.

    The functions may include responding to emails to organizing schedules. You can make money from these services from the comfort of your own home. Virtual assistant business is among the most lucrative side business ideas for people having skills in a specific domain.

    21. Copywriter

    You can use your writing skills to make some money on the side. There are several talented part-time copywriters who work as a freelancer. You can take up assignments from UpWork or Fiverr at any time you want. Generally, the content will vary from PRs to specialized content to media listings.

    22. Social Media Manager

    Are you good at social media? Well if you are, use these skills to manage a company’s social media accounts and make money with them. You can use your social media expertise to help local businesses and small online businesses scale up their online business and conversions.

    23. Yoga Instructor

    After the gym, currently, yoga is the most sought-after option among health enthusiasts. You can get a short course to kick-start your own yoga classes. You can offer a class in batches or even private lessons from your home on weekends or free time.

    24. Dance Instructor

    Are you a dancer? If yes, don’t let your weekends waste. You can make some good money with your skills. Start to offer dance classes in your free time on weekends or even online. Dance classes for adults or children can be a highly profitable business.

    25. Affiliate Marketer

    What if you can earn money for what other people are buying? Well yes. Affiliate marketing works like that. You can start a website or blog or use some social media profiles to earn money. All you need to do is sign up for free affiliate links and then post these. People who buy by clicking on your affiliate links will be paid a commission.

    26. Music Instructor

    Music lessons or teaching to play a musical instrument can be a highly profitable side business. While you don’t need to invest in anything, you can use your skills to make money by teaching your students. If you know how to play an instrument or even sing, start to offer your own music lessons from home or rented space, or online.

    27. Professional Organizer

    You can use your organizational skills to help people organize their own stuff. Start to offer professional services on how to organize. Help your clients get organized by offering them customized data. This will primarily involve managing their homes or offices and systems for storing and utilizing all items.

    28. Home Inspector

    With some knowledge of homes and local codes, you can start to work as a part-time home inspector. You can offer your services as an inspector to help people buy and sell homes. Your clients will contact you if they are buying and/or selling their homes.

    29. DJ

    Playing music can be a fulfilling job. While you get to use your skills, you at the same time can make money out of it. If you know how to mix music, you can start to work as a part-time Disc Jockey. You will have to offer services as a DJ at bars, restaurants, parties, or special events.

    30. Business Consultant

    If you are a business professional, use it to help people start their own. While many startups fail to work due to improper planning, use your expertise to let others start a new business. Your business knowledge will help others to grow or start their own business.

    31. Babysitting

    Babysitting can be a really profitable side business. Childcare services are one of the highest-paid services. You can start to offer child daycare services out of your home. Start with babysitting, and you can scale up accordingly.

    32. Landscaper

    If you have some creative skills, you can put that to use to design landscapes in your part-time. Use your skills to mow lawns, pull weeds or do other landscaping work and charge clients accordingly.

    33. App Developer

    A highly paid profession, app developers are currently in huge demand. You can also learn to make apps online in a short course. Small companies and businesses look for developers online. You can earn some extra by making applications for businesses or helping them make their apps better.

    34. Resume Writer

    There are individuals who often fail to crack an interview due to poor resumes. While they have some great skills, they fail to express them. You can help these candidates write strong resumes and charge them a fee. You can offer your services online to offer professional-looking resumes and cover letters for interested job seekers.

    35. Voice Actor

    An interesting profession, the job demands creative skills. You can work as a part-time voice actor to offer services to companies who often hire need such actors for commercials, videos, or other audio content. If you have a commanding voice, put it to use to make some money.

    36. Become an Investor

    A critical job, yet a great option for salaried professionals. The money you make, put aside some of it. Start with investor journals, business news, and investment options. Invest in mutual funds, buy some stock and make some extra income by investing in different businesses.

    37. Pet Sitting

    A great job for animal lovers, you can start to pet sit for people who go on trips or are out. You can offer your services on weekends with different services.

    38. Slideshow Presentation Consultant

    There are individuals and businesses who often need PowerPoint services. They require outside consulting to make better presentations. You can outsource your visual layout skills to help your clients make better presentation decks for work meetings, investor pitches, and lectures.

    39. Wedding Planner

    You can be a part-time wedding planner if you enjoy managing events. Use your skills for different wedding arrangements. Start your wedding planning services in your locality, and soon you can scale up with the growing demand.

    40. E-commerce Business

    A great option to make money on the side, starting an e-commerce business offers you the ease to work part-time. Select your products, list them and start selling online via platforms like Amazon or eBay. Presently e-commerce business is one of the most popular side business ideas as it does not require stocking inventories and can be done from anywhere with low money.

    41. Interior Decorator

    Do you feel fascinated by interiors and in-house designs? Use your skills to help people design their interiors. You don’t need to be a professional. Use your creative skills in designing interiors to help people decorate their homes in exchange for a small fee.

    42. Teach A Language

    If you know a second language, why not use it to make some money? There will be people who want to learn the language you know. If you’re well-versed in it, you can teach it to others. This can be English or French or Portuguese.

    43. Scrapbook Making

    It is without saying, there is a good demand for beautiful scrapbooks. While they never create them on their own, you can step help them have their own scrapbooks. Listen to their ideas and materials and assemble a scrapbook for them.

    44. Email Marketing

    Email marketing still remains one of the easiest and most profitable forms of online marketing. While attracting subscribers are not easy, you have to create a personal connection to bring business. You can use your skills to help small businesses have successful email marketing campaigns.

    45. Online Dating Consultant

    Some people actually have a difficult time dating. They can’t find the right person and are not able to handle the online component of it. You can help others find the right match by offering online consultations.

    46. Data Analysis

    There are businesses and companies that need individuals online good at data analysis. If you are good with numbers, start as a data freelancer. You will offer services to help companies make analytical decisions.

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    47. WordPress Website Consultant

    There are individuals and small businesses who want to have a successful website. While most of them have no knowledge about WordPress, you can help them make a web presence using a WordPress-hosted website. It is now among the most sought-after side business ideas for people having technical knowledge of WordPress.

    48. Online News Correspondent

    Online journalism doesn’t require a degree. If you have the capability to cover a story in a different way, start to work as an online reporter. Several news websites now require freelance reporters who can write pieces directly from home.

    49. Weekend Pop-Up Shop

    Starting a retail shop can be very costly. You can start a weekend pop-up shop to keep the operational costs down. This will help you to limit your time investment while you keep working.

    50. Instagram Marketer

    Do you have a sizeable Instagram follower base? You could soon be approached by brands and relevant businesses for marketing. You can help them sell products or services for a commission or sponsorships.

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    Having a side business could be incredibly rewarding and profitable at the same time. Start something on your own today to earn some quality passive income! We hope this list of side business ideas will inspire you to start your own venture.

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