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Best 25 Profitable Energy Business Ideas with Low Capital

    Energy is the core of all our activities. From running a pump to a big manufacturing unit, energy is needed at every step of our lives. This energy can be a good source of business ideas for you. Different kinds of energy business ideas are there for you to choose from.

    With the recent awareness of clean and green energy, renewable energy has gained much importance in energy business ideas. These business ideas have natural sources and can be recycled. They are sustainable and hence have a lesser impact on conventional sources of energy, which are being replenished with time.

    Energy business ideas focussing on renewable energy also give you high profits. It makes a region or country self-sufficient in energy production and increases the demand for related articles, which will create a variety of energy business opportunities for you.

    Figures also show the bright prospect for energy businesses, especially in the sector of renewable energy. According to Statista, the electricity capacity of renewable sources in the USA is 20.5% at present. This figure is expected to grow over time and may reach approximately 20.3 quadrillion British thermal units in 2050.

    25 Energy Business Ideas

    1. Solar Panel Manufacturing

    Solar energy is one of the most popular renewable energy resources throughout the globe. Hence, you can start several businesses related to solar energy. Solar panel manufacturing is a profitable energy business idea for you. Starting this business is quite simple and easy. You have to assemble solar cells with silicon, metal, and glass to make solar panels. These panels have high demand ensuring good profits for you.

    2. Gas Station

    Setting up a gas station is a lucrative energy business idea. Vehicles that run on CNG, oil, or gasoline get filled in these stations. Servicing is also done in gas stations. You need high investment for this business. However, the returns are also high.

    3. Sustainable Construction Material

    With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, there is a great demand for eco-friendly and sustainable construction materials. These materials include smart glass windows, solar panels, bamboo flooring, composite roof shingles, etc. You can manufacture or sell any or all of them. This is a prospective business and has the potential of making high profits.

    4. Solar Farm

    The solar farm is a profitable sustainable energy business idea. In this business, you have to make a big collection of solar panels to absorb solar energy. In the next stage, you will convert it to electricity and distribute it through the grid. With the increasing use of renewable energy, this business will give you a steady income around the year.

    5. Solar Water Heater

    Solar water heaters have gained immense popularity in recent years due to their sustainability. Hence manufacturing and installing solar water heaters can be a lucrative energy business idea for you. In this business, you need solar panels and storage tanks, wherein the water is heated by solar energy. These heaters can also be connected to the circulating pumps.

    6. Solar Lamps Manufacturing

    Solar lamps are eco-friendly and sustainable. They give light by solar power stored in solar panels. Solar lights have become quite common as street lights, household lights, and others. Hence manufacturing solar lights can be a very good energy business idea for you. You will need LED lights, solar panels, a battery, and a charger for manufacturing solar lamps. Due to the high demand for solar lamps, you can do a profitable business.

    7. Solar Cooker Manufacturing

    Solar cookers are immensely useful because of saving LPG or electricity for cooking. These cookers use solar energy collected from sunlight to cook, heat, or roast food. Hence manufacturing solar cookers is a profitable energy business idea for you. Large-sized solar cookers can cook large quantities of food with the help of solar energy.

    8. Power Storage

    Manufacturing power storage devices like inverters or UPS is an excellent energy business idea. These storage units have great demand in offices, factories, and houses for uninterrupted power supply. Hence if you can manufacture and sell these units you can expect a good profit percentage.

    9. Energy Auditing

    Energy auditing is an essential service that gives the right direction to energy users in saving the use of electricity. this type of auditing assesses the electricity usage pattern and gives suggestions for using energy more efficiently, or saving electricity. If you are a registered energy expert, you can do this business with offices, housing complexes or houses, schools, colleges, etc as your prospective clients. Energy auditing gives you a good consultancy fee.

    10. Biodiesel Production

    Biodiesel production is a sustainable energy business idea. It is a clean and renewable substitute for petrol and diesel that is eco-friendly and clean. Biodiesels use a special chemical method to produce diesel from sources like vegetable oils, yellow grease, used cooking oils, or animal fats. If you get trained in the production process, you can earn high profits by selling the biodiesel produced by you.

    11. Biogas Production

    Biogas is an eco-friendly gas that can be used as a cooking fuel instead of LPG or electricity, coal, wood, etc. Production and distribution of biogas can be a profitable business idea for you. It is produced from animal waste, agricultural or municipal waste, food waste, etc. These wastes are treated by anaerobic digestion to get the gas which is a sustainable source of energy. This gas is distributed through the pipeline.

    12. Rain Water Harvesting

    The concept of rainwater harvesting has become a scientific solution to water problems. This is an innovative energy business idea, wherein you can make the entire arrangement for rainwater harvesting in households and agricultural farms. It is a process of storing rainwater in large containers and channelizes them into tanks or underwater pits. This water can be used in agricultural processes and as drinking water with proper treatment. Setting up the entire system along with the things and equipment will get you good remuneration.

    13. Energy Consultancy

    Energy consultants are much sought after by big corporates, different manufacturing units, and others. The business of energy consultancy is a profitable energy business idea for you if you are a registered energy expert. This business is concerned with the assessment of the energy use in the respective offices or units along with suggesting sustainable and renewable energy alternatives.

    14. Bio-Fertilizer

    Bio-fertilizers have great demand as they are an integral part of organic cultivation. Hence production and sale of bio-fertilizers can be a very profitable energy business idea for you. These fertilizers are made with living microorganisms and are extremely beneficial for plant growth along with soil health. Unlike chemical fertilizers, they are eco-friendly and make agricultural produce healthy and nutritious. You can start producing these fertilizers and earn very high profits by selling them.

    15. Wind Energy Installation

    Wind energy is one of the best sources of renewable energy and is now used in different areas. That is why wind energy installation can be a very profitable energy business idea for you. In this business, you will undertake the entire procedure and responsibilities of installation. It starts by setting the turbines, and electrical wiring to connect the wind turbine system to the electrical grid. This business will give you high payments.

    16. Geothermal Energy Installation

    Geothermal energy installation is a profitable energy business idea for you. Train yourself in the methods and techniques of this renewable energy source and earn high profits. Geothermal energy comes from the heat of the earth and it can be used for heating and cooling houses as well as the generation of electricity. You can choose to do any of these or both. It is a good-paying business.

    17. Renewable Energy Blog

    If you are a good writer with thorough knowledge of energy and its sources, you can start the business of writing blogs on renewable energy. These topics being much-discussed, you will be able to get a good readership. This will ensure an increase in income over time.

    18. Wind Turbine Manufacturing

    Wind turbines are the essence of wind energy installation. Hence manufacturing wind turbines can be a lucrative energy business idea for you. These turbines are made of towers, rotors, blades, nacelle with the drive train, and other electronic equipment. The size and capacity of turbines vary according to the requirement and use of power.

    19. Solar Chargers

    Solar chargers and power banks for mobiles, laptops, and chargers are very popular now. Hence manufacturing or selling these chargers or power banks is a profit-making energy business idea for you. Training and expertise are needed for manufacturing. While good sales and marketing network will fetch you profit in selling.

    20. Hydroelectric Power Plant

    Hydroelectric power is generated from flowing water from dams or reservoirs. Setting up a hydroelectric power plant is a highly profitable energy business idea. These plants have varying capacities for power generation. You can start your business by operating a small or micro hydropower center that can provide electricity to a home, farm, or small village.

    21. Electric Vehicle Selling

    Electric vehicles of different kinds and sizes are now available in the market. They are sustainable and eco-friendly as they are operated by batteries or fuel cells or generators. These batteries are often charged by renewable energy sources like solar energy. Selling these electric vehicles is a lucrative energy business idea for you.

    22. Electric Vehicle Charging Station

    Electric vehicles need to be charged for running. Hence you can start an electric vehicle charging station as your energy business idea. Keep arrangements for charging batteries of different types and sizes of cars. This business is a money-making one.

    23. Fuel Transportation

    Fuel transportation is an integral part of fuel usage and a great energy business idea for you. This transport business will need specialized vehicles for the transport of fuels like petrol, gas, etc. As fuel needs to be transported in different parts covering long distances, this business idea will fetch you high profits.

    24. Solar Panel Installation & Repair

    Apart from manufacturing, solar panel installation, maintenance and repair are also profitable energy business ideas. If you are trained in the installation, repair, and maintenance of solar panels, you have great opportunities of earning a high income. Many offices, residential complexes, and houses need these maintenance staff regularly.

    25. Selling Power Plants

    If you are a power expert, you can make customized power plans with special emphasis on using renewable and sustainable energy and sell them at high prices. Offices, factories, residential complexes, or industrial units are your prospective clients for this energy business idea. A well-formulated plan will get you high payments.

    Being a fundamental part of all kinds of establishments and activities, energy businesses are not only lucrative but also hold an extremely important position in the business ecosystem.

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