10 Profitable Cue Sports Business Ideas to Start with Low Investment

Are you a billiard enthusiastic and interested in starting a business in the cue sports field? Find here 10 great cue sports business ideas for your ready reference.

Actually, cue sports or cuesports are popular as billiard sports. Basically, it is a skill game. And people play it with a cue stick to strike billiard balls on the cloth-covered billiards table.

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Broadly, there are three different types of cue sports. These are Carom billiards, Pool and Snooker or English billiard. Players need some of the major equipment for playing these games. The list may include billiard balls, tables, cloth, racks, cues, chalk, and mechanical bridge.

10 Profitable Cue Sports Business Ideas

#1. Billiards Blog

If you want to start a home-based business in the cue sports industry, then you can consider starting a billiards blog. In today’s digital era, the blog is one of the strongest ways to communicate with a large number of audience. And initiating a blog is quite simple. However, determine your target audience first and then set up the blog. You can earn advertising revenue also sell products. Read More…

#2. Billiard Club

Billiard clubs are sometimes known as the billiard parlor, billiard bar or snooker club. Generally, these clubs provide other entertainment or leisure activity to their patrons. Additionally, they provide different types of foods and drinks. Establishing a billiard club is a cash-intensive business. Additionally, it demands thoughtful planning and strategy making.

#3. Billiard Lessons

If you have adequate skill and knowledge about billiard, you can consider offering billiard lessons or pool instructions. You can start the business from home. Additionally, you can consider offering the service at the client’s doorstep also. With almost zero investment, you can start this business. However, the success of this business highly depends on the networking and personal rapport building.

#4. Billiards Magazine

You can start publishing a magazine focused on the billiard industry. There is a specific audience who prefer to go through a magazine to get the current happenings in the industry. You can earn both from the subscription and advertisement. The business demands strategic planning and moderate capital investment.

#5. Billiards Manufacturing

If you want to start a small scale manufacturing business in the cue sports industry, then you can consider starting this business. To cater to the entire product range, you will need to produce custom pool cue, custom pool tables, log pool table, billiard table & coin-operated pool tables. Furthermore, you can expand the product line with billiard spare parts, game room furniture and accessories.

#6. Billiard Service

Billiard or pool cue repairing is another a great business you can start with low-cost. Generally, this type of business caters a wide range of services. The list may include pool cue repair, billiard table repair, service, billiard table restoration, coin-operated pool table repair, and service. In this business, the local billiard clubs, parlors, and pool house are your prospect clients.

#7. Billiard Supplies

You can start a billiard supplies business in several ways. Simply, you can open a brick and mortar retail store. Otherwise, you can consider selling from your own online store. With some simple software tools, you can initiate your own online store at very less cost. Additionally, you can consider both new and used billiard supplies selling from your store.

#8. Mobile Billiard

At the festivals, some of the hotels, resorts and even the domestic parties look for the mobile billiard service for a certain duration of time. You can tap this industry with your own billiard setup. Simply, you will get the rent for your billiard setup per day or per hour basis.

#9. Pool Halls

Generally, pool halls attract the people who prefer to indulge in an evening of billiards. However, students, teens, and young adults also may your customers. If you attract the only young audience, then you must serve foods with liquor. This type of service ensures better revenue. The location and the inner ambiance play an important role in the overall success of the pool hall business. Establishing a pool hall demands adequate cash investment.

#10. Pool Leagues

Nowadays, billiard is referred to as “sports” or “sporting” events, not simply “games”. Therefore, some the national and international sporting organizations arrange billiard competitions. You can consider establishing a pool league of your own. If you have adequate experience and knowledge, you can consider forming a pool league to participate in the billiard competitions.

Basically, cue sports industry have the potential of offering several niche business opportunities to the sports enthusiast. We hope this list of 10 cue sports business ideas will help you in making an informed decision.