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Top 20 Small Business Ideas & Opportunities in Kansas

    Kansas State in the United States has the majority of its businesses in agriculture. While different sectors have grown over time, several businesses have sprawled up in the meantime around agriculture. Currently, the state mostly manufactures transportation equipment, commercial and private aircraft, chemical products, machinery, apparel, and petroleum products.

    Kansas has also businesses in the mining sector, energy production, food processing, publishing, and other different industries. It offers stable support to small businesses, providing a platform for new and growing businesses.

    List of 20 Small Business Ideas in Kansas

    Here are some of the top small business ideas & opportunities in Kansas you can start from your home.

    1. Social Media Consultant

    Social media platforms are now the next battleground for businesses. You can offer freelance social media services and help companies to make online business campaign plans.

    2. Graphic Designer

    If you know a bit about graphics and editing applications, starting your own online graphic design business can turn out to be quite profitable. There are a lot of portals that buy designs online.

    3. Affiliate Marketing Services

    It may look easy to earn a commission by promoting products and services, but making actual money out of it isn’t. You can help individuals master affiliate marketing and help them make money.

    4. Virtual Assistant

    Virtual assistants do pay well in a digital job with a lot more freedom. Companies often look for individuals online who can help them manage daily tasks without being physically present.

    5. Website Developer

    Small companies look for creative website developers online around America who offer services at competitive prices. With the right skills, you can start your own online website development business.

    6. Digital Marketing Agency

    Starting a digital marketing agency can help you to offer an array of services. With companies around Kansas going digital to offer marketing services, this business will continue to grow with time.

    7. Application Developer

    If you have the knowledge to create applications, starting as a developer can bring you loads of money. All businesses are now looking to have an application providing a mass scope for the business.

    8. Online Business Consultant

    Small businesses in Kansas want to go online to sell their products and services. As most of these businesses don’t know how to use these platforms, you will help sell them online.

    9. Life Coaching Business

    The business particularly involves helping and assisting individuals in different fields. Life coaching is about offering guidance through your mentorship.

    10. Financial Advisor

    With a lot of people looking for advisors in Kansas to help them manage finances, you can start a business out of it. You can offer services on how to organize yourself financially.

    11. Cleaning Services

    A hit business in Kansas, cleaning services require very minimal investment and no training. You can offer to clean products onsite or a pickup and delivery cleaning service.

    12. Tutoring Services

    If you master any particular subject, starting a tutoring business in Kansas may be a great idea. You can offer specific tutoring services and charge for the teaching services.

    13. Bed and Breakfast

    With an extra room, you can start your own bed and breakfast business. Register on Airbnb for online bookings and rent out the spare rooms.

    14. Sell Products Online

    If you have a product of your own or can outsource products, selling online is a profitable business. You can start selling products online broadly in two ways. One by creating your own online store and the other by selling products via different e-commerce platforms like Amazon and eBay.

    15. Event Planning Business

    Event planning services can be quite profitable in Kansas. You can start in your local area initially and can invest in your business as you grow.

    16. Daycare Services

    With a license and a bit of marketing, you can start your profitable daycare business in Kansas. With a bit of experience, you can charge higher for your services.

    17. Smartphone Repairing Services

    With everyone having a smartphone, Kansas would be a great place to start a smartphone repairing shop. Users often find quick-fixing solutions than going to the service center.

    18. Tour Guide Services

    Kansas has a variety of tourist destinations and you can help people visit new places. Either you can be a tour guide yourself or hire a few people and offer such services to visitors.

    19. Property Manager

    The real estate business in the state has seen a major jump in the last few years. You can offer services where you will manage properties to help them run smoothly and are well-maintained.

    20. Online Survey Jobs

    If you are looking to make money from home, online surveys are the best option. Fill up the forms, complete the surveys, and get paid accordingly.

    How to Start a Small Business in Kansas – 10 Tips

    Follow the given steps to legally start a business in Kansas.

    Step 1. Choose a Business

    The first step to starting a business is to choose a profitable niche. If you are a beginner and looking for opportunities with little money, the above-mentioned ideas might help you.

    Step 2. Select, analyze, and arrange your finances accordingly.

    Up next you need to decide how to want to finance your business. Most of these ideas need very minimal investment. But if you wish to go for a loan, go for a long-term plan.

    Step 3. Business Plan

    Create a business plan by defining a clear set of goals and targets. Go through demand, competition, and management.

    Step 4. Business Registration

    You have to register your business legally. Either you can register your business as an LLC or go for a sole proprietorship. LLC registration will help you with added legal benefits.

    Step 5. Tax Filings

    Up next you will have to apply for a Federal EIN. This will make your business to be eligible for tax filings in the United States.

    Step 6. Business Insurance

    Though it’s not mandatory in Kansas to have business insurance, it’s highly recommended. Business insurance will help you to stay free from monetary obligations in an accident.

    Step 7. Choosing A Business Accounting Software

    Now you will have to set up your financial system. Choose a specialized business accounting software that will help your transactions easily manageable.

    Step 8. Hiring Personnel

    Most of the business ideas mentioned above don’t need an extra person to operate. Though if you wish to add manpower, you should start hiring at this stage.

    Step 9. Marketing & Distribution

    Marketing will play a major role. Any business requires adequate marketing to sell products or services. You will have to choose a distribution route accordingly.

    Step 10. Business Promotion

    Now start to promote your business. Take the word out. You can hire a professional agency to help you out in promoting your business.

    Best Places To Start A Business In Kansas

    Choosing the right location is going to determine how your business runs. Here are some of the best places in Kansas to start your business:

    • Wichita
    • Olathe
    • Overland Park
    • Kansas City
    • Shawnee
    • Lenexa
    • Lawrence

    We hope this guide will help you in choosing the right business idea for people staying in Kansas and can successfully start it from scratch.

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